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Dear MelOkay it's not a dream job The kid is alright but her mom treats me like a personal slaveshopperchef And she's vile to the pet iguana who is now my only friend sad or what? Maybe I'll run off to San Francisco maybe my next postcard will be from there Wish me luckxoxoRowan

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    Reading books by British authors is definitely fun and I liked the first third of this book where the main character flies to America to nanny for a little girl with a really strange family was this book written before or after the nanny diaries? because they have a heck of a lot in common From there it all goes downhill After a stupid crazed obsession that she has over this guy who is as shallow as a kiddy pool and treats her like dirt all summershe ends up with him Wow way to preach power to your fellow woman Independence Self respect Self worth Or you could just go out with someone whose only reason for sticking around is that he has nothing better to do Can I just say that this author made a horrible transition from stupid jerk guy to a guy that is totally in love with this girl that has been waiting around for him all summer? Not even an ounce of believability I bet two seconds after the book ends he dumps her for some dumb blonde

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    A uick read Lots of ups and downs in this story Ro is an interesting character Sometimes when you think she has it pulled together she turns around and does something to make you scratch your head about Over all I think this summer taught her a lot of small life lessons

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    Book Report Guidelines – Good ReadsName of book California Holiday Author Kate Cann Pages 400Genre Young AdultReading Level of book ?Exposition 4 6 sentences Rowan has been living in London England all her life After finishing school she has trouble figuring out what to do with herself She talks to her brother sometimes to get advice from him With his help she decides to become a nanny Her mom does not like the idea of her going off to America but she still lets her go there Conflict 4 6 sentences Even though the child she needs to look after is fine her parents seem to be the problem for Rowan Sha Bielicka the mom is very strict with Rowan She gives her many tasks criticizes her sometimes when she gives Flossy the care she needs that Sha can’t give her and ignores her when she is not needed Flossy’s dad Taylor Bielicka is very “friendly” with Rowan It seems that the only members of that family that like her is the iguana and Flossy Then Flossy’s grandma comes along Sha treats Rowan worse ever since the grandma came When Sha couldn’t take it any she decided that the iguana should be killed That is how she tries to get rid of her anger She didn’t want the lizard to die so she decides to take a bus to San Francisco On her way to the bus stop she meets a guy He tells her all about a hotel he works at and he convinces her to go with him Rowan gets a job at a Kidde Heaven and things go wellClimax 4 6 sentences Thinking that she and Landon have a relationship she is heart broken when he stands her up on their first date When she gets back to the Hotel she finds out that he got back together with his ex girlfriend She decides to leave the hotel Her co worker Maria Reyes tells her that she can set Iggy the nick name she gave the iguana free in Chichen Itza She packs up her bags and buys her ticket to leaveResolution 4 6 sentences She doesn’t tell Landon she is leaving Rowan doesn’t feel like she can ever face him again When Landon finds out that Rowan had left Landon chases down Rowan He tells her that he broke up with Coco He tells her that they can free the lizard together Rowan gives him a second chance and they end up living in Cancun working at the Sheraton HotelChoose a theme in your book and compare to any piece of literature we have read in class What is similar? What is different? What have you learned about the human experience? 7 10 sentences Escaping your problems is something that Patrick and Rowan have in common When things get hard they both seem to shut down and try to avoid anything related to the problem Instead of trying to fix the problem they make it worse by not addressing it A thing they do differently is the way they try to escape Rowan travels to escape the people who are causing her problems She tries to come up with a different identity of herself to not get into the same situation again Patrick uses denial to escape his problems He always lies to himself to get through a night alone

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    I am a big fan Kate Cann Last summer she did not disappoint when I read her Spanish Holiday and Greacian Holiday So naturaly I was excited to learn she had another holiday in the works And she definitely did not disappoint me I absoultly LOVE this one I completely identifed with Rowan It makes me just want to get out and go out on self finding adventure of my ownThis holiday is about a young girl in college as usual who isnt doing so well at home with her family so she decides to exscape away to America as a nanny Only to find things for her there arent any better So exscapes away to California and finds a Hot guy along the way Which is always a plus In California her hottie helps her get work and its a never ending are 'they going to get together' gameI really enjoyed reading this one If you loved Kate's other Holiday books and are just a hopeless romantic then your are a shoe in for this book Trust me it will shock you make you cry and laugh all before the 2nd chapter This book is completely 10 Stars

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    I knew this book wasn't going to have that much substance that's why I picked it up I think I bought it to read on the beach a few years ago but never got around to it I wanted something fast easy just for fun this week so I grabbed it off my shelf Really this book could have been 2 books the first second half were so night day I was pretty into the plot at the beginning when she was nannying that little girl then it completely derailed she ended up pursuing a guy that treated her pretty crappy C'mon girl? He's just not that into you The second half of the book all I could think about was if she was going to go back rescue that poor little girlBasically if this book were a food it would be airplane peanuts not really something you'd choose for yourself but not the worst thing you've ever eaten to pass the time haha

