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This book was previously published as Dirty WorkA uaint cottage in a pretty Victorian terrace with a neatly tended garden stands uiet and still but inside the bedroom a woman lies dead upon the floorSukey Reynolds is enjoying a uiet period at work taking time to get her garden in hand catch up on some cooking and spend time with her son Murder is the last thing on her mindBut when she is called to the charming Ivy House to photograph the dead body of a young woman Sukey feels compelled to drop everything and do all she can to shed light on this baffling mystery And whilst collecting evidence at a nearby hotel which had a break in around the same time as the murder she starts to wonder if the two cases might be linkedThe manager just happened to let slip that one of her guests went white as a sheet after reading about the death and disappeared shortly afterwards The very same guest whose room was broken into Sukey has a shrewd suspicion about who this man might be and she fears he too could be in dangerAlthough she voices her theories her detective colleagues are in no mood for any of her amateur sleuthing Sukey realises that if she wants to pursue her lead she’ll have to do it alone When Sukey agrees to a secret meeting by a remote river has she made a terrible mistake? Has the killer lured her into the woods and into a trap?

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    A police procedural and cozy mystery involving SOCO Sukey Reynolds of the Gloucester PoliceWhat it's about A woman known to be a former prostitute is found bludgeoned to death at Ivy House She'd been set up as mistress there by Trevor Blackton whose had a couple of run ins with police in the past Did he kill Evie Stanton in a jealous rage? The police can't seem to find Blackton nor any evidence that he committed the crime There are some other factors that lead DI Jim Castle to believe that someone else may be behind the murder Then another victim is found one with some strange links to the Ivy House murder And how is a homeless man a magazine street vendor connected but they can't find him either The bodies pile up there are multiple suspects and wouldn't you know it's Sukey who starts piecing it all together NO SPOILERSShould you read it? If you like detective novels that are complicated and reuire them to chase down a lot of leads interview many different people and put all the information together to close a case then this is a series for you You have to accept that Sukey Reynolds divorced mom to teenage Fergus secret girlfriend of Jim Castle was meant to be a detective but due to circumstances ended up being a SOCO a civilian instead Given her interest in helping to solve the crimes which is definitely beyond her remit she often goes off and makes discoveries on her own I like her as a character but she needs to stop listening to her boyfriend and get herself ualified as a police officer or detective in her own right DI Castle is uite protective and patronizing and Sukey is always getting put down for her efforts even though they always result in her finding something important I've read all of this series in order to date and will continue on with the rest of them as they come available as I like the writing style and the interesting cases In fact I'd love to have her jobThank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for this ARC to read and review Keep them coming I know these were published years ago some with different titles but they are still timely and I'm sure that other readers will love discovering these gems

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    I have heard goods things about Betty Rowlands books I have read a couple and like them so I reuested this book when I saw it on my NetGalley siteSukey is a COSO Crime of Scene Officer Her work consists of finding all the physical items at scene for the detectives Before her marriage her aims where on track for a homicide detective which gave up upon marriage and children She has one sonIn the fifth book of series Sukey is called to collect items on a woman beaten to death and at reception same time she collects material s from break In at a nearby hotel Sukey feels the two cases are connected but the detectives don't feel the same Is Sukey correct? Or does put herself in danger again? It is an excellent police procedureDisclosure Thanks to Bookouture for a copy through NetGalley The opinions expressed are my own

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    I thoroughly enjoy Betty Rowlands books always well written with a good plot and fabulous characterisationJust perfect for a few hours of escapism

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    Sukey Reynolds is enjoying a uiet period at work taking time to get her garden in hand catch up on some cooking and spend time with her son Then she’s called to the charming Ivy House to photograph the dead body of a young woman whilst collecting evidence at a nearby hotel which had a break in around the same time as the murder she starts to wonder if the two cases might be linked Although she voices her theories her detective colleagues are in no mood for any of her amateur sleuthing Jim Castle tells her to leave things alone but Sukey being Sukey once she’s got the bit between her teeth there's no letting go She’s also concerned about a homeless young man Matt who seems to have disappearedAnother enthralling read that had me drawn in from the start I love then ongoing romances of Sukey Jim Fergus Anita Red herrings abound plus there are twists turns along he way that had me guessing I must admit I didn't guess who the true villain was This is the fifth book in the series whilst it could easily be read on its own I’d recommend reading the series in order My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read

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    4 starsIt all starts with a woman a former prostitute hideously beaten to death in a flat provided by her boyfriend Trevor Trevor is known to be insanely jealous and the woman was known to play around So begins the latest in the Sukey Reynolds series by Betty Rowlands Sukey is very observant and just can't help getting involved in the police investigation She enjoys her job as a SOCO but dreams of joining the CID as a detective Her boyfriend Inspector Castle is not crazy about the idea though Sukey's son Fergus thinks it would be cool She begins to link several occurrences in the neighborhood and of course she gets herself in trouble This is an enjoyable little mystery that reads uickly It is well witten and plotted and one event follows another in a logical progression I liked reading it as I have the others in this series Ms Rowlands writes a heck of a story I am very much looking forward to reading of her workI want to thank NetGalley and Bookouture for forwarding to me a copy of this delightful book for me to read enjoy and review

