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Meet Sukey Reynolds proud mother wonderful cook and police photographer turned amateur detective Years ago Sukey was hoping to become a detective but life took a different turn Now she’s happy to be involved with the local police force as long as she still gets to work the occasional murder case When Sukey arrives to photograph the body of Lorraine Chant the beautiful wife of a wealthy businessman she’s baffled At first it looks like a botched burglary as the huge family safe has been left wide open and empty But why does Lorraine’s rich husband claim nothing was taken? And what is he not telling the police? Deciding to do a little investigating of her own things take a darker turn for Sukey when she is set upon by a shady figure What do they think she knows? As Sukey finds herself in the firing line can she expose the true killer before it’s too late? If you love murder mysteries by Agatha Christie Faith Martin or Joy Ellis then this unputdownable novel from the bestselling ueen of cozy crime will have you hooked This book was previously published as An Inconsiderate Death

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    A great start to a new series Twisty gripping and entertainingThe wife of a rich businessman is murdered Her jewelry is missing and the safe is empty The police assume this to be a case of burglary gone wrong The victim’s husband has an alibi and seemingly no motive to kill his wife Enter Sukey Reynolds a Scene of Crime Officer whose job is to photograph the crime scene And as soon as she enters the house she feels the case is not as simple as the police think and there is a lot to it than meets the eyeThanks to the author Bookouture and the NetGalley for providing me with a copy

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    Death at Hazel House previously published as An Inconsiderate Death is the series opener featuring ambitious amateur sleuth and police photographer Sukey Reynolds from the ueen of cosy mysteries Originally written in the 1990s the book hasn't aged well but that is certainly part of its charm in my opinion It took me back to my formative years with the spot on descriptions of 90s Britain Whilst not an active investigator Sukey helps steer the police in the right direction in order to solve the case I would've liked it to have been centred around her but as this is the first of thirteen in this rereleased series there is plenty of time for her to grow into her role Many thanks to Bookouture for an ARC

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    Once upon a time Sukey Reynolds had a promising career in the police She had to abandon that dream when her husband left her for another woman on her son's 10th birthday Fergus is now 16 and Sukey has recently returned to work as a civilian Scene of Crime Officer She still has friends in the police most notably a romantic interest DI Jim Castle and she receives assignments to take photographs and obtain other crime data or information as needed This cozy murder mystery opens with Sukey attending at Hazel House in Marsdean to gather information at the scene where the body of Lorraine Chant is found in the master bedroom This is a well plotted mystery with plenty of red herrings and a complex set of related crimes involving a group of people connected to a past bank robbery Although Sukey is the main character and a woman I'd like to get to know better there are other points of view within the narration as the investigation into the murder leads to evidence of other nefarious activities Since this is the first of a long running series originally published in the 90s the technology and investigative methods are a bit dated but that doesn't negatively affect the outcome of the case This isn't the grisly chiller thriller type of book nor is it really suspenseful but demonstrates overtones of a police procedural where dogged detectives and serendipitous findings lead to the solveI enjoyed this change of pace and I look forward to reading the next few in the series that I happen to have on my TBR Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for the e book ARC to read and review

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    Death at Hazel House is book one in the new series called Sukey Reynolds by Betty Rowlands Sukey Reynolds a Police Photographer called to a scene of a murder at Hazel House and to Sukey the crime scene at Hazel House did not look right Sukey who wanted to be a police detective decided to investigate the mystery herself However The readers of Death at Hazel House will continue to follow Sukey to find out who killed Mrs Chant in her own home Death at Hazel House is the first book I have read of Betty Rowlands Death Hazel House is an enjoyable book to read For me the plot of Death at Hazel House did not engage me like other Cozy mysteries However I did finish reading Death at Hazel House I do like Betty Rowlands portrayal of her characters and the way they intertwine with each other Death at Hazel House is well written and researched by Betty Rowlands Betty Rowlands excellently did the settings of Death at Hazel House I loved the cover of Death at Hazel HouseThe readers of Death at Hazel House will learn about the procedures and the role of police photographer Also the readers of Death at Hazel House will learn about the problems that single parents have when they are thinking about starting a new relationship I recommend this book

