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Book two in the Dead Souls series Reinventing the paranormal romance genre with a wicked twist ARC Review The much anticipated seuel to the #1 bestseller All the Dead Souls has arrived at last Savannah and Damon have one year before the Vampire Council and Witch Coven come to deliver the verdict on their relationship Will they be forbidden to take one another as lovers and risk death if they disobey? Or will they be granted permission to stay together forced to figure out if their strained romance is even worth saving? At the moment it's the least of their concerns In the uiet town of Greystone North Carolina the dead are digging themselves out of their graves and people are dying in the backyard of churches Cross steeples are turning upside down and it's nearly impossible to tell friend from foe A man who claims to be a warlock shows up at Novel Madness offering his help and Savannah wonders if there's to him than meets the eye and whether his own dark secrets could endanger her whole world Haunted by the memories of her past and trying to come to grips with her shaky future Savannah is now thrust into a battle against dark forces that threaten to destroy everything she holds dear Armed with nothing than uncertain magic and a paranormal agency at her back she must put the evil sinister things in her life back where they belong before they pull her down with them At the end of it all will she only be a ghost of the person she once was?

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    Second Book Better than FirstI liked this second book of the series better than the first It got you into the action of the story much uicker The heroine is still fighting the idea of being a witch; she’s still aloof tending to want to hang out at the periphery and not get close to others As a narrator she puts distance between the reader and the story She is surprised when a warlock who does paranormal investigations wants her assistance with speaking to the dead and getting them back to the Underworld She gets involved in a variety of events often unwillingly Will she help this warlock? What else does he want from her? What about her relationship with vampire neighbor Damon?The book seems to be slightly better in terms of grammar and punctuation than the last one though there were still some punctuation issues with dialogueIf you enjoyed the first book you will likely enjoy this book even with its accessible prose and immediate action If you weren't so wild about the first book you might find yourself enjoying this continuation of the story than the firstI received a free advance copy but this did not affect my review

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    Their relationship is to be discussed and they may have to split if they are ordered but that is not the only problem they will face The dead are getting out of their graves but why? Will they find out? Who is doing it? See what will happenI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

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    Dealing with the recent fallout Savannah now has to contend with the fact that her days are numbered She's fallen for Damon something she never thought would ever be possible After all he's a vampire Vampires and witches don't mix or so the council says Determined in making the most of the situation at hand her life is soon turned topsy turvy when chaos descends upon her uiet townSacred Souls picks up where the first book leaves off Savannah has been given a set time for her to come to terms with what the council means to do To make matters worse bodies are disappearing right and left The culprit for the phenomenon is unknown one she'll need to uncover if she and her friends are to put a stop to the craziness that now surrounds themKali has penned uite an interesting premise one I enjoyed from the moment I started reading the book I found myself immersed in it imagining everything that happens every step of the way I'd been hoping Savannah's previous aloofness would wither That she'd be open to interacting with those she claims she loves and wants in her life To my dismay she still maintains that slight coldness though I did note that she's changed a bit since the end of book one There's hope for her yet I think We'll see once book three rolls aroundThe author has created a complex world One where the residents of Greystone North Carolina do their best to keep their noses out of things they don't understand The situations Savannah find herself in are difficult ones Situations that may yet prove to be her undoing Nevertheless she refuses to brush aside that which she believes inI do like the fact that the author has made Savannah resilient even if she isn't that likable of a person The character refuses to back down from a fight even if she's been pushed into it reluctantly Thinking on it now I do think that might account for Savannah's aloofness She wants nothing to do with the innate power running through her veins She's not a witch by choice since she was born into the powers she harbors deep within Overall Sacred Souls does tidy a few loose ends left behind from book one I know there's coming for Savannah Whatever happens I know the character has it within her to make things right at every turn An intriguing book it merits catching up with Savannah and the life she leads while skulking through the shadows

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    Reviewed 51819 Savannah and Damon have been together for a year now and it's almost time to come before the Coven and the Council Savannah is witch and Damon is a vampire and that is not allowed to happen Normally if a witch and vampire get together then it's immediate death for both of them They are still alive because of special circumstances Also the haven't made love yet either because Damon can't control his bloodlust around her when they get intimate So Savannah keeps working at the bookstore Novel Madness as her and Peter who is her deceased mom's friend and they co own it They are having their first annual Fall sale and they are packed and everyone is busy so Savannah is a the register by the front door and in walks a Warlock She felt his power as he came in and he's looking for her His name is Adrian and he was contracted by the Graves Agency Paranormal Investigations That is the start of the intense demon filled read Plus what happens when the Coven and Council finally show up Will Savannah and Damon ever get to make love? Your in for many surprises in this the second book of this series I am really enjoying this series and this author's writing

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    Sacred Souls is book two of the Dead Souls series This book picks up where book one left off and takes us deeper into Savannah and Damon's world If you have read book one then you know Savannah is a witch who can speak to the dead and Damon is a vampire Battling demons the dead are out of the graves dark secrets and Savannah and Damon are still waiting to find out from the council about their relationship So much going on in this book that it had me captivated until the last page and reading into the night I look forward to reading about the amazing world and all the interesting characters this author has created I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book

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    Sacred Souls Dead Souls Book 2Kali Rose SchmidtThis was wonderful I loved the book I could not put it down once I started which was bad as I started it at night It just draws you in and you don't want to stop The world building is amazing and the storyline pulls you right into it You get so involved you start jumping around rooting for the characters you love A must read I cannot wait for the next one it must come soon

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    This is book 2 to the Dead Souls and it’s a fantastic story Savannah and Damon are together but they are waiting for the councils witch’s and vampires for permission towards their relationship Savannah is asked by a warlock who does paranormal investigations for help to talk to the dead she’s reluctant but helps anyway especially when the dead are rising out of their graves This is a fantastic story I enjoyed it immensely and I highly recommend this book it’s well worth the read

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    This is the 2nd book I've read written Kali Rose Schmidt; she has done a great job at writing a good book; I will definitely be reading of her booksThe story line caught my attention at the very beginning and kept me interested throughout the entire bookI loved the chemistry between the charactersI received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review

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    Sacred Souls by Kali Rose Schmidt is an awesome story that I have read This is book number two in this awesome series and I loved reading about witches and vampires I highly recommend this story to everyone who loves reading about witches and vampires in their storiesI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

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    This is the 1st book that I've read from the works of Kali Rose Schmidt and it's proved to be an interesting experience Taking something in a genre that's widely written about and delivering something uniue is very difficult but has been beautifully created here I really enjoyed reading itI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review