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Barchester Towers 1857 is the second of the six Chronicles of Barsetshire the work in which after a ten years' apprenticeship Trollope finally found his distinctive voice In this his most popular novel the chronicler continues the story of Mr Harding and his daughter Eleanor begun in The Warden adding to his cast of characters that oily symbol of 'progress' Mr Slope the hen pecked Dr Proudie and the amiable and breezy Stanhope family Love mammon clerical in fighting and promotion again figure prominently and comically all centred on the magnificently imagined cathedral city of BarchesterThe central questions of this moral comedy Who will be warden? Who will be dean? Who will marry Eleanor? are skilfully handled with the subtlety of ironic observation that has won Trollope such a wide and appreciative readership over the last 140 yearsFor this new edition John Sutherland has contributed an introduction and extensive notes as well as a chronology of the novel's composition and current events and a note on Trollopian names

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