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Amber's forging a new life for herself when suddenly she falls ill and her family come to look after her However something in the house responds to Poppy's presence something malign and threatening Evil seems to permeate everywhere and Amber thinks she might never be able to escape

10 thoughts on “Leaving Poppy

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    I really loved reading this book It scared the life out of me

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    I found this to be a good book view spoiler something which scared me without killing anyone which is saying something hide spoiler

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    I really enjoyed this book Its a bit different from her Holiday series but kinda similar Poppy's a girl leaving home to get away from her ever needy mother and sister; to finally have a life of her own I really enjoy her stories like this because it makes me want to venture out and try new things And I must say they have inspired me to take risks in life Theres a bit of a slow track here and there but it never loses its balance of the main object of self discovery What threw me off but didnt put me off was the haunting I just wasnt expecting that It was very interesting to see how it all tied together for the end Kate Cann is high on my list of faves Her writing is just too good for me to ever truly dislike anything

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    This book gave me the creeps But in a good wayLikable characters great story line and addictive good writing But what I really loved about this book began with very small hints of the climax where everything was uite normal till it slowly built up to full on supernatural Great read

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    a great gothic tale that had me hooked and wanting

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    Unlike anything I've ever read before The blurb doesn't give too much away but that doesn't mean you shouldn't read it Fasinating chilling brilliantI NEED to read it again

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    Creepy and awesome that is the only way I can describe Yet another great book by Kate Cann

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    This is classed as a young adult read so it was uick and easy to read but was a great story I was transported into the seaside where the book is set and the characters came to life

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    Ah manI read this book when I was fifteen or so and I still remember it nowScares the bejesus outta meReally gothic and also I want to kill the mum and Poppy a bit Love it

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    I enjoyed reading the book but the end was just too lacklustre for me I'm not sure what I had expected it to end like but this was not it