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An integrated and personalized approach to health nutrition training recovery and mindsetThere is a new revolution happening in sports as and athletes are basing their success on this game changing combination health nutrition training recovery and mindset Unfortunately the evidence based techniues that the expert PhDs academic institutions and professional performance staffs follow can be in stark contrast to what many athletes actually practice When combined with the noise of social media old school traditions and bro science it can be difficult to separate fact from fictionPeak is a groundbreaking book exploring the fundamentals of high performance not the fads the importance of consistency not extreme effort and the value of patience not rapid transformation Dr Marc Bubbs makes deep science easy to understand and with information from leading experts who are influencing the top performers in sports on how to achieve world class success he lays out the record breaking feats of athleticism and strategies that are rooted in this personalized approachDr Bubbs's performance protocol is for the elite athlete active individual strength coach nutritionist or practitioner who wants to expand their potential byConnecting the importance of sleep digestion the athlete microbiome and blood glucose control metricsCreating personalized deep nutrition strategies for building muscle burning fat or making weight for competitionRethinking nutrition specifically for team sportsLearning how elite endurance athletes fuel including training techniues to boost performanceApplying the new science of recovery that enhances performanceEmphasizing the tremendous role of emotional intelligence and mindset in overcoming roadblocks and achieving athletic success the next frontier in performanceAnalyzing the ualities of elite leaders and how to develop them authenticallyDr Bubbs expertly brings together the worlds of health nutrition and exercise and synthesizes the salient science into actionable guidance Regardless if you're trying to improve your physiue propel your endurance or improve your team's record looking at performance through this lens is absolutely critical for lasting success

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