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Dystopia Utopia and the realm of Gỗds intersect through the inter dimensional Sëeing's of one girl Maya; The Inbetween Humanity's channel between life and death Natural disasters have devastated planet Earth and all remaining life is contained in one City A City of iron and technology where the citizens are safe but they are not free Until recently MAYA lived there in hiding painting visions of a vibrant valley where nature still thrives She's a Sëer a Mystic a Feeler and a RebelLife imitates art when she sees the man she paints—a young bright eyed German officer BJÖRN—who tells her the world she's been painting is real and he's determined to find it In a race against the Control and a uest for truth and freedom they escape the City and cross dimensions to seek the help of a sophisticated race of beings—keepers of the Earth's sacred mysteries—to save it from total self destruction

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    If you or someone you know is uieter than most intelligent observational a sensitive this book is a dream find This amazing story clearly shows the TRUE POWER WITHIN of such beings that the world we live in rarely honours or nurtures that inner power that is much important valuable than outwardly forceful waysMaya of the Inbetween is about the journey of a shy girl stepping boldly into their personal power as life chaotically unfolds around herBeyond a magical story Maya of the Inbetween is a mystically educational book IF you read it closely with an open mindI am a biased reviewer albeit I think I am an honest one I have read one of the first drafts and know Sita personally this is how I am able to say that this book is not a clumsy reach mystically or from the research of such topics it is her direct experience I successfully teach freedom from an ancient mystic tradition is how I can ualify such a bold perhaps outlandish statementSita has a very rare depth of mystical understanding and a truly infectious laugh a joyous courageous nature that comes out in her writing As I write this she is awaiting a Corona Virus test after 10 days of unwellness without a loss of joy or laughter This book is incredibly timely She writes with a free flowing clarity of vision writing style that as an observer seems like a channelling from higher consciousness like the lead character Maya than the thoughts and ideas of a writer Here I will not go into the amazing synchronicities that occurred during and after the writing of this book as you will think it another storyShe allows this incredible beautiful story to pour through her via her direct understanding of the In Between which could be also called Non Duality or OnenessThis is the first of many great books and will in my opinion be a collector's item in time to come

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    “This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but with a”— Cards Against Humanity CardCards Against Humanity makes a fun game out a TS Eliot uote—“This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but with a whimper” Funnily the Cards Against Humanity fill in the blank version is also a useful tool for summarizing dystopian fiction “This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but with an evangelical coup and widespread toxic pollution STIs and infertility”— The Handmaid’s Tale“This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but with solar flares and a manufactured virus”—The Maze Runner series“This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but with okay well in this one it did end with a bang nuclear war”— 1984Speaking of 1984 I read it a few months ago had a number of disturbing nightmares and subseuently shunned dystopian fiction for a while That is until I caught up with my emails and saw a review reuest from Sita Bennett author of a new YA dystopia Maya of the Inbetween Read on Picking Books

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    This book was a very special read for me and it remains very close to my heart in a rare way The main character Maya embodied a uniue balance of personal power intelligence wisdom and vulnerability and I loved the way the writer showed her inner strength as a bi product of her her extreme sensitivity As a young woman her story was a very inspiring journey into womanhoodThe story itself was such a beautiful magical exciting and unexpected adventure that is unlike anything else I've read I love the way it explores both humankind's most destructive potential against their most divine I think it's definitely a book for those interested in the deeper aspects of reality or our 'spirituality' for there are also uite profound wisdoms weaved into the plot I loved it so much one of those books i'll always keep on my shelf where i can see remember it

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    Wonderful read I enjoyed the uniue and poetic style The writer seems to have a deep understanding of the experience of the mystical Themes of higher consciousness woven into a delightful and engaging story which seem to speak to something beyond the conscious mindI’d recommend it for anyone who loves a good fantasy adventure story and who is drawn to the deeper mysteries

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    I have been looking forward to reading this book and can't wait for my copy to arrive I follow this authors blog and love the way she writes It feels so sincere 3

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    From the moment I started reading Maya of the Inbetween I was totally captured by it and didn’t want to put it down The descriptive world and characters unfolding were so believable that I felt like I was in it Maya’s journey was incredibly profound and her special energy that emanated from the story has stayed with me long after finishing the bookI thoroughly recommend you to read this book that will open your mind to different realms of possibility and realityI hope it makes it to the big screen it would be a visual treat

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    Wow It's rare that I find a dystopian novel that is eually a utopian one And this one is the most spiritual one I can remember reading in a while This is especially poignant now with the situation around the world I wonder if the author is aware of just how much truth there is in this novel; it relates pretty closely to other life experiences of mine along with some of my shamanic journeys in this oneAnother good thing of note is that the love scenes are not overtly sexual but rather sensual so they are appropriate for teens This is unfortunately something that is rare in teen novelsIf you only read one dystopian novel this year please make it this one You won't be disappointedYour people chose their destiny by not stepping up to their true potential Unfortunately unrealized to your species the Mother created you with the unlimited power to inform and create your own reality through the manifestation of your intention The mind is a powerful tool when used with clear true intent but a destructive force when ruled by negative thinking When one individual embodies a high enough awareness to set positive manifestations in motion they have the power to not only raise their own consciousness but the collective human consciousness for the nature of reality is that one is and has never been truly separate When view spoileryour minds were hacked by the force of the Sky People hide spoiler

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    One of those books that you pick up and in a way it feels like you're home The vulnerability and closeness to the character along with the weaving of deep truths that lay within us all had me mesmerised and so moved Can't stop telling people I love to read it and experience the wisdom for themselves

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    The world building is mesmerizing The world is made believable through the many intricate details that flow together very poetically I truly enjoyed the story and I cannot wait to continue reading it in book 2

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    Such a beautiful story that I couldn't put down The light depth of the characters is astonishing and the whole book is littered with metaphors imagery that brings a deep honest sense of wonder What an incredible story this would be for young people to read I certainly wish I read something like this when I was a young adult