Spoiled Rotten MOBI ¼ Paperback

Remember that girl you went to high school with that was spoiled rotten? She had it all designer clothes fresh hair styles and jewelry She thought she was better than everybody or rather you thought it But remember the day you found out that she lived in the projectsghettohood just like everybody else? You were shocked and now less envious of her knowing she came from exactly where you did Well Trouble is that chick Spoiled rotten by her brother who has a complex occupation and her boyfriend the star B ball player at their high school being sought after by colleges across the map who don't mind lacing him with SUVs and putting money in his pocket to sway him towards attending their university to play ball Trouble seems to have it all And what she doesn't have she manages to get But unlike some of the chicks in these other street lit tales she doesn't have to use her body to get things She uses the ghetto diva attitude that makes people believe she deserves the best and therefore they do back flips trying to provide This urban novel has a completely different twist than any other written thus far In Trouble's journey she loses her brother who she is closer to than bark on a tree and feels as though it's the end of the world But when she finds out that the person who murdered him had once tried to get with her a huge scheme comes to mind in order for her to seek revenge She pretends to like her brother's killer in order to get him right where she wants him but her plan backfires when something happens that she never saw coming She falls in love with her brother's killer

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