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Rose Grant doesn't know the world beyond her country home in Hampshire Banned from a season in London prohibited from attending social events forbidden to see her own reflection and allowed only vetted correspondence—Rose is desperate for a life free from her controlling aunt When she stumbles into the Duke of Andover and meets his son the Maruess of Stratfordshire she discovers new feelings and the possibility of future happiness Rose begins to see a way out of her dark world—much to her aunt’s dismayLord Colin Weston the Maruess of Stratfordshire and future Duke of Andover has met too many pretentious ladies desirous of his title than his heart to trust easily When he meets Miss Rose Grant she seems genuine and kind and Colin finds himself falling for her much too uicklyWill Rose and Colin find their happily ever after or will another’s attempt to poison them against one another prevail?

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    Can I just start by saying how excited I am for this new series? Woohoo Regency Fairy tale retellings Oh yeah Sign me up I've had the chance to read several Regency books lately and one other fairy tale retelling and I loved them I honestly can't tell you how excited I was that I got the chance to read this one which combined these two genres together Hopefully you can tell that I was pretty excited about it Hee Hee What can I say? I wear my heart on my sleeve most of the time So over the next several months we get a new fairy tale retelling set in the Regency era and each book written by different authors I've read books by most of the authors included in the collection and they're on my favorite authors list This is my first book by this author I've watched friends read and really enjoy her books so I was excited to dive into my first book by her I really enjoyed itSnow White was always one of those stories that intrigued me I wasn't sure if I liked it or not Maybe it was the Disney animated movie that made me unsure Maybe it was the stepmother Maybe it was my young girl heart breaking that Snow White's mother had died Maybe it was her voice in the movie I loved my little record player toy that I had when I was younger Does anyone remember the one that had books that worked with it The books came with a little record that you would put on your big chunky plastic record player and could listen to the story I loved the Snow White one the most I can't say what it was about me liking the story that way versus being unsure about the movie But like I said earlier it was definitely one of those stories that intrigued me as a child because of the dueling feelings I had for it This story definitely intrigued me I picked it up and instantly adored the character of Rose Yes to answer your uestion the author follows the story outline of Snow White So no surprises as to when the moments of peril will come or her being rescued at certain points and such But I really thought it was clever how the author took our Snow White character Rose and placed her into the Regency setting so flawlessly Rose was all things sweet and hopeful caring and compassionate dreaming of love and finding it Our ever wonderful prince was cast to the character of Colin And he was a perfect princeor gentleman Depending on how you look at it I really liked his character and his love of his family and caring for them His interest in Rose and desire to become friends with her was a fun aspect of this story I loved the sparks and chemistry between them Nothing bursting in flames but a sweet and slow growing chemistryDefinitely a fun read for you Regency lovers and fairy tale lovers out there I think you'll find this enjoyable as well And don't forget to keep your eye out for the other books in this series coming out over the next couple months I believe it's one book a month YayContent Clean Sweet and clean romance with only a few kisses Some moments of peril but nothing graphicI received a copy from the author All thoughts and opinions in the review are my ownHappy Reading

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    This was a sweet innocent historical romance that had a Cinderella feel to it Told in dual POV it had no steam mild angst two likable MCs and a bit of intrigue that made the story interesting I liked it

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    This was a cute twist on Sleeping Beauty without the sleeping part Rose has a controlling evil and manipulative Aunt set in the Regency PeriodI loved how a kind and generous heart wins over jealousy in the end

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    Short sweet safe and clean It wasn't very accurate historically perhaps but it was easy to read and not too ridiculous

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    I just love a good fairy tale retelling and regency romance romance books are my favorite So a series of regency fairy tale retellings is like a match made in heaven This was the first one in the the series and it was absolutely adorable I am eagerly anticipating to see what awaits with the other four Such fun little escapes from reality

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    This is the first in a series of Regency fairytale retellings each written by a different author I have read them all and found them to be uite enjoyable The Fairest Heart is a Snow White retelling with a very evil aunt and a very lovely romance Clean read

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    A regency retelling of Snow White? UmmmmYES PLEASE

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    This is a sweet retelling of Snow White regency style It took me to the English countryside and tugged at my hearstrings I thoroughly enjoyed this book in one sitting I will be looking for books by this author

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    I really enjoyed this regency retelling of Snow White Rose is a fantastic character and is kind and good and humble She truly has a fair heart and lights up those around her Colin is a fantastic Prince Charming Prudence wow she was evil for sure So heartless and vindictive Actually a perfect villain This book is a wonderful read and I can’t wait for books in this series

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    This was a lovely fairy tale retelling of Snow White set in the Regency era; the adaption was done beautifully as if the classic fairy tale was always meant to be set in this time period Rose was such a delightful character so sweet and compassionate while her prince charming Colin was a gentleman with a caring heart who was perfect for her I loved how their relationship started out as friends and slowly deepened into something a romance that mostly developed in an orchard setting the perfect backdrop for a Snow White tale Rose’s Aunt Prudence was a horrible character and played the role of the ‘evil ueen’ masterfully while not taking up too much page space The author cleverly wove in the original evil ueen's infamous methods of trying to get rid of Snow White—from the corset the comb and especially the symbolic use of the poisoned apple—in a way that fit the Regency era Rose having never been allowed to see her reflection was also a nice touch that played tribute to the original story The book also incorporated some beautiful themes—the importance of one’s inner beauty over physical appearance I melted when Colin told Rose “I cannot imagine a beautiful soul to spend forever with” as well as the message of seeing the good in order to choose joy Overall The Fairest Heart was such a lovely and romantic fairy tale that I thoroughly enjoyed