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A grand old house soaks up the golden summer sun but inside the dining room something dreadful has happened Melissa couldn’t be happier that summer has arrived She’s delighted to have her mother back by her side and she is extending her beloved Hawthorn Cottage so her new family can live together Meanwhile Melissa’s mother Sylvia is back in good health and enjoying a brief stay at a stately retirement home She loves getting to know the residents until first a dog and then his owner are both found dead in the dining room Like mother like daughter Sylvia decides to do a little investigating of her own Convinced that the deaths are suspicious Sylvia starts probing her fellow residents trying to find out who might have wanted the dog and its owner dead Could it be the once married couple or the glamorous actors or the harassed manager of the home? When one of Sylvia’s friends falls ill in suspicious circumstances Melissa realises her mother has rattled someone but who? And what happens if the killer realises they’ve been rumbled? Will Sylvia find herself meeting a villain in the dining room? And can Melissa find the culprit before another life is taken? An absolutely gripping mystery for fans of Agatha Christie Faith Martin and Joy Ellis This book was previously published as No Laughing Matter

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    While Melissa’s mother is staying at a retirement home the dog of one of the residents is poisoned and soon after the owner suffers the same fate Is it just a case of food poisoning or is there someone with a grudge against the victim? Who is guilty? What is the motive behind the murder? And is there going to be a next victim?A fun and engaging cozy murder mystery Murder in the Dining Room is the eleventh in the Melissa Craig seriesThanks to the author Bookouture and the NetGalley for providing me with the book

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    Murder in the Dining Room the eleventh novel in the Melissa Craig Cozy Mystery series uses the beautiful Cotswolds setting as one of the central aspects of the story and reminds me a lot of the chocolate box villages portrayed in Midsomer Murders It's a story that is full of charm and works well as a standalone it certainly isn't necessary to have read the previous instalments The author is adept at moulding interesting characters that you really care about an intriguing plot and the twists and turns throughout make for a satisfying tale We also get development of main protagonist Melissa which is exciting to see and book eleven is just as exciting as the rest of the seriesIt's an engaging mystery with a menacing undertone and chilling atmosphere running through it and this time the intrepid amateur sleuth investigates a death at a stately retirement home Importantly for a cozy there is no profanity sexual liaisons or blood and gore and the conclusion was unexpected and satisfying Previously published as No Laughing Matter fans of Agatha Christie and MC Beaton should enjoy this as well as those who love to read cozies A superb and highly entertaining addition to an already popular series and a perfect read for those sunny if chilly spring daysMany thanks to Bookouture for an ARC

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    This is a fun cozy mystery where we meet Mel and her mother The murder from the retirement home must be solvedThank you Netgalley for this nice book

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    After a rocky start relations with her mother seem to be on an even keel and Melissa is keen for renovations to the extension to be finished soon so that her mother can move in and live with her on a permanent basis In the meantime the accommodation at the nearby retirement home is very good and her mother seems to have settled in for this short periodThe apparent murder of a pet dog and then the sudden demise of its owner sets Sylvia off on a tangent determined that foul play is amiss and Melissa is terrified that with her interference that if there is an actual murderer around her mother is the one in most danger as she is stirring things up without realizing it Initially skeptical Melissa begins to think that something is amiss in the Home and that its inmates are not exactly what they seemLike everyone else people are hiding secrets There are skeletons in the closet that no one wants anyone to find and there are those who are determined to keep them hiddenAn old fashioned mystery murder with slow detective work being laboriously followed up is this story It does not mean it is boring though Reminiscent of Miss Marple mysteries this was a good one

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    a mystery well donestill the final finding of the bad guy was happenstance but they would have been found soon anyway mum’s cool joe is blah the way different people had different info was very well done good book

