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Shacked UpA Lifestyle ThingThe dream might be dead but at least Rich gets to keep the flat Okay he's not going to be a multimillionaire by the time he's twenty but he's still making money and he's living in his boss's London apartment rent free So he's got his own place he's got the gorgeous if high maintenance Portia well almost and he's got total freedomYou can't put a price on thatTrouble is now he's got Bonny too She landed on his doorstep one night looking to escape from her controlling mother She needed a place to stay and Rich could hardly say no But with Bonny hanging about indefinitely will Rich find his independence not to mention his relationship with Portia compromised?The second book in the edgy new trilogy from Kate Cann

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    This book takes off right from where book 1 ended The deal with the design company has fallen through but Rich is still living in the flat above Nick's company and getting the odd bit of storyboard work so life isn't all bad but now he's got the girl of his dreams he has to try to hold onto her and she is jealous of his new flat mateI thought Rich was starting to grow up in book 1 not a lot but he was making gradual progress now he's with Portia and acting like a love sick puppy It's obvious that Bonny likes him but he's too blind to see it although the chemistry between them is very well written and oozes off the pageI can't stand Portia she is a spoilt brat that needs a good talking to She the typical ueen Bee self centered and wants everything she sees But only for as long as it holds interest to herThis book focuses on the relationship than Rich's life in general although he is having to sort himself out especially with college he is close to being kicked out and has to fight to get back in his teachers good books I read this one just as uickly as the first one and I had really started to get to know the characters and i could see them growing up and becoming Rich didn't annoy me as much but he did tend to get uite whiney over Portia and there is some rude bits in this book He seems obsessed with wanting to sleep with Portia I wanted to know about his art and friends than that all the time it started to get a bit repetitiveHowever I still see this as a bit of light reading a short girly book that once again is told from the boys point of view A perfect summer day read enjoyable but not life changingSo for what it is I enjoyed it and it is well written but it's no Epic read

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    I am so excited to read the seuel to this book It was sooo good and definitely has somewhere to go

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    Don't bother

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    Wow this is a very old book funny how I remember reading is all those years ago the stories coming back to me

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    2nd in the Hard Cash trilogy Good interesting plot line about the affect of another woman on Rick's relationship with his girlfriend Portia Another great read from this fab author