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This book was previously published as Alpha Beta Gamma DeadAt the stately Mariners Hotel a breathless man rushes into the lobby and dashes upstairs to see a dapper guest But moments later he discovers that his friend has been murderedSukey Reynolds has finally realised her ambition to become a fully fledged detective earning her stripes and joining the police force After years as an amateur sleuth she is now a proper investigator But will she do it by the book? Can she resist a bit of extra snooping?When Sukey receives news of her first murder case at the elegant Mariners Hotel she is intrigued Who could possibly have wanted to hurt Dr Whistler a shy and retiring archaeology professor? The dusty documents he was carrying couldn’t possibly be of value could they?You would never expect this sophisticated establishment to be home to murder What secrets are hiding inside the charming Mariners Hotel?Sukey’s superiors are convinced that Dr Whistler’s visitor is his killer but Sukey isn’t so sure and decides to do a little side sleuthing Someone in the hotel has a secret but who is it? The bewildered bellboy the meddlesome manager or the reclusive receptionist?A mysterious phone call leads Sukey to the truth but as a rookie detective will anyone believe she has what it takes to solve this baffling mystery?Do you love cozy mysteries by Agatha Christie Faith Martin and Joy Ellis? If so make this twisty and absolutely page turning whodunnit your next read

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    Short uick and entertaining mystery as Sukey Reynolds now a full fledged DC with Bristol CID gets involved with antiuities theft and murder This is the 8th book in series and I feel that it's best to read them from the beginning in orderSukey has left Gloucester and her previous job as a scene of crime investigator to pursue her original dream of being a detective She's moved to Bristol and just starting out in her new job after getting the necessary ualifications Her social life and romance with DI Jim Castle has taken a huge step back and her son Fergus is busy at university so she doesn't see him often I really missed that aspect of the book Sukey's interactions with her son and Jim and hope that is resumed in the next book I do like the character of Sukey and hope that she can settle down and perform her job well since she's now a real member of the police and doesn't have to do her amateur sleuthing any longer Her SOCO experience has helped make her a good observer and she has a very compassionate nature which assists greatly in her ability to get information from others I like the writing style and the descriptions of the setting and will continue on with this series Thank you to Bookouture and NetGalley for the e book ARC to read and review

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    This was a entertaining read Sukey Reynolds has just finished six months of training and is a new detective constable She has moved from Gloucester to Bristol Her first assignment is to investigate the murder of an archaeologist who was stabbed to death in his room at the Mariners Hotel Her immediate boss DS Rathbone treats her suggestions about the case dismissively Of course Sukey's ideas have merit and she takes makes her own investigations Eventually she taken off this case and put on the drowning of a teenage girl But when the young girl's death and the hotel murder have similarities Sukey gets involved againI enjoyed this book much better than the previous one Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for an advance copy

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    At the stately Mariners Hotel a breathless man rushes into the lobby and dashes upstairs to see a guest Moments later he returns saying his friend isn’t answering his door The manager his PA enter the room to find Dr Whistler laying prone on the floorWhen Sukey Reynolds receives news of a death at the elegant Mariners Hotel she is intrigued Who could possibly have wanted to hurt Dr Whistler a shy and retiring archaeology professor? The dusty documents he was carrying couldn’t possibly be of value could they?Sukey’s superiors are convinced that Dr Whistler’s visitor is his killer but she isn’t so sure and decides to do a little side sleuthing A mysterious phone call leads Sukey to the truth but as the rookie in the team will anyone believe she has what it takes to solve this baffling mystery?This is the eighth book in the series things have moved on in the time since the last book Sukey has been fast tracked in the police force is now a fully fledged detective She’s also sold her house moved to a flat in Bristol unfortunately her romance with Jim seems to have stalled I was so sorry to read this as I really thought they would have made a real go of it Fergus is still at university only plays a minor role I miss them discussing the cases over a meal Fergus’ input was always astute However I was soon gripped in yet another well written book from the author Sukey may now be a detective but she still happens to be at the right or wrong place at the right or wrong moment There were new characters most of whom I liked I’m reserving judgement on DS Rathbone at the moment but I did like how his relationship with ‘the new girl’ developed Another page turning read that I thoroughly enjoyedMy honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read