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    This Mel Craig book as a little different to the previous ones in the series This time rather than Mel getting involved in a mystery and investigating what had happened her mother was in the thick of things Mel was reunited with her estranged mother in the previous book after the death of her father Now in a residential home for the elderly which is like a hotel than anything while she waits for the extension to be done to Mel's house Sylvia finds that she the death of a dog followed by her owner makes her suspicious that a murderer is at largeI did find it uite funny that Mel did her best to stop her mother from investigating when in previous books she's been the one nosing into things and ignoring everyone else Of course her mother doesn't listen and before long both Sylvia and Mel are independently trying to get to the bottom of what happenedThis was another really enjoyable mystery Sadly this time I didn't uite manage to solve it all before the reveal but that never detracts from the enjoyment of a book like this I think that there's only one Mel Craig book to go which is a bit of a shame as I've been thoroughly enjoying them

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    I am so sorry that I am coming to the end of this lovely series thank you Betty

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    Thank you NetGalley and Bookouture for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewAn absolute delight to visit with Melissa Craig in Upper Benbury again Everything is going so well in Mel's life She finally has a mother again after so many years of forced separation Even better is that she will be living with her and Joe at Hawthorn Cottage Since her brain surgery Sylvia has been enjoying good health She is temporarily staying at Framleigh House a posh retirement home until the renovations to Hawthorn Cottage are completed The home has an interesting array of residents and they seem to have bonds formedWhile getting to know the residents Sylvia stumbles upon a series of unexplained deaths at the home Like her daughter who is famous for getting involved in murders Sylvia starts investigating the suspicious deaths of a dog and shortly after his owner As she begins asking uestions Mel starts to worry about her mother getting in over her head and possibly asking the wrong person Sylvia's investigating skills are ramped up when her friend Lily falls ill in Sylvia's room As both Mel and Sylvia realize that she has rattled the wrong cage Mel uickly moves Sylvia into Hawthorn cottage to keep her safe until Matt can solve the murders and the attempted murder of Lily or was it supposed to be Sylvia since Lily fell ill in her room?Iris is back in Upper Benbury for a visit much to the delight of Melissa Joe Martin and Mel are moving forward with their wedding plans and Iris may figure in their honeymoon plans An absolutely wonderful read a brilliant addition to the series Incredibly well written it's like visiting with old friends and family once again The entire series deserves than the allotted 5 stars

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    This is the 11th in this wonderful series and can be read as a stand alone I highly recommend the entire series for fans of MC Beaton and any that like small English village cozies This is a favorite series that is always endearing with a great sleuth In this next in series Mel's long lost Mom is now the sleuth Its uite a departure from the earlier books as they have just reunited in the last book I like how this book has a focus on care of senior parents Its appreciated by this reader how compassionate this was written into the story Mel's renovation is almost done and her Mom is in a care home waiting to move in with her Before the move can happen a murder of a resident and her dog occurs and Mel's Mother is on the case proving where Mel gets her investigative smarts from The two work together well to bring the case to fruitionThis was a fun sleuth and a great addition to the series The whodoneit was expertly configured and had a pleasing conclusion I understand this series is soon to end and I shall be very sad to see its finale I highly recommend this series for your reading enjoyment Very well done with great charcters and the perfect small village location to delight every reader

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    It is summer in the Cotswolds and Melissa is in the throes of changing her life on almost all fronts The builders are about to begin an extension on the back of her beloved home while she has a wedding to plan and needs to prepare for her mother to move into the aforementioned extension once it is completed  While waiting for her much anticipated move to daughter Melissa and future son in law Joe's enlarged home Sylvia Ross is convalescing from serious surgery at a very grand looking retirement home in the country When one of the less popular residents dies suddenly Sylvia shows where her daughter got her inuisitive streak by beginning her own investigation into what she is sure is an unexplained death not realising in her naivety how much danger she is putting herself in This is a series which improves with every book I was able to read an advanced copy thanks to Netgalley and the publishers in exchange for an unbiased review and would recommend it to anyone who has enjoyed the series so far or wants a cosy mystery to read in either case you won't be disappointed