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In a volume that is penetrating introspective incisive and laugh out loud funny one of the great men of letters of this era—or any era—holds forth on life art sex politics and the state of America’s soul Whether he is describing his coming of age in America his formative war experiences or his life as an artist this is Vonnegut doing what he does best being himself Whimsically illustrated by the author A Man Without a Country is intimate tender and brimming with the scope of Kurt Vonnegut’s passions

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    On April 11 2007 at around 6am I awoke to NPR news announcing that Kurt Vonnegut had passed away Normally I would just go back to sleep but I popped out of bed and went to my computer to confirm that it was really true because you know how NPR gives false information all the time and shitThen my next thought was to go to Half Priced books and buy every Kurt Vonnegut book thereSo I set my alarm for 9am so I could make sure I was there when they opened the doors because I didn't want to have to wrestle anybody for those books Sometimes I am not always the most rational personI was lucky enough to find a 1st edition of this bookThat evening I read it and basically cried through the whole thing I remember saying to my dad while sucking back snot and tears There is no one else to replace him Nobody thinks they way he didI wanted to take Kurt Vonnegut and package him up and preserve him forever What can I say I'm the Jeffrey Dahmer of the literature worldBut how selfish of me right? The man was 84 for christ's sakeThis is probably the worst review ever because it is not really a review Who am I to review Kurt Vonnegut?I'm no one just another mediocre mind in this worldAnd all I know that a someone great is now gone

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    Kurt Vonnegut's darkly twisted cantankerous humor mixed with genuine compassion for the human condition makes its way into A Man Without a Country This book apparently the closest thing to a memoir Vonnegut ever wrote is a must read for Vonnegut fans and I definitely count myself in that camp Vonnegut has a way of looking at the world that is often uite rationale but all the same surprising and sometimes disturbing This is a great start to Vonnegut's thinking or a great companion for those who have already read some of Vonnegut's classics like Cat's Cradle or Slaughterhouse Five

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    A Man Without a Country Kurt VonnegutA Man Without a Country is an essay collection published in 2005 by the author Kurt Vonnegut The extremely short essays that make up this book deal with topics ranging from the importance of humor to problems with modern technology to Vonnegut's opinions on the differences between men and women Most prevalent in the text however are those essays that elucidate Vonnegut's opinions on politics and the issues in modern American society often from a decidedly humanistic perspective تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز بیست و پنجم ماه دسامبر سال 2012 میلادیعنوان مرد بی وطن؛ اثر کورت ونه گات؛ مترجمها پریسا سلیمان زاده اردبیلی؛ زیبا گنجی؛ مشخصات نشر تهران، مروارید، 1386، در 138 ص، مصور، جدول، واژه نامه، شابک 9789648838527؛ موضوع سرگذشتنامه نویسندگان آمریکایی سده 21، ایالات متحده، سیاست و حکومت از 1993 تا 2001 معنوان مردی بدون وطن؛ اثر کرت ونه گات؛ مترجم علی اصغر بهرامی؛ مشخصات نشر تهران، نشر چشمه، 1390، در 128 ص، مصور، نمونه، شابک 9789643624255؛ نویسنده در این اثر با بی پروایی، به نقد سیاستهای دولت آمریکا در زمان ریاست جمهوری جورج دبلیو بوش میپردازند، و از رویکردی که آمریکا نسبت به سایر کشورها از جمله عراق دارد، سخت بیزار است «ونه گات» که خود در بمباران «درسدن»، و در جنگ جهانگیر دوم حضور داشته، و برای آمریکا جنگیده است، در این کتاب اذعان دارد، که خود را آمریکایی نمیداند این اثر به همین خاطر «مرد بی وطن» نامگذاری شده است ا شربیانی

