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A rambling old house surrounded by a gorgeous rose garden with an elegant fountain looks too perfect to be true But could this beautiful place be the link between a string of peculiar deaths? Sukey Reynolds is photographing the scene of a burglary at Burwell Farm for the police when she finds herself drawn to the crumbling building and peaceful surroundings Burwell Farm doesn’t grow crops or raise animals but as a retreat the owners do make some extraordinary claims about healing the soul But before Sukey can get too intrigued she’s called to another break in at the house of a young widow whose husband spent a great deal of time at Burwell Farm Sukey starts to wonder if there is something sinister going on behind the perfectly manicured lawns After her police colleagues refuse to take her suspicions seriously Sukey decides the time has come to do some sleuthing on her own But who is the thorn in the rose garden? Is it the beautiful receptionist the gardener with a secret to hide or perhaps the leader who inspires such devotion? Then someone is murdered in the garden of Burwell Farm while she is there and Sukey realises she has landed herself in deep water Can Sukey solve the mystery that has blighted this stunning house? And can she catch the killer before they turn on her? A completely addictive murder mystery for fans of PD James Faith Martin and Joy Ellis that will have you hooked from the first page This book was previously published as Touch Me Not

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    “The air is alive with cosmic vibrations They are all around us destroying your demons with their divine power Your internal shackles are crumbling the Inner Wheel is within your grasp Picture it see it reach out for it ride on it with thankfulness Drink from the sacred wellspring of cosmic energy and feel it bearing you towards the Great Unlimited”This is what they preach in Release Your Cosmic Energy or RYCE for shortWhat they don’t promise is an apparent suicide a suspicious death and a murderWhat is going on within the walls of this organization? Is it just a place to meditate and heal? Is the cult as innocent as its founders claim it to be?Thanks to the author Bookouture and the NetGalley for providing me with a copy

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    Sukey Reynolds is a SOCO for Goucester City Police She has a teenaged son Fergus and a hot boyfriend DI Jim Castle They often butt heads with her being so intent on getting involved in cases beyond the remit of her job But hey she only gave up working for the police when she got pregnantIn this 4th outing Sukey goes undercover at the RYCE Release Your Cosmic Energy Foundation after a couple of deaths seem to have ties to the place Located at Burwell Farm Sukey is trying to find out if a suicide and a heart attack death were in any way connected to the new age center Although she finds the course somewhat calming there's a murder that disrupts the course and her euilibrium NO SPOILERSI enjoy this cozy mystery series and have read them all in order to date The characters are nice people without all the pent up angst and psych damage that tend to be a staple in this genre The stories are fast reads and provide a pleasant entertainment I'm becoming uite attached to Sukey her son and DI Jim Looking forward to the next oneThank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for the e book ARC to read and review

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    On the overall I liked this book The characters are very nice although the plot is not a very complicated one The writing is good and I enjoyed reading it I'm uite sure I'll be reading of Betty Rowlands books in the future

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    45 StarsSukey Reynolds is a Scenes of Crimes Officer is sent to Burwell Farm to look for evidence of a burglary discovers the old farm is now a retreat the owners do make some extraordinary claims about healing the soul with their RYCE organisation Sukey's she’s called to another break in at a whilst there a policewoman arrives tells the owner that her husband Oliver Drew has died it emerges that he spent a great deal of time at Burwell Farm Sukey is asked by her son’s girlfriends parents to investigate RYCE because their elderly aunt recently died unexpectedly she also spent time at Burwell Farm So Sukey joins a five morning course at the farm Then a murder is committed in the garden while she is there soon she realises she has landed herself in deep water Another well written page turning novel I love the cases which Sukey becomes involved in but there’s also the continuing relationships which develop throughout the series Sukey always happens to be at right or wrong place at the right time her inuisitive nature makes her become involved usually to the despair of Jim Castle I'm loving this series eagerly await the next bookMy honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read

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    Two people die Their only connection is a lovely spiritual spa Is it a con? Did it have something to do with their deaths? Of course Sukey can't help but look into the situation after being begged by the widow of one victim and the uncle of another who also happens to be Gus' girlfriend's father Follow that? This was a great way to get the two families to interact especially since Ms Rowlands likes to include Sukey's son in her conversations about the crimes she isn't supposed to be looking in to But once again Sukey gets herself in trouble and someone else has to rescue her I keep my fingers crossed that she can save herself some day Until then she shouldn't have eyes on becoming a detective and should remain a SOCO Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for a copy of the book This review is my own opinion

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    The fourth in the series featuring Sukey Reynolds a Civilian attached to the Gloucestershire police SOCO department Sukey is called out to photograph evidence of a burglary at Burwell Farm a new age healing centre Coincidentally she hears of a recent suicide by one of the centre’s clients shortly after that another client is found dead in her car after leaving the facility Sukey’s curiously is piued and she soon goes undercover As always with this author the book is well written with good characterization and a strong sense of place I am really enjoying this series and hope there are many adventures for Sukey Thanks to netgalley and Bookouture for an electronic arc I strongly recommend If you enjoy “Midsomer Murders” you will enjoy this

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    A cult ish organization promoting healing and being unshackled from stress and what not soon has two of their members dead A grieving but suspicious widow ropes in Sukey to investigate undercover What follows is a lot of discussion between Sukey and her love interest Jim Sukey and her very nosy son Fergus Sukey and the persistent relatives of the deceased; and very little detection as the killer of a different victim is only revealed upon Sukey eavesdropping and finally needing to be rescued by the police

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    I do enjoy the Sukey Reynolds mysteries As a SOCO and ex police she sees things others miss Supporting her are her fella DI Jim Castle and probably her biggest fan her teenage son Fergus This story she joins a sort of cult Personally I'd have checked out the herbal tea A good read

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    Sukey Reynolds finds her work and personal lives coming together when two deaths occur and both deceased are linked to a mysterious cult that promises cosmic peace Are they merely a coincidence or is there something to it? Sukey agrees to help the families of both deceased members find out a little about RYCEWhile Sukey goes against her boyfriend’s mandate that she not get involved Jim truly does worry about her and shares Sukey’s plan with his superior who agrees with Sukey and sees no harm in it But Sukey’s intuition is right yet again and there is something not uite right about the people at RYCE but it doesn’t seem sinister to her When the leader of RYCE is murdered while Sukey is in a session and being close to the people and place she is able to help the police dig further into who might be the most likely suspects But will Sukey figure it out before she is silenced and sent to her own cosmic ending?Another great entry in the Sukey Reynolds series The pace is uick and the mysteries are so involved that you might wager a guess at whodunit but you’re likely not able to figure out why until all is finally revealed Can’t wait to read the next one in the series

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    I think that I may have mentioned on one of the previous Sukey Reynolds books that they are a little different from Betty Rowlands' other series Unlike her other female lead Mel Craig Sukey doesn't really set out to investigate the mysteries that she finds herself in the middle of Unlike Mel Sukey actually has a reason to get close to crimes in her role of SOCO which is possibly why the approach is slightly different here Either way it doesn't really matter as the story itself is very enjoyable Having said all of that this time Sukey is asked by than one person to look into a potentially dodgy alternative therapy meditation retreat type place Although she does set out to find out what is going on there once the murder takes place events unfold around her rather than her actively trying to get to the bottom of themThis really is a very enjoyable series There is the chance to try and work out who done it but just reading the story is entertaining in itself This is only book number four in the series and I'm looking forward to reading about Sukey her son Gus and boyfriend Jim Castle I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own