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    ' Death at Hazel House' the first of the Sukey Reynolds Mystery series is a fusion of genres Written originally in the late 1990s like the Melissa Craig mysteries this has a retro feel to it most notably in its lack of political correctness I was expecting a cozymurder mystery and in part it is There are multiple character points of view murder lots of suspects and misinformation However the language tone and crimes are aligned to police procedurals So this story has wide appeal for readers that want to try something differentSuzy a scene of crimes officer SOCO becomes an unwilling amateur detective although her role is not developed in this first book she is likeable intelligent and courageous and I am looking forward to reading her next adventureI received a copy of this book from bookouture via NetGalley in return for an honest review

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    A Sukey MysteryThis was a pretty fast read for me I thought it was well written I identified with the characters which doesn't always happen I would like to read from this series

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    This is a new edition of the first book in the Sukey Reynolds series by veteran cozy mystery author Betty Rowlands It was originally released in 1997 as An Inconsiderate Death From the 3rd of May it will be available for the Kindle retitled as Death at Hazel HouseThe story is set in the village of Marsdean in Gloucestershire where we are introduced to Scene of Crime Officer Sukey Reynolds She is in her thirties with a teenage son and an ex husband She is also dating a CID officer Detective Inspector Jim Castle Her job is to collect evidence not solve crimes but she doesn’t let that stop her from trying her hand at detection almost becoming a victim herself in the processThe first murder is that of Lorraine Chant the wife of a wealthy businessman who is found spreadeagled on her bed strangled This is just the beginning As the novel unfolds Rowlands presents us with a packed programme of villainy illicit affairs tax evasion a double crossing bank robber fake identities domestic violence burglary assault and another murder There is plenty going on and motives galore And we see it all at first hand because Rowlands has chosen an unusual structure for a mystery novelInstead of following Sukey or even the CID officers as we would in a police procedural or a typical amateur sleuth story we dip in and out of scenes shown from the point of view of several other characters most often Hugo Bayliss Lorraine’s former lover Thus we discover situations relationships and motives that Sukey and the police know nothing about until much later This adds variety and suspense and gives the story a lot of forward momentum It’s a page turner in a way that cozies often aren’tHowever it does mean that we see relatively little of Sukey herself What we do observe of her home life and relationships is well drawn and I especially liked the relationship she has with her son Fergus But sometimes it doesn’t feel as though she is the protagonist merely one character among many I didn’t mind this but some readers may prefer a typical approachRowland’s style is simple and straightforward with no flashbacks or other complications Her writing is very fluid and uick to read but she does stop now and then for some nice snippets of description“A hand like a slab of concrete landed none too gently on his chest and forced him back among the cushions where he lay staring up into eyes like grey pebbles set in flesh coloured granite”And then she’s off again at a rapid pace with dialogue and action She spins many threads and confidently keeps them all in her hands until she ties them up neatly in the end She makes it look easyDeath at Hazel House is a uick and satisfying read and a whole level above the typical cozy mystery in characterisation plot pacing and complexity I thoroughly recommend it and I’ll be catching up with in this seriesA digital ARC of this novel was supplied to me by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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    Know how you love it when the next book in a favorite series comes out? And then the accompanying torture once you've finished it and have to wait for the next one? Well thankfully I have just now heard of the Sukey Reynolds' cozy series This is the first in a series that currently has 13 books That should hold me for a while right? The series supposedly features a police photographer Sukey as an amateur detective I didn't feel this book highlighted her as much as I would have expected but as it is the first in the series I like to give a bit of leeway while the author develops the characters Hopefully we will see Sukey being a active participant in solving the crimes instead of being an accidental contributorThanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for a copy of the book This review is my own honest opinion

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    I was really looking forward to this series as I really enjoyed the mel Craig seriesThis book is completely different in the way it is written from rowlands other series but was still enjoyable it was fast paced and I did like main character but overall it wasn't for meThank you to netgalley for providing me an arc

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    If you enjoy cozy mysteries the Sukey Reynolds series is a good one for you add to your reading list This the first book in the series has a feisty single mother policewoman a developing love story rumbling beneath the murder mystery and an unsolved death of a nasty individual All set in the English countryside with a fast enough pace for you not to want to put the book down All in all a good read excuse the pun