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Nine Year Old Oskar Schell Is An Inventor, Amateur Entomologist, Francophile, Letter Writer, Pacifist, Natural Historian, Percussionist, Romantic, Great Explorer, Jeweller, Detective, Vegan, And Collector Of Butterflies When His Father Is Killed In The September Th Attacks On The World Trade Centre, Oskar Sets Out To Solve The Mystery Of A Key He Discovers In His Father S Closet It Is A Search Which Leads Him Into The Lives Of Strangers, Through The Five Boroughs Of New York, Into History, To The Bombings Of Dresden And Hiroshima, And On An Inward Journey Which Brings Him Ever Closer To Some Kind Of Peace I read the first chapter and stopped I am pissed off I have rarely felt so manipulated as a reader in my life, and I think the manipulation is about the way it is written than what it is written about, although that is, in itself, fairly manipulative If this is how Foer usually writes, I want no part of him or his work Still, if this was a short story and I reached the point where the Dad is about to talk to his son before the towers collapse, I would be excited by the cleverness of the moment, would look forward to the conversation, and be pleased in anticipation of the genuine anguish that must be coming But it s not a short story It s the first chapter in what is a pretty long book, and I imagine all manner of excruciating crapness is to come Couple that with a first person narrative in the voice of a precocious kid so precocious, in fact, that he sounds like a thirty something man trapped in a kid s body rather than a genuinely precocious kid I often suspect, when these impossibly precocious characters appear, that the author wants to write as a child but realizes he isn t good enough, so he makes them precocious so he can just write as themselves at their least disciplined and pretend it is a child and I want to tear my eyeballs out after only twenty some odd pages Even worse, I didn t know this was about the WTC attack until I got this to the cash register I just saw it on sale, knew it had good buzz, liked the cover and thought, What the hell I need to reexamine my impulse buying, apparently, because I would not have bought this book if I d known what it was about before I did I think, too, that if I keep reading this book it is going to be lucky to get one star, so it s probably best to leave it where it is for now on my to read shelf, buried under that copy of Shogun that s been there for a decade. There are books that affect me and then there are books that kill me This falls in the latter I cried on the couch, I cried on the bus, I cried at stoplights, I cried at work I cried over this book than I did on the actual September 11th Then I became upset that this piece of fiction could invoke such melancholia Can I use the excuse of being in shock during the actual event That it seemed like a movie I have no excuse Flash back The second half of 1994, my then boyfriend and I living in the East Village, 23 years old and clueless We were broke most of the time, not much into clubbing, so about 4 out of 7 nights we would walk Never north only through the Village or SoHo and eventually our meandering would lead us to the Towers No matter what path we d take, it was our destination I remember many nights sitting on this ratty red paint peeled bench staring across the river at Jersey, specifically the Colgate sign, and just talking about everything Hours sped by and we d drag our sorry asses back to the train and to our tiny apartment I remember nights where I d hug the side of Tower One, pressing against it and lift my head as far back as I could and stare up until the glass met the sky and I d get so dizzy I d stumble back I remember the night that we decided to marry, I remember exchanging our vows leaning against the railing staring up, always up I haven t been to New York in 13 years, I can t even imagine a New York without those buildings Anyway There are 43Incrediblysand 63Extremelys within this book Does anyone really ever use those adverbs any Is anything ever extreme or incredible enough for us My daughter has taken to using perfectly in almost every sentence and it brings a smile to my face each time The journey that the boy, Oskar, takes in this book is beautiful The need to feel close to his father who died in the attacks, to spend just a bit time with him While Oskar is a bit unbelievable as a character, I felt that that was soon overshadowed by the images presented I know I do this a lot in reviews, but I can t help it Lines likeBeing with him made my brain quiet I didn t have to invent a thingorMy insides don t match up with my outsidesandIt takes a life to learn how to live I m a sucker for a good line When Oskar is anxious he describes it aswearing heavy bootsand when his Grandmother likes something or in a good mood she uses the termthat was One Hundred Dollarsand then there s a whole mention of aBirdseed shirtthat I m still unclear about but enjoy the imagery of.But, this isn t just Oskar s journey this is also about Oskar s grandparents and that piece is as strong as his story, sometimes stronger I won t go into that any, I ll let you read about it Some have called this gimmicky or precious but I was truly moved by this story and combined with the images presented, it will stay with me for a very long time to come As will 1994. well, i m naturally drawn to those people who are overwhelmed by existence, by people who hurt too easily who, for them, life seems to be almost too much for whom the unceasing cacophony of thought and memory and idea is just too painful and all the cruelty and the violence is inconceivable and the mystery of life and love and foreverness and the past and all of it is just overwhelming to the point in which one wishes one could scream so loud that it would just make it all go away, that one could exorcise all of it, that one could just somehow leave, just leave their body and leave the planet and get away from all the people and all the loss and all the memories that sit in the stomach and the chest and the throat and just get away from death and from the monotony of everyday life and also from the hysteria of those moments, those big lifechangers, and leave behind the fact that he will die and that everyone he knows or ever has known will one day be a slab of meat in a wooden box it s too much sometimes and fuck if you are a writer that can somehow come up with the means to tell a story, a small story even, to summarize the totality of what it means to be alive on planet earth and to live amongst and around all these people and memories and ghosts and all the potential and possibilities well, shit how did this young twerp do it and it s not perfect yeah, it is precious at times, and, yes, he doesn t always mix tone that well, there are scenes that feel heightened when they could ve played straight to powerful effect, and blahblahblah but fuck if the flaws don t add to the whole i d be suspicious if it was perfect because life itself is a messy affair and that s what this book is about but what are you going to do leave it no you stick around and you find those people you love and you never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever let go and if they re taken from you or leave you, you rail and rant against your god or your country or their country or a cold uncaring universe or nature or dumb luck and you scream and you cry and threaten suicide or murder and pull out your hair and punch cement walls and then then you quiet down and mend your knuckles and straighten your hair and put down the gun and stop guzzling the bourbon and you get your shit together and you move on but you re never the same. There must be something wrong with me I m not as smart as my goodreader friends I lack empathy My humor is deficient I have no compassion And I suck at life.Of the 40 of you friends who read this, this is how you rated it 5 stars 18 people 4 stars 13 people3 stars 7 people2 stars 2 people1 star 0 peopleSomething wrong with me indeed Or something wrong with all of you No I didn t finish it I value opportunity and freedom too much for that I listened to it People tell me if I had read it instead of listening to it I would have liked it I now tell them that I don t care.I have returned this grouping of compact discs to my local library They are now safely out of my hands Its twelve separate discs no longer have to worry about me yelling obscenities at them extremely loudly They need not be concerned that they get thrown again at the passenger side door, incredibly closely.So go away Jonathan Safran Foer Don t cry for me Argentina It s your birthday, don t cry if you want to Stop your sobbing I was crying just to get you, now I m dying cause I let you do what you do down on me Or not Okay, please don t Seriously, I ve had enough You are cheesy and you annoy me I m done So take your forced cuteness and your vegan cupcakes and go home.