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Robocop was one of the truly great bits of movie and pop culture magic from the 1980s and Frank Miller wanted to deliver a masterpiece with his original movie script but Hollywood massively edited his work In full on action the Robocop story is told as Frank Miller always intended composed straight from the master's original writings and scripts The vast majority of Miller's insane ideas vicious black humor and robotic mayhem never made it to the screen but every last bit is finally unleashed in this series With sequential adaptation from Steven Grant and art by superstar Juan Jose Ryp this sci fi epic is not to be missed

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    While turning unproduced versions of screenplays like this into comics is a great idea this feels like a lot of Frank Miller's later work an incoherent mess filled with sexism and over the top machismo This is certainly an Avatar book The book is graphic to the point of being gross It's filled with T and A shots of the few women involved Even the female police officers get their clothes blown off of them in battle until they are running around in lingerie style underwear Juan Jose Ryp has turned into a fantastic artist but his early work at Avatar while detailed was so overly busy I couldn't make heads or tails of what was happening At this point in his career he hadn't figured out how to make the characters in each panel stand out from the background This is a comic best left forgotten I'm surprised a company like Boom would reprint it