Finding My Breaking Point Seaside Wolf Pack 5 PDF ´

A new threat looms on the horizon for Anna and the Seaside Wolf Pack Anna and the guys start finding bodies of their pack mates around the same time that Anna notices something distinctly fae about Justin None of them believe that's a coincidenceBut while Anna and the guys look for a way to either save or defeat Justin others are looking to place blame on Anna herself Anna soon discovers that her new enemy is something even worse than the fae she's faced in the past Her pack is relying on her to be the magical expert who can keep them all safe but is she up to the task?Books by CC MastersSeaside Wolf Pack SeriesBook 1 Finding Somewhere to BelongBook 15 Finding AnnaBook 2 Finding the Fire WithinBook 3 Finding the Power WithinBook 4 Finding Truth Beneath the LiesBook 5 Finding My Breaking PointHollow Crest Wolf Pack TrilogyBook 1 New BeginningsBook 2 The StruggleBook 3 A Place to Call Home Coming Soon