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Dear Bella and BobbyThank you SO MUCH for letting us stay at your villa It's gorgeous and we're having a fab time looking after it and enjoying the view of the mountains and the lovely olive grove I figured out the bus to Ercos on the first day here it's as easy as you said And Miguel's son Juan is helping us take care of everything so you needn't worry at allLoveLaura

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    Despite my lousy rating I enjoyed this uite a bit—the cover and description promised fluff and they delivered It's the end of Laura's gap year and she's spending the summer in Spain with two friends and a friend's boyfriendbut it's not going uite as planned Her friend's boyfriend is determined to find as much of England as he can in Spain; Laura feels like she's been cast as the dissident; none of them are getting alongOpportunity knocks and Laura grabs it with both hands while her friends reluctantly follow And then a boy knocks andyou know the drill Drama ensuesNowa lot of my enjoyment of this came of the fact that they were in Spain On holiday And I'm still sorry to not still be in Spain even if my experience was nothing like Laura's except perhaps that both of us saw improvement in our language skills It's also clearly a book marketed to a slightly older audience than a lot of the YA I read; although this was very clearly YA the characters are older and independent and sexually confident Sometimes that worked better for me than others could very happily have done without the occasional slut shaming but it was nice to see characters who weren't wrapped up in the idea that loss of virginity and True Love go hand in handWhat dragged it down was that the characters arenot so pleasant Laura's generally the most pleasant which is fortunate since we're in her head the whole time Yaz seems like a firecracker at first but she and Laura get in a pretty epic pissing match over who can get the cute guy—they and Ruth are supposed to be best friends but cripes with friends like thatmeanwhile Ruth lets herself and often Laura and Yaz be a doormat for Tom who is basically a troll—and that's an insult to trolls He's selfish boorish incredibly rude to everyone petty ignorant xenophobic racisthe has literally no redeeming ualities He's supposed to be good in bed and I think that's supposed to be his redeeming uality but I can't imagine someone so selfish giving a girl much of a good timeAndit occurred to me that beyond Yaz being a firecracker and Ruth not being 'herself' since she's been dating Tom I never really learned anything about these characters They're going to uni but to study what? What makes them friends? What do they want beyond this summer? Why are they all so insecure that any one of them yes I'm including Laura here would throw over her friends when a cute boy beckons? Juan is supposed to be hot stuff obviously but I'm not sold on him either not when he encourages Laura to ditch her friends and view spoilerbreaks all sorts of ties with his mother hide spoiler

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    God I loved this SO MUCH as a teenager The frustration and passion and friendships Such a great 'beach read' that I'm pretty sure I read wherever and whenever I could I also think this fostered my love for open endings It doesn't age SUPER well but the emotions I felt reading it were so wonderful it has to be a 4 star

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    I just loved this author's books when I was in my teens and this book was no exception Great escapism as you're whisked away into the tale of holiday romances I couldn't put this down this author has a way of completely capturing your interest

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    Mini review originally posted on Nightjar's Jar of BooksThis book follows Laura an English teenager who’s just started her gap year and is on the road trip from hell across Spain accompanied by her two best friends Ruth and Yaz as well as Ruth’s obnoxious boyfriend Tom – the driver who is the main cause of the “from hell” part of the tripI didn’t have very high expectations going into this book but I did hope that it might surprise me – and it did at times I enjoyed the snarky opening; Laura and Juan’s romance was uite cute in places; and the scene where Laura went into town by herself for the first time and made friends with the Spanish bus driver was – though short – probably my favourite moment in the book It was the rest of the book however that was rather a let downFirst up the characters were simply awful Tom as I’ve already said was an obnoxious bully and I found it really hard to understand why Ruth hadn’t just dumped him and this made me like Ruth much less as well She spent pretty much the whole book just letting him walk all over her Yaz showed some promise at the beginning of the story but her character became less and less likeable as it went on Even Laura had her moments coming off as petty shallow and jealous All this combined to make the idea of them having been best friends for years and years seem completely unbelievableMy other main issue with the book was surprise surprise to do with how Kate Cann dealt with Tom He showed several worrying character traits over the course of the book but none of them were ever really dealt with Laura and Yaz are constantly talking about how awful he is and how he’s always pressuring Ruth but they never do anything about it – they never even try to talk to Ruth even though she’s supposed to be their best friend Eventually he gets called out for making racist remarks and I’d hoped that he was going to get put in his place at this point but instead he just brushes it off and he never has to face any real repercussions Worst of all though in my opinion is this scene fairly on in the book after they’ve just witnessed a couple having a fight in a restaurant “God – that woman though Shouting the place down like that That bloke should’ve smacked her one” “He’s joking” says Ruth at me not meeting my eye “I am not” says Tom “You yell at me like she did babes and I’ll lay you out” So apparently he’s okay with the idea of hitting his girlfriend And over what? Making a scene? He’d made plenty of far embarrassing scenes himself already even though this only took place about a third of the way through the book But the comment was never brought up again and when Tom did eventually get his comeuppance far too late it was offstage and very minor – I never for one second got the feeling that he was losing anything that he wasn’t prepared to lose or that he would learn anything from the experienceOverall I’d say that this isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever read or even the worst thing I’ve read this month and had a few surprisingly cute moments but mostly it was just grating I definitely won’t be reading any from this series