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    Sukey Reynolds is an intelligent woman working as a Scene of Crime Officer while wishing she had been able to follow her original career path and become a police officer instead She uite often gets involved in the cases she collects evidence from and is sometimes a great help or conversely gets completely the wrong end of the stick This is uite encouraging as I almost always fail to guess whodunnit in Ms Rowlands' crime stories and usually end up surprised at who is responsible Don't let the gentle nature of the story style fool you; they are very cleverly worked out and written in a flowing and easily readable manner When a badly beaten woman is found Sukey is sent to the scene to collect evidence and finds she is unable to distance herself from the young victim and her obviously painful death She wonders if nearby crime scene at an hotel is linked in any way to the first and investigates on her own time when a young man she has befriended goes missing from the same hotel after finding out about the original deathThe main characters are all present once again as they try and solve what becomes a spate of nasty murders which Sukey's lover Jim Castle is now investigating There is far crime in this book and I loved all of it The procedural aspects are fascinating and meld well with the family time which is the second mainstay of this series I was able to read an advanced copy of this book thanks to NetGalley and the publishers in exchange for an unbiased review and would recommend it to all fans of Ms Rowlands and cosy crime aficionados everywhere The story was really good and I enjoyed it thoroughly I hold out hope for very soon

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    Five books into the Sukey Reynolds series and I'm really enjoying this scene of crime officer who spends a little too much time investigating things herself Although unlike some amateur detectives Sukey has a reason to be involved in the crimes that she investigates really she shouldn't be looking into them the way that she does Fortunately for us the fact that she ignores that and does get involved makes for a good read Again with this book we know a little bit than Sukey and her detective boyfriend Jim do If you haven't read any of this series I should perhaps mention that while Sukey is romantically involved with the lead detective on most of the mysteries that she gets involved in it isn't really with his blessing or often even his knowledge She does seem to have an uncanny knack for getting to the bottom of things This was an enjoyable read The plot did have uite a few twists turns and players which made me a little confused I have to admit though that despite having the extra knowledge to the detectives I didn't guess who done it until it was revealed I'm loving this series and will be reading the next very shortly If you're looking for a good detective story that itsn't too dark but doesn't have that frothy rubbish that you often get with so called 'cosy' mysteries then this may well be one for youI received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own

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    Death at Ivy House by Betty Rowlands is the fifth book in the Sukey Reynolds series I have just loved reading these books by Betty They're a cosy mystery easy read Sukey Reynolds is a brilliant photographer and a SOCO Plus helps out to solve murders etc She is enjoying the uiet period of her work life by pottering in her much loved garden Cooking great meals and spending time with her much loved son Sukey is called out to the charming Ivy House to photograph a dead body of a young woman Whilst Sukey os collecting all the evidence for her colleagues her mind starts to wonder to a recents break in around the same time as this murder She wonders if these cases maybe linked to each other? and howSukey voices her theories to her detective colleagues and they do not want to hear what she is trying to tell them Jim Castle tells her to leave things alone they can deal with it But we know Sukey once she's got the bit between her teeth there's no letting go She has to go and do her own thing and start an investigating herself She has also become concerned about a homeless young man called Matt who seems to have disappearedI highly recommend these books By Betty Rowland if you love a cosy mystery read with lots of twists and turnsI love these booksBig Thank you NetGalley Betty Rowlands and Bookouture for granting my reuest to read this book in exchange for my honest review The opinions and thoughts are my own

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    When SOCO Sukey Reynolds arrives at the scene of a murder little does she realize that she would see some things the detectives didn’t While it at first appears the murdered woman was killed by her jealous boyfriend Sukey starts connecting dots to some other calls she has been on and things she has overheard Unfortunately her boyfriend DI Jim Castle doesn’t believe her theory is strong and dismisses it out of hand But Sukey being Sukey she keeps poking around and eventually DCI Lord hears her theory and tells Jim to pay attention to Sukey Unfortunately Sukey doesn’t always listen when her superiors tell her not to get involved in investigations and gets herself into a sticky spot trying to find a homeless man she believes is in danger and could help the police solve the murder But Sukey’s luck may have run out and she could be the third victim because things aren’t exactly as she thoughtI truly adore this series and the main character Sukey Reynolds She has a good head on her shoulders and it’s time for her to move over and become a detective in her own right The mysteries in this series keep you guessing until the very end as to who truly did it and why Can’t wait to read the next book in this series A MUST READ series for those who enjoy British and police cozy mysteries

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    Thank you NetGalley and Bookouture for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThis was the 5th visit with Sukey Reynolds and with each mystery we learn about her her work family and friends In this book she once again places herself in grave danger as she tries to do the right thing by helping a homeless person When she is called to several crime scenes she feels that there is a link between them As usual she is told by DI Jim Castle to leave her amateur sleuthing and stick to her job as a SOCO Scene of Crime Officer because she'll get hurt Sukey admit it or not has her hear set on returning to the CID as a detective not just a civilian employee There are different pieces to this puzzle stolen art murder people sneaking about homeless youth selling papers around Gloucester Sukey and her son Fergus set about piecing together all the bits of the case they may have the answer or they may have made a fatal miscalculationOnce again a wonderful read worth than the 5 stars available for allotment Looking forward to the next adventure