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No one is safe Sasha has been taken Jett is starting to lose his mind In the aftermath of the nuclear bombings that gave Sasha London superhuman abilities the United States became the Federation and the world went to hell And after finally being released from five torturous years of solitary confinement Sasha finds herself imprisoned once This time by the most powerful man in the Western world Ransom Christensen Ransom wants to use Sasha to give him greater control over the Federation and poison the minds of the people even further Jett Christensen military commander and Ransom’s brother only wants to get Sasha back But Sasha’s own desires are conflicted and as the Federation edges closer to the brink of civil war she realizes she must choose where her loyalties lie If she has any left Sensual and eerie seductive and dark ICE BONE is the second book in Kali Rose Schmidt’s dystopian romance series The Others

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    This is a good book just wasn’t for me It’s laid out with Sasha’s first person point of view in one chapter then Jett’s in the next etc which is a pet peeve of mine It’s easy to understand whose chapter it is; I just prefer third person and it just seemed to disturb the flow of the book a bit The whole book surrounds Sasha being held by Ransom Jett’s brother with Jett and his team trying to get her back and keep Ransom from using her in political moves There is a lot of politics in this book which was a tad rough for me and Sasha at times was just a little weak in my opinion as a character although in her situation it may be understandable Someone who doesn’t like to read about abuse against women may find this a little hard for them also as she has a history with male abusers trying to use her to their advantage It made me angry at times and I’d have to take breaks from it although it’s not overly descriptive The story itself is good though and the author does a good job writing it so I still gave it a 4 It might just be my own personal hang ups regarding the above as I love this author’s writing normally

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    This is the 2nd book in the dark dystopian romance series and I suggest reading Cold Blood which is book 1 prior to reading this book The author has done a fabulous job with world building and also character building so much so that at times the story can seem overwhelming This installment predominantly features Sasha being held against her will whilst Jett and the others figure out how to get her back This is filled with intrigue and suspense; I was so absorbed that I didn’t even hear my husband when he spoke to me This was a page turner for me I literally couldn’t read this fast enough at times It’s a great series and I strongly advice readers to jump on this series now if this is your genre you won’t be disappointedI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

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    Ice Bone is book two in The Others series and picks up where book one left off I recommend you read Cold Blood before this one to fully understand what's going on Sasha's story is a twisted dark one and she goes through so much that I had a hard time putting my kindle down The writing is great the characters are well developed and the storyline is dark and twisted I look forward to reading books by this author in the future I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book

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    This book was such a great follow up to Cold and Blood It hits the ground running and it doesn’t stop even through the end which leaves you in such a heart wrenching cliffhanger that my only consolation is that I don’t have to wait long for book 3The only con I have on this book is that it has completely ruined the name Ransom for me as a potential baby name Thanks Kali Otherwise this book is was amazing Definitely recommend to anyone looking for dark sci ifromance

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    I think this series is absolutely awesome you have a post apocalyptic theme with a little x men feel with the twisted ”which” brother is evil and who really loves me not using me thing going on I bought the last book but I needed a Sasha drama breakbut I highly recommend this series to all