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    A while back another writer a reviewer a critic or whatever we are called described a Kurt Vonnegut novel as another fun visit with Uncle Kurt I really liked that description and have since plagiarized that avuncular idea to denote reading a Vonnegut book Like another of my favorites Robert A Heinlein who has also been described as a crazy old uncle you run into at a reunion Uncle Kurt can make you laugh make you a little uncomfortable and most of all make you think A Man Without A Country has been described as possibly the closest thing we Vonnegut fans may get to a memoir from him Like all the rest it is filled with his uniue perspective on the world and with maybe acerbic wit and vitriol and somewhat less playfulness that can be remembered from most of his works Written in 2004 he did not like George Bush and was unabashedly opposed to the Irai invasion He opined that like Mark Twain and Einstein before him he had given up on humanity that he had simply grown too grumpy to be funny any Let me respectfully disagree I smiled throughout most of the short book 145 pages laughed several times and almost fell out of my chair at his explanation as to why he did not win the Nobel Prize for Literature This latest visit with crazy Uncle Kurt was as fun as ever

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    Kurt is up in heaven nowIf you've read A Man Without a Country you'll know I'm fulfilling a wish Kurt Vonnegut made in this bookIf you haven't read it let me explainAt a memorial service for the great science fiction writer Isaac Asimov Kurt opened his tribute with the uip Isaac is up in heaven now This of course elicited many chuckles Mr Asimov was atheist and probably no one in this room of humanists believed in an afterlife whether it be heaven hell reincarnation or floating around haunting people and inspiring movies in which Whoopi Goldberg has to help a deceased Patrick Swayze reunite with his grieving love Demi MooreRecalling the laughter he evoked with his joke Kurt wrote If I should ever die God forbid I hope you will say 'Kurt is up in heaven now' That's my favorite joke And so there it is Mr Vonnegut I have fulfilled your pre dying wish  You can thank me when I too get to heavenThank you Thank you very muchIf you enjoy this sort of dry humor you will appreciate this book Mr Vonnegut displays his gift of sarcasm throughout which brought about many chuckles from me A Man Without a Country is a collection of essays Mr Vonnegut wrote a couple years before he died He deliberates on many things art technology American patriotism socialism sex politics and It was interesting to note the criticism Mr Vonnegut had of Bush Cheney and Co and of their travesty of a war His biting assessment makes one wonder what he would have had to say about the current administration had he lived long enough to see Agent Orange take control of the White House His critiue of the Bush administration seems almost excessive when many of us actually feel nostalgia for the days when we had that goofy grinning puppet in the Oval Office rather than the nefarious and dangerous fool who is there todaySadly Mr Vonnegut is no longer with us If he is looking down from some heaven we can only wonder what he would say about the current fiasco Will someone please get WhoopiOda Mae Brown out of isolation? I'd love to hear Kurt's thoughtsI leave you with a few uotes from the bookThe America I loved still exists at the front desks of our public librariesTo so called patriots They don’t hate us for our purported liberty and justice for all They hate us now for our arroganceOn those in power They aren’t really interested in saving lives What matters to them is being listened to If there’s anything they hate it’s a wise human  And this was said during the Bush years Again imagine what he would have had to say todayOn climate change  It seems to me as if everyone is living as members of Alcoholics Anonymous do day by day And a few days will be enough I know of very few people who are dreaming of a world for their grandchildrenOn humanism  We humanists try to behave as decently as fairly and as honorably as we can without any expectation of rewards or punishments in an afterlifeOn hypocrites For some reason the most vocal Christians among us never mention the Beatitudes But often with tears in their eyes they demand that the Ten Commandments be posted in public buildings I haven’t heard one of them demand that the Sermon on the Mount the Beatitudes' be posted anywhere'Blessed are the merciful' in a courtroom? 'Blessed are the peacemakers' in the Pentagon? Give me a breakWe lost this brilliant man too soon

