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Dear Mike Arrived at the old villa 3 days ago It's all blue shy white walls and heat here you'll see Jade's's already heading for trouble and I can't suss Sarah out Hope you and your mates are having a blast on your trek especially without me dragging you down I bet deep down you're glad I bailed out Ill see you before this postcard even finds youMiss youKelly XOXWhen Kelly opts out of a summer of roughing it with her intimidating intense boyfriend Mike she doesn't realize she's opted into a summer that will change everything especially herself

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    When Kelly and her lover Mike have a spat about how to spend their gap year they nearly break up before Kelly convinces him to take off on the van trip around Europe he planned with his friends before they met Kelly accepts an invitation to share an antiue farmhouse in Greece with two acuaintance schoolmates so different they almost make up one complete person while Sexy Jade exudes confidence as a man hunting party girl who doesn't deign to lift a finger to do the dishes while sweetly shy Sarah suffers from depression and swings of domesticity Poor Kelly struggles to keep the peace between the two old friends while regaining the identity lost in her intense relationship with Mike Unfortunately the delicate balance is upset when Jade comes upon Mike and his van full of buddies and invites them for a visit Comic trouble ensuesCann writes with deep honesty about friendship and love and her portrayal of sex is gut clenchingly real Highly recommended

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    I must admit I was really surprised at how much I actually enjoyed this book I had never read anything like this before I was really able to identify with the characters because I just finished my first year of college And thats what I liked most cause I could understand where they going through I loved the characters Its seems as it was just going to be about Kelly but it wasn't it turned into a story about three completely different girls learning about eachoher and who they really are This book excellent and I can't wait to read Spanish Holiday I hope its just as good as this one

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    35Cant believe it's been about a decade since I used to read these kind of books Definitely gives me a different perspective Greece friends boys party Very easy readI do like that Kate Cann explores on the topics of identityfinding yourselfcoming of age confidence sex relationships control etc You have the introvert the extrovert and the mediator of the friend group of coursebut I like how she spends time focusing on each girls strengths and struggles rather than just glossing over the issues Overall not bad not great Essentially what I was expecting Good light palette cleanser

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    Teen romance with way too much sex

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    It lost a star because she got back with Mike He is too abusive and I can't stand him In the beginning when she said maybe I show just throw myself out of the window because of Mike? Really? They kept leaving Sarah out and that really annoyed me This is my second time reading this book but I forgot the end which is not usual with me as I remember the plot of every book I read Thyme scented honey sounds disgusting tbh When Sarah asked What's that chewing noise and Jade said chewing that made me laugh They kept talking behind Jade's back and were kind of bad friends to each otherShe hardly knows Sarah and Jade I thought about how I didn't really know them but I didn't care that sounds like a really good gap year murder plot

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    I used to love Kate Cann so much It was like the early days of YA contemporary but for British teenagers This re read reminded me of how enjoyable her novels are and although I'm sure they won't age well in terms of language slang has already moved on a couple of decades from then they deal with the kinds of issues that teenagers still deal with even today The dream holiday aspect is just so delicious as well it's hard to resist this book Going to reread all her others as well So glad I kept them

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    Ya know this only gets so many stars because it’s nostalgic for me I read this at 17 when I bought it in Ireland and brought it back home My parents tossed it because it was too “raunchy” In rereading it it’s not really raunchy or inappropriate or anything The sex scenes are fairly muted and uietly sexy I love the idea the book presents of moving and living in a Greek farmhouse and just absorbing the culture That hits close for me I love that Maybe someday

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    This was so much fun I really loved this I love summer books

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    This was a bit of escapism for me A tiny bit The other bit of me appreciates the fact I was never a typical teen with all the drama that goes along with it This is why I don’t read much teen chick lit I don’t relate with it much at allKelly has a controlling jerk of a boyfriend named Mike When he pressures her to go on holiday with him and his mates Kelly feels overwhelmed by his overbearing controlling nature and for once sticks up for herself and says no Mike goes off with a huff to ride around Europe in a van with a gaggle of blokes Kelly serendipitously falls into a dream vacation; a casual friend Jade has had a couple of people drop out of her holiday plans and invites Kelly to summer in Greece with her and her friend Sarah I don’t know if this is a cultural difference but as an American of nearly 40 years I have never known anyone to be able to afford going off for an entire summer That’s where the above mentioned escapism comes in what a dream Jade is the wild outgoing bloke chasing friend Sarah is the dowdy moody spiritual cooking mama friend the only one I like and relate with And Kelly is the happy to be there good natured zero personality of her own anti heroine of our story The descriptions of Greece and the wonderful farmhouse they stay in are what kept me interested in the book The relationship with the three and the growth of the characters especially Sarah is also interesting But the constant details of beach going and club hopping and partying left me bored Three things I have no interest in doing on vacation or any other time of the yearThis is of a 25 star book for me I’d have considered a 3 if it weren’t for the incredibly disappointing choices Kelly makes regarding her manipulating control freak boyfriend

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    Another great book from Kate Cann Think this was the first one I read Well written deals with a few teen issues that other books fail to address well Good for escaping from real life edit I've just re read this and enjoyed it as much as I did when I was younger I love the escapism and the writing makes you want to read I think the book deals with teen angst over relationships really well The characters are well established and the story is mostly believable all except for where they got the massive amount of money needed to spend 9 weeks in Greece without getting a jobThis is classed as YA but I'd say that its in the 15 21 age range I don't know if its particularly suitable for younger teens