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Tip Builds A Pumpkinheaded Man As A Joke But The Joke S On Tip When A Mean Old Witch Brings Jack Pumpkinhead To Life Soon Jack And Tip And Their Friend, The Sawhorse Are On The Road To Oz There They Join Forces With The Scarecrow And The Tin Woodman Against The Rebel Army Of General Jinjur, Who Has Conquered The Emerald City If Tip And His Friends Defeat Jinjur, They Can Restore The Throne To The Rightful Ruler Princess Ozma There S Just One Slight Problem They Ve Got To Find The Princess First

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    Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend.In the northern Land of Oz, there lived a boy called Tip who was reared by a haggard old woman named Mombi One day, Tip got the idea to startle Mombi, so he took a large pumpkin from the pumpkin patch, carved a face into it, then put it atop a body made of sticks and dressed in bright clothing Mombi was not amused by Tip s practical joke, so she decided to concoct a spell to turn the boy into a marble statue Determined not to spend the rest of his life as a garden ornament, Tip took the pumpkin man he created and set off on an adventure The Land of Oz offers the same type of topsy turvy logic that permeates all of the Oz books If I remember rightly, the penalty for chopping leaves from the royal palm tree is to be killed seven times and afterward imprisoned for life Magic lovers will delight in the presence of wizards and witches, potions and powders, tonics and spells Tip wriggled around upon his stool and stared a while at the kettle, which was beginning to bubble Then he would glance at the stern and wrinkled features of the witch and wish he were any place but in that dim and smoky kitchen, where even the shadows cast by the candle upon the wall were enough to give one the horrors So an hour passed away, during which the silence was only broken by the bubbling of the pot hissing on the flames. Tip travels with a most peculiar cast of enchanted comrades While some familiar characters make appearances, many new characters are introduced Among them is General Jinjur and her army of women soldiers Jinjur feels the Emerald City has been ruled by men for too long She plans to invade the city and use its gemstones to make sparkly jewelry and spend the treasury to buy a dozen gowns for every woman in the army view spoiler When General Jinjur s initial attack is a success, the women put every man in the city to work making meals and tending to the cleaning Just when it seems the underlying message borders on sexist, the story redeems itself Why, we ve had a revolution, Your Majesty as you ought to know very well, replied the man and since you went away the women have been running things to suit themselves I m glad you have decided to come back and restore order, for doing housework and minding the children is wearing out the strength of every man in the Emerald City Hm said the Scarecrow, thoughtfully If it is such hard work as you say, how did the women manage it so easily I really don t know, replied the man, with a deep sigh Perhaps the woman are made of cast iron hide spoiler

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    A straw king Transgender issues addressed What in the heck s a wogglebug Heaven knows what s going on here, but I like it Strange though it may sound, I preferred this sequel over the first book in L Frank Baum s Oz series, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, from which most of Dorothy s famous story was drawn from to create the fantastic film The Wizard of Oz.I m beginning to think my reaction to the first book may have been prejudiced You see, having only known the land of Oz from the movie, I was expecting that Oz, but that s not what The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is, not entirely.After getting over that slight disappointment, I was able to relax and enjoy The Marvelous Land of Oz with its storyline completely unknown to me, its numerous unfamiliar characters and its delightful surprise ending Just like the first book, the narrative follows a similar road trip path in which the principle characters must journey on and on, overcoming occasional obstacles on their way to save the day, all culminating in a very enjoyable adventure indeed A bit of the old under the microscope treatmentOne point I ll focus in on in particular was the sexism feminism For the time in which it was produced pre women s suffrage I wasn t too surprised to see stereotypical depictions of women, or specifically, girls However, I was happy to see various forms of female empowerment balancing it out That sort of sensitivity towards gender issues seems rare for its time Perhaps I shouldn t be surprised After all, Baum was writing with a female audience in mind, as that s where his fan base overwhelmingly lay.

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    An orphan boy called Tip was one of the inhabitants of a magical place called Oz He lived with an evil witch Mombi who decided to turn him into a marble statue one day being fed up with his pranks Tip escaped and headed for the Emerald City having nothing better to do He arrived just in time to see the big trouble for the city s ruler none other than Scarecrow He got involved and had a lot of adventures in the Land of Oz as a result Let me get this straight the only reason this book avoided the dreadful two star rating is my overall respect for the series and its influence on children literature worldwide this and the fact that I read it three times the last time was to refresh my memory for the review I did not like the direction the series went after the first book The main focus became to introduce new granted sometimes fun characters at a fast rate This combined with the struggle to show the majority of the characters from the previous installments resulted in a real overpopulation of Oz This means each character received less and less screen time in each subsequent installment The result of this can already be seeing in the second book.I insist that Dorothy was the real star of the original story and I doubt anybody would argue with this To my complete disappointment she is not here at all, and neither is Cowardly Lion Tip is a poor substitute for Dorothy For starters he is not exactly Oliver Twist, despite being an orphan living with an old hag He is lazy and he manages to get away with it, unlike Cinderella for example Character wise he looks pale compared to the beloved heroine of the first novel The first new character we met Jack Pumpkinhead looks like a carbon copy of Scarecrow most of the time I even found some sayings of the former that could be said by the latter with none being the wise Speaking about Scarecrow he acts retarded at times here This does make for some amusing moments, but I thought one of the main idea of the first book was that he became very intelligent even with the fake brains from the Wizard of Oz As everybody and their brother know the Wizard of Oz was fake This is so well known fact that I do not even bother to hide it in a spoiler tag In this book it turned out he was a powerful wizard I understand that we are talking about children books here, so logic does not need to apply all the time, but this is about continuity problems After all of my trashing I need to admit it is not all bad I really liked Mr H.M