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speedingIt's a buzzRich is determined Bonny's going to be his girlfriend No messing about this time he wants a proper relationship Trouble is things keep getting in the way Like the past interfering friends and the thing that's bothering Bonny the thing she won't talk about Not to mention TiggerAnd then it all turns into a road movieBonny's best friend has been dragged up to Scotland by her scary boyfriend to join a weird cult Rich and Bonny dash up the M1 to the rescue cranking their relationship up another gear as they go There's a damsel in distress but how will Rich cope with his girlfriend being in the driver's seat?

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    I absolutely LOVED this trilogy Kate Cann truely at her best All 3 books are different but they go so well together This part of the story was totally unexcepted and so amazing; just a great ending to a wondering story

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    Kinda beauty if you wanna read a lobely atory and intense toó read it is the best

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    Again this book follows on directly from where book 2 left off Rich and Bonny have met up again and the sparks are flying The first half of the book is the usual 'plot' for these books Rcih thinking about girls and sex The two having arguments then making up then Rich being his usual egotistical self He still hasn't fully matured and I was still waiting for it to happen However halfway through the book a whole new stories emerges Bonny's friend Liz gets a new boyfriend who takes her away to Scotland but it turns out to be some sort of cult SO they have to try to get her out It brings a whole new angle to the story and makes the characters seem to grow up uicker These books are a lot ruder than my usual picks and my warning stands that htey contain sex and nudity so are not suitable for younger readers It seems to get a bit over the top in places too More than is necessary I think I'm not really sure what I thought of this book it was refreshing to have a different storyline and to see the changes in the characters but it wasn't totally believable I liked how the story ended up and it didn't take me long to read and I'm glad I finished the whole series I still stand by the idea of these being 'beach reads' uick easy simple reads OK for a lazy read but not WOW

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    Rich is finally got his former roommate Bonny to be his girlfriend But when they try to announce their newly formed relationship at a family and friends party Bonny's mother Tigger is very focused on making everything about her So when they have Bonny's best friend Liz over to Riches flat she brings her very strange and controlling boyfriend Kell over as well A few days later Bonny gets a phone call from Liz saying that she left with Kell to go to join a commune After the call Bonny gets a postcard from Liz that is very suspicious about her well being Bonny and Rich decide to set out on an adventure to save Liz from Kell and his commune While on this trip Rich and Bonny work out their relationship and discover that they must go undercover to find out what is keeping Liz from not just leaving on her own They find out that Kell is scaring Liz into staying so they must devise a plan to get her out This book is very action packed when it comes to relationships

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    3rd book in the Hard Cash trilogy Not as good as the previous 2 but still a good read This wasn't as relateable as the first 2 how many people you know have had anything to do with a cult?? The relationships however were as well written as the other 2 books and it still had the same humour

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