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    This book is so disjointed and the girl's an idiot and I wish she displayed power to herself in the end The ending also sucks and seems to trail off and not make sense Cann 's other books are way better than this one

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    Read 2015

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    Originally posted on wwwthefatgirlcoukKate Cann was one of my favourite Young Adult Fiction authors and I read uite a few of her books in my mid to late teenage years so when I spotted Escape as one I had missed I was very excited to pick it upEscape by Kate CannRowan thinks spending her gap year in the USA will be the best thing she’s ever done Her family’s driving her mad and she desperately needs to get away from the relentless what are you going to do with the rest of your life? parental pressureAmerica land of the free here I comeBut after starting to work for psychotic Sha and her hot housed kid in Seattle Rowan feels trapped than ever Enough is enough Taking Iggy the unloved iguana with her he deserves some freedom too she hits the road Suddenly with only a rescued lizard for company and California in her sights she’s sure escaping to America was the best thing to do after all GoodreadsAs usual Cann's writing style is easily accessible and instantly engaging Escape is pure escapism sorry I had to say it bringing you into Rowan's world and whilst this isn't as fun when stuck in the cramped Nanny room once you get to the lake its pure heaven Cann has you drooling over scents landscapes food and ahem men in this story the way only a good story teller can So whether you are snuggling under a duvet in December or sunning it on a sandy white beach in August this is the perfect book to warm you upYou warm to Rowan easily which is handy as a main character you feel her frustration excitement trepidation and go through her romance woes right along side her Although at times you feel like screaming at her its part of the pull of the story you have to see if she gets through itI loved the addition of Iggy the iguana he gives another dimension another pull to the story and although used mainly as a catalyst I love his cheeky characterOne thing that stood out to me about Cann's books when I first started to read them was the sex scenes at the age I started reading them this was a new addition as my previous young adult fiction had skirted round the edges of an age group not uite ready for this Cann focusses on the 18 21 character age group so sex is starting to be a key point of their life and she uses this in her writing to explore and understand the characters further In Escape these scenes are written well with no awkwardness and add to the story well not to mention a very enjoyable bit of escapist sizzleOverall this is a great easy read book that is well written and provides a great opportunity for escapism As a fan of Kate Cann's writing this book was as expected and I thoroughly enjoyed it looking forward to many from this author including the ones I've already ordered and got stashed in the cornerBritish Book Challenge 2017

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    I see giving this one star not as it being the lowest I can possibly give but for the time and effort this person put into writing this Because it may be awful but someone did write this and that deserves credit givenThe plot was the worst bit The plot was so thin so boring and just god it was awful I almost gave up reading because I just couldn't pull myself through but I've never not finished a book and that wasn't going to happen just because of a shitty plot Let's talk about that beginning She hit her brother in the head with a 2 by 4 and he didn't even pass out and ended up with only a scratch No That's not what happens You get hit in the head by the wussiest person on the earth and you either pass out or get dinged up than this dudeThen we have Langdon I don't like him He could be the hottest twat in the world and I still wouldn't like him Or Rowan for that matter but we're talking about Langdon He was with a girl who made him sad fine that happens But Rowan jesus girl you never were a seductress earlier in the book and now you're all out deathlyOkay that was a mess but I didn't like any of the characters other than Latroya She's a good human And Maria She's also wonderful But Rowan and Langdon can go make out somewhere not in my lifeOne last thing the spellinggrammar mistakes were awful There were so many and it barely looked like an editor had touched the novel Don't get your book published if you don't have someone whether professional or your friend who can grammar look it over It doesn't look goodAnyway I'm done with this book I'm done with writing about this book and I just don't understand how people enjoy this book

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    of all the books that i read than 75% of them have to be some sort of teenage drama just so i dont go insane understanding language from some old dead guy that is WAY behnd my timehere comes the first of my crazy obsessive book buying splurgeslike most of my favorite books they always start off lonley along the way they meet someone that easily lures their prey in with their charming smile and their sweet talking ways dont worry happens to everybodythe boo focuses on our main character Rowan who decides that she needs to get away in a sense of self discovery she tries to escape everyone she is around so she can get a new start She later meets a guy that she feels some sort of attraction to but reaizes that he isnt the person that she would like personality wise although taling to him and interacting with him for this point of time allowed her to see that maybe she went to sacremento and other places long storyyyyfor a good reason and maybe it wasnt a bad choice at alli would also say dont read this if youre not a fan of long strethcy romances that beat around the bush as nerve wracking as they are they're my favorite