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Hi AbbyBet I'm the last person you expected to get a card from The island is hot and beautiful and brilliant but you were 80% right about Davinia No—90% right She's totally self centered and she's trying to force me to date this creep I'd sooner slit my wrists because I'm in love with someone else He's gorgeous but he hates me Aren't holidays supposed to be relaxing? Abby I wish we hadn't fallen out Maybe see you when I get back?Lots of love honestChloe xxx

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    Reviewed by Amber Gibson for TeensReadToocomKate Cann writes a scrumptious tale of a dream vacation that features twists and turns than a roller coaster in MEDITERRANEAN HOLIDAY a coming of age story that never fails to entertain Chloe a British teen is trying to regroup and adjust to living with just her dad after her mom leaves the family for her lover She decides to refrain from all contact with her mother and does her best to avoid even thinking about her When stunningly beautiful and spoiled Davinia arrives at Chloe's private school her presence is a welcome distraction for Chloe She finds Davinia utterly fascinating and will do anything it takes to befriend her Throwing away her old friends without a second thought Chloe spends and time with the dangerously daring Davinia in and out of school The two become fast friends and before she knows it Chloe is invited to vacation with Davinia's wealthy family on the luxurious island of Caminos a small island in the Mediterranean Chloe jumps at the opportunity and daydreams about all of the exciting adventures that she and Davinia will have over the course of their summer As soon as school's out the two girls leave behind everything drab in Britain for the sunshine and swimming in Caminos Right away well as soon as they board the plane Chloe meets a boy that leaves her breathless and over the course of the summer Chloe finds herself trying to balance her friendship with Davinia her pursuit of romance her family situation and her newfound independence But Davinia doesn't turn out to be the girl Chloe thought she was and somebody Chloe thought she never wanted to see again suddenly shows up on the island Suddenly Chloe's Mediterranean vacation is nothing like she thought it would be Will Chloe be able to straighten out her holiday mess and enjoy her last few weeks on Caminos? MEDITERRANEAN HOLIDAY is a sweet and spicy look at the real life challenges behind a seemingly perfect vacation I can only hope that someday I'll have a summer vacation as action packed as Chloe's

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    According to my mother I seem to say that about each one every summer But its always true Each summer they just seem to get better and better I couldnt put this book down at all Kate Cann's writing totally took me over and I just fell in love with Chole And now all I want is just to go out on my own holiday and find freedom and love If you loved the other 3 books then of course you'll love this one Chole is a 17 year old girl who is dealing with her mother moving in with her 'lover' and her dad having breakdown after the divorce When a new girl Davinia shows up at school Chole becomes completely obessed with her Davinia is rich self center and seems to be very confindent Chole admires her for it Once ditching her best friend Davinia invites Chole on her Holiday with her and her parents But Chole soon realizes that Davinia isnt at all what she thought and the holiday takes a complete turn

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    This book is about a girl Chloe who becomes a little obsessed with the new girl at school Davina and ends up going on holiday with her to find that she is not as perfect as she thinks However a short way into this book Chloe meets a girl who is basically Davina's doppleganger that is to say Chloe actually mistakes this other girl for Davina because she basically looks and behaves exactly like her and Chloe says that she should have taken this as a sign that there was something wrong about Davina Unfortunatley though the book ends without another mention of this mystery girl and I'm just wondering who she was and what relevance she really had? The story also seems to be a bit lacking at times as if there could have been substance which is a shame Bit disappointed but overall probably deserves a 5 out of 10

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    I wanted to like this book but it was like all the characters wanted to do was have sex I mean they were sorta on vacation in this totally awesome place but they kept looking for places to hook up in And the romance wasn't even that great I hated how much they cussed and how rough they were But I guess that is how they are in Europe?? I don't honestly know but I didn't really enjoy this book as much as I had hoped to

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    cute i love all of these books but they're kind of predictible

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    Really boring and had no plot

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    Picked this up by mistake really Was ok nothing special

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    Was a little weirded out when I started reading it I thought it was a lesbian relationship Turned out to be not so bad and I kind of liked it

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    Really good book Y

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    This is a tough one to review especially having previously read just what Cann is capable of seriously Leaving Poppy was AMAZINGbut I digress I started off thinking that I wasn't going to like it because it was your typical girl is a social outcast girl meets perfect blonde seriously said blonde was so perfect that said girl was calling her own sexuality into uestion girl becomes friends with perfect blonde girl realises that perfect blonde isn't so perfect after all scenario I ended up not liking it because it turned into a holiday from hell story of ridiculous proportions Psychological abuse poverty loneliness frantic falling in lust with some moron whom she started off hating all were present Cann even threw in the whole long lost Mum angle just for the fun of it Don't get me wrong it was a gripping enough story that I JUST managed to get through without wanting to smash in the faces of every single characterJUSTbut this author can and does write a hell of a lot better