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    This is why I love Goodreads because It allows me to see my evolution as a readerWhat I loveSo I read this book when i was like 14 and i read it a good 4 times over the course of 3 years This is not very good writing It is your standard chick lit book HOwever boy is it fun This book was amazing and left me fantasizing about when i grow up and get to travel the world The yummy boys and experiences I would have I liken this book to like eat pray love for the young teenager Only a lot less soul searching This book provided me with the perfect escape as well as summer fun reading

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    One of my favorite books I've read this literally 10 times and love it and

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    i felt cheated it ended so uickly i don't even know wat happened theres no hint or nothing

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    This is my second time reading this book and I still love it Love all the characters including Tom they all seemed so realistic apart from Juan whom I didn't like so much The drink sangria sounds good red wine and lemonade When I turn 16 in two years well one as I am turning fifteen this year I will enter adulthood and drink that drink Oh yeah I hate Yaz I hated her from the beginning I don't like people who you rant to and they just tell you to stop complaining I didn't think their friendship would halt to a stop and I didn't remember that happening when I had previously read it I don't like how Kate Cann writes about love she makes it seem so easy and although I have never experienced love from other books I have read it doesn't seem so easy Juan is not realistic if he is as good looking as perceived then he won't stick around Laura for ages He seems like he thinks on the spur of the moment and if he loves another he would just follow his heart He is too ready to go to London with Laura and their whole relationship is too package perfect it seems on the verge of breaking When she said they may get tired of each other if he lives with her and then uickly says I don't think that would happenwell it will You cannot expect to be around someone 247 without resenting each other for a while Oh yeah I worked out she is 21 which is uite old for a YA bookStill liked the book though

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    So I was struck with a bit of nostalgia and downloaded Fiesta by Kate Cann which I first read over five years ago when I got the paperback free with a magazine At the time I remember really enjoying the book going on to buy others from the same author Footloose and Escape ⁣⁣Ugh unfortunately my memory didn’t serve me as well as I’d hoped but I reckon that’s probably due to the age gap now between my age and the characters in the book ⁣⁣Laura and her friends Yaz and Ruth have their gap year planned and head off to Spain accompanied by Ruth’s boyfriend Tom ⁣⁣I’m really missing holidays just now and I love Spain so I was living for this setting The description of the winding mountain roads and towns made me pine for Mijas and the old town of Benelmadena ⁣⁣The characters are young just finished their last year of high school so they’re a little bit on the immature side I absolutely hated Tom’s character He’s controlling and manipulative and holds it over the girls that he is the one who is driving them on their trip ⁣⁣There’s a touch of romance through the book and fighting between the friends all heightens the angst and heat fuelled tension on what is supposed to be an idyllic gap year ⁣⁣I probably won’t go back and reread the other books but there are others that I remember reading from when I was younger that I’d definitely like to go back to this year

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    Yowza what a feel good read Devoured this Borrowed from a friend who said it was one of her faves in HS and I totally see why Predictable in all the best ways and loved living vicariously through Laura If only this was real life455“I know it’s crap Especially as it hasn’t worked If you have the real thing you can’t leave it can you?”