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    As long as there is a lower class I am in itAs long as there is a criminal element I'm of it As long as there is a soul in prison I am not free Eugene Debs uoted in Kurt Vonnegut A Man Without a Country We use humor to dull the pain We use drugs too but humor often costs less and last longer I think one of the reasons I've been so drawn to Vonnegut the last couple weeks is our recent election Vonnegut almost seems to be a Rosetta Stone for our times He wrote this his last book in 2005 The subtitle of the book was A Memoir Of Life In George W Bush's America It is both amazing and frightening to think that Dubya's America seems now 11 years later so tame and restrained compared to the circus that is slouching slowly towards DC Vonnegut when I was young as impressionable made me unafraid to call myself a humanist in my religious milieu a humanist is a dirty word like socialist and feminist His voice is often the voice I hear in response to news columns that are dumb politicians that are corrupt or corporations that seem unrepentant about their growing bottom line Like Mark Twain Vonnegut appeals to the young and the sweaty masses while simultaneously ribbing them ever so gently Hell in that way Vonnegut and Twain were a bit like Jesus I wonder what Vonnegut would think about that comparison? I wonder what Jesus would have thought? Perhaps it is a bit early but maybe a kid born in the last couple years will do for Vonnegut what Paul did for Jesus Maybe in 200 years there will be a Church where the Blues gets played and on certain Sundays people take turns reading from 'A Man Without a Country and talking about the time when Vonnegut emerged unstuck from time from that tomb in Dresden F#%k and Amen

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    I think it's a rule that you have to uote Vonnegut if you review his work I've been bad about it in the past but this book is essentially just a uotable book What better time to start Some of my favorite uotes from A Man Without a CountryHere is a lesson in creative writing First rule Do not use semicolons They are transvestite hermaphrodites representing absolutely nothing All they do is show you've been to collegeThere is a tragic flaw in our precious Constitution and I don't' know what can be done to fix it This is it Only nut cases want to be presidentIf you actually are an educated thinking person you will not be welcome in Washington DC About Bush I'm sure but really applies in generalWe are here on Earth to fart around Don't let anybody tell you any differentYou know the truth can be really powerful stuff You're not expecting itWe have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way downThis is one of my favorites that I come back to often It's both humorous but a very good and real summation of the arts and why it's important to keep creatingIf you want to really hurt your parents and you don't have the nerve to be gay the least you can do is go into the arts I'm not kidding The arts are not a way to make a living They are a very human way of making life bearable Practicing an art no matter how well or badly is a way to make your soul grow for heaven's sake Sing in the shower Dance to the radio Tell stories Write a poem to a friend even a lousy poem Do it as well as you possibly can You will get an enormous reward You will have created something emphasis added