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    Death at Ivy House by Betty Rowlands is the fifth book in the Sukey Reynolds series I have just loved reading these books by Betty They're a cosy mystery easy read Sukey Reynolds is a brilliant photographer and a SOCO Plus helps out to solve murders etc She is enjoying the uiet period of her work life by pottering in her much loved garden Cooking great meals and spending time with her much loved son Sukey is called out to the charming Ivy House to photograph a dead body of a young woman Whilst Sukey os collecting all the evidence for her colleagues her mind starts to wonder to a recents break in around the same time as this murder She wonders if these cases maybe linked to each other? and howSukey voices her theories to her detective colleagues and they do not want to hear what she is trying to tell them Jim Castle tells her to leave things alone they can deal with it But we know Sukey once she's got the bit between her teeth there's no letting go She has to go and do her own thing and start an investigating herself She has also become concerned about a homeless young man called Matt who seems to have disappearedI highly recommend these books By Betty Rowland if you love a cosy mystery read with lots of twists and turnsI love these booksBig Thank you NetGalley Betty Rowlands and Bookouture for granting my reuest to read this book in exchange for my honest review The opinions and thoughts are my own

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    3 starsSukey Reynolds is now a police detective She is partnered with Detective Sergeant Rathbone They make a good pair They respond to an assault in a local hotel A visiting professor has an appointment to see archeology professor Dr Whistler When the visitor gets to his room he cannot raise him The manager lets him in the room and they discover the wounded man on the floor Later the man dies It is now a murder inuiry Sukey's new position is in Bristol So there is very little of DI Jim Castle and the charming Fergus in this book They have like cameo appearances I miss them both The story just doesn't have the same interest for me In a word I was disappointed and found the book to be somewhat boring I want to thank NetGalley and Bookouture for forwarding to me a copy of this book for me to read and review

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    In the eighth outing for Betty Rowlands' character Sukey Reynolds major changes have taken place Now her son Fergus is at university Sukey has been able to consider a career change and this is the first book with her working as a detective constable with the CID in Bristol When an archaeologist is found seriously injured in his hotel room and the historical artifacts he was known to have with him missing Sukey finds herself working her first serious crime case as a detective alongside her new colleague DS Rathbone Although everything seems pretty cut and dried with regard to whodunnit everything has to be double checked and gradually other angles and possibilities come to light which make things far less obvious than everyone had first thought I enjoyed this book very much the new cast of secondary characters seemed instantly familiar and after their initial introduction everything worked as successfully as before Although I hadn't realised until I began reading about Sukey's new role as a police officer her looking into cases while a crime scene investigator had probably run its natural course and these changes have given the series a new impetus Hopefully this career change will give new focus to the remainder of this series all of which I have my fingers crossed will be rereleased in very short order I was able to read an advanced copy of this book thanks to NetGalley and the publishers in exchange for an unbiased review and would recommend it to anyone who has enjoyed this series so far or wants to jump in halfway through as this would be a very good place to start

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    4 stars I’m officially hooked on this author Despite knowing this book was part of a series I read book 8 first to see if I would like it I loved it I have now purchasedread the first 2 books in the series and they did not disappoint I loved the pace of the story as well as the lovely setting I can’t wait to get to know the main characters better as I progress through this gripping series Thanks kindly to Netgalley author and publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book

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    In this book Sukey has changed her job and become a detective something she has always wanted However this doesn’t mean she is going to be sticking to the rules We once again find her branching out on her own and following her instincts in pursuit of the truth Another great addition to the series

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    I could not love this series I wish it would never end its that good Thank you to the publisher and to Net Galley for the opportunity to review My opinion is my own I have read several in the series and highly recommend the entire series This is the 8th book in seriesIn this next in series our protagonist Sukey Reynolds is now thrilled to be a full fledged DC detective with Bristol CID She has moved to Bristol and passed all the ualifications for her dream of being a detective She does have a habit of being a amateur detective and now she has finally landed her dream job Her son Fergus is busy at university so he is not in this book I like their relationship and hope as he extends his studies he will be featured in the following books Her romance takes a back seat to her work in this book as it should as she begins life as a real detective Her first murder case is at the elegant Mariners Hotel Dr Whistler a archaeology professor has been murdered after a mysterious visitor Sukey does her sleuthing by talking to a wide variety of employees and townspeople and soon she is on the track of the killer She finds many underlying secrets about the victim as she digs deeper to solve her first case and prove herself as a detective after all She is soon on the right trail and may be in danger herself Will she solve her first case? I adore this series and now that Sukey is a detective I cannot wait to read the remaining in the series This is pleasing to read to conclusion as all her books are and has a surprising ending Thank you to Net Galley and the publisher for the opportunity I highly recommend this book and the entire series Excellent work to the author

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    Sukey is back in book 8 of the Sukey Reynolds series She is one of my favorite British crime solvers An older single parent she has moved to smaller living uarters since her son has left for college Sukey is now a full fledged detective moving her career forward from crime scene photographer to her first murder This book can be read as a stand alone but you'll want to read the previous books just for the fun of it I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review