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Ken Follett is known worldwide as the master of split second suspense but his most beloved and bestselling book tells the magnificent tale of a twelfth century monk driven to do the seemingly impossible build the greatest Gothic cathedral the world has ever knownEverything readers expect from Follett is here intrigue fast paced action and passionate romance But what makes The Pillars of the Earth extraordinary is the time the twelfth century the place feudal England and the subject the building of a glorious cathedral Follett has re created the crude flamboyant England of the Middle Ages in every detail The vast forests the walled towns the castles and the monasteries become a familiar landscape Against this richly imagined and intricately interwoven backdrop filled with the ravages of war and the rhythms of daily life the master storyteller draws the reader irresistibly into the intertwined lives of his characters into their dreams their labors and their loves Tom the master builder Aliena the ravishingly beautiful noblewoman Philip the prior of Kingsbridge Jack the artist in stone and Ellen the woman of the forest who casts a terrifying curse From humble stonemason to imperious monarch each character is brought vividly to lifeThe building of the cathedral with the almost eerie artistry of the unschooled stonemasons is the center of the drama Around the site of the construction Follett weaves a story of betrayal revenge and love which begins with the public hanging of an innocent man and ends with the humiliation of a king For the Movie tie in edition with the same ISBN go to this Alternate Cover Edition

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    I devour books That is my euphemism for being so OCD that I can't put it down and live my life until I finish it For shorter books that's generally not a problem but for the 974 page Pillars of the Earthwell let's just say we ran out of food my children clung to my legs asking for food and the floors did not get vacuumed for a good five days while I whittled away at this bookCLIFF HANGER This book is not a cliff hanger at the end of every chapter kind of book which makes it easier to read it in multiple sittings However Follett does such a masterful job of character development that I found myself wanting to know what was going to happen next whether the end of the chapter contained a cliffhanger ending or notCHARACTER DEV'T Each character is so beautifully defined and fleshed out that they become almost real I felt that I knew them personally that I could accurately predict how they would react in different situations None of them were 100% good or bad just like in real life Some priests were holy others evil some were rich people with big hearts others with small minds and evil intentions some poor farmers were judgmental wnarrow minded attitudes others opened their doors to strangersPLOTPACE Foreshadowing was a very powerful convention that Follett skillfully weaved in and out of every chapter It gave subtle hints but never so overt as to suggest that the reader may be an imbecile Backstories meander and come to closure at such a nice pace that it always feels like something is happening and things are being resolved for better or for worseTHEMES My favorite theme was that natural consequences followed the actions of the characters I'm still a bit out of sorts after reading the deus ex machina riddled Breaking Dawn where all the natural consequences of three books worth of actions were completely erased ugh There was a natural ebb and flow of triumph and misfortunes in Pillars of the Earth Good things happened to bad people and bad things happened to good people just like in real life Follett does not try to save his characters from themselves or from each other and I enjoyed that very muchSTRONG WOMEN I absolutely adored the strong women in this book What a joy to read about Aliena carving out her own future after her world had been turned upside down Life knocked her down plenty but each time she got up made a plan and triumphed eventually Ellen and Agnes in her own way were also strong women OVERALL IMPRESSION As strange as it sounds with all of the despair and misery that took place the overarching take home for me was HOPE In the face of overwhelming adversity these characters triumphed The road was hard and the journey was long but they CHOSE hope They CHOSE faith And in the end that was all that matteredPillars of the Earth will be on my favorite books list for a very long time