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    And if I should ever die God forbid I hope you will say Kurt is up in heaven now That's my favorite jokeIn a country that gets its feathers ruffled beyond all rational allowance should one commit the hell worthy trespass of bidding someone else of unknown spiritual beliefs an all encompassing meant to convey well wishings without presumption Happy holidays and thus betray one's role as a covert hippie cog in the heathen machine that's making a religious majority feel increasingly insecure about its apex predator status we have been blessed with the bastion of razor sharp wit and level headed wisdom of Kurt Vonnegut Jr a man who knew that humor is a way of holding off how awful life can be to protect yourself and has offered shelter through laughter however sardonic it may get to anyone who's sought either full on refuge or just a few hours of necessary escapism behind the shield of his words Ever since I picked up and tore through Slaughterhouse Five much to my surprised delight Vonnegut has held a special place in my terminally uncool fiercely enthusiastic bookworm heart I was not expecting masterfully balanced humor and heartbreak and a tale that positively trounced my initially wary approach in a matter of pages and KV has left me absolutely dazzled if not downright delighted time after time book after book I usually help myself to a few of his works every year ever mindful that I don't want to gobble them up too uickly and be left with nothing until posthumous releases make their way to publication though it's not like Vonnegut was stingy with his output I've been craving his words and particular perspective a bit keenly than usual after having felt his influence practically radiate off the pages of George Saunders's own variations on black humor; this rather than a novel turned out to be exactly what I'd wantedWhat I got with this collection was what one back cover blurb so correctly asserted to be like sitting down on the couch for a long chat with an old friend A Man Without a Country published two years before Vonnegut's death during what seemed an especially hopeless stretch of Dubbya's ill gotten presidential stronghold is nothing but a mosaic of the writer comprising a parade of varied but interlocking short essays And even though it features the proclamation that Mr Vonnegut had lost hope in humanity toward the end of his life so much of what he put forth in these collected essays contradicted such an uncharacteristic statement from one of the most cautiously optimistic and darkly hilarious writers I've ever had the good fortune to know through his brainchildrenThis all too short collection eual parts biography writing guide complete with hand drawn plot diagrams and celebration of creativity no matter how ham fisted an On Writing of Kurt's own served as a spot on capstone for the literary legacy he left behind as Vonnegut intended it to be his last published work Far from the cranky doddering old man he could have become the insights here betray the good hearted core of an archly lucid humanist who has seen and indeed lived through as a WWII soldier and POW the worst his fellow Earthlings can do to each other but still sees a glimmer of hope for their future He knows we've trashed the Good Mother and her finite resources all in the name of greed and getting from A to B in record time that we've used our scientific advances for chiefly devastating effects rather than giant leaps toward good that politicians are paving the way for a bleaker selfish way of life but zeros in on the saintly individuals By saints I mean people who behaved decently in a strikingly indecent society he says who've made the most of their stay on this hurdling blue marble to the betterment of their tiny but significant microcosm There is hope in these unsung minor heroes and Vonnegut gives a voice to their songs as there's no hope for the human species but for a few remarkable creatures who do everything they can to benefit whomever they can with whatever they've gotBetween a sci fi moniker a label not of the author's choosing as discussed herein alongside his vaguely Luddite inklings stemming from his seemingly outlandish visions of the future and his satirical but not caustically so lampooning of all the things wrong with our current society that very well could be handily laying the foundation for such oncoming terrors if we don't address the problems immediately Vonnegut has left a giant blinking neon sign pointing toward a better tomorrow for all who are brave and willing enough to downsize their egos to follow his lead He's like the impatient but understanding grandfather we all so desperately need to point out our failings but follows up the well meaning criticism with a cookie and hug whose high standards but well earned belly laugh make one want to live up to the good of us all standards he has so thoughtfully set up for those who dare to take a gander at the blueprintsI honestly don't know if the world is a better place since Vonnegut issued his last collection I know it's a little witless without him but I also know that on a much smaller scale I've been able to improve my staunchly pessimistic regard for my fellow two legged beasts when I stop judging the whole and admire the day to day efforts of those individuals whose good intentions have them railing against the ugliness that could be so easy to submit to if not for their determination to keep fighting the good fight in the stead of greater minds who've fought before A Man Without a Country is the rally cry for anyone who wants to prove that optimism isn't always a symptom of naïvety that it's only by objectively understanding the bigger picture and your place in it that you can hold an educated opinion about how much better things can be and how we can slowly but steadily make it thereGod bless you Mr Vonnegut and I hope you would have appreciated the joke sir

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    I rarely read a book twice there are just too many books to read in this world and not enough time to read them all This is one of my exceptions though and I loved it even the second time than the first Vonnegut is incredibly interesting down to earth and funny as he goes on rants about America people in general and all the things he's seen during his life Highly recommended for anyone who has ever read and enjoyed a book by Vonnegut but also highly recommended for anyone who wants to see what living through something like the Dresden bombings does to your outlook on lifeUpdate I just read this for the third time Like Vonnegut I feel like a man without a country I wouldn't be surprised if I re read this every four years to coincide with the election cycle as I don't understand how people keep voting for the same nonsense election after election to ensure nothing ever changes The fact that Vonnegut also didn't feel like he fit in with the country he once knew makes me wish he was still around so I could give him a hug

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    But I am eighty two Thanks a lot you dirty rats The last thing I ever wanted was to be alive when the three most powerful people on the whole planet would be named Bush Dick and Colon”Well I wonder what thoughts mr Vonnegut would have after last year's electionsI don't want to review this book in detail it's good it's vonnegutian it's funny and clever and you should read it yourself it'll take you a couple of hours no And that was my only problem with this book it was too short