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This book is a biography of one of the greatest Sufis of all time He was known as Muhiyuddin Abdul adir Gilani He was born in 1078 CE in the Persian province of Gilan Iran south of the Caspian Sea He is regarded as an ideal Sufi for the followers of the spiritual path One of his titles was Sultanul Awliya King of the Saints His contribution to Sufism and Shari’ah was so immense that he became known as the spiritual pole of his time “al Ghawth al Azam” This book contains some very interesting stories from his lifetime and also his important teachings which will definitely leave the readers mesmerized

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    A very good book for the followers of the Sufi path This work successfully highlights the difficulties in the initial stages of mysticism how to deal with tough situations and ultimately the rewards of following the spiritual path

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    Wonderful work just mind blowing Very inspiring

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    Spiritually motivating and Awe inspiring