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Cruel Brutal Vicious Lawless MercilessMaybe you’re the new girlMaybe you’ve always had it comingMaybe you were just in the wrong place at the wrong timeEither way you’re about to become the victimYou’re about to bow break and bend the knee You’re about to kneel at my feetI’ll destroy your credibilityI’ll do whatever it takes to keep you by my sideI’ll make you learn the hard way there is only one way outAnd when all is said and done I’ll leave you begging for me to do it againFive possessive controlling bullies Five strong spirited heroines Welcome to their Savage Kingdom Noble Savages by Natalie Bennett Nicole Cypher Esme Devlin Logan Fox and Rina Kent is a five books dark high school romance boxsetAll standalone All full length No cliffhangers All the angst the steam and HEA you've been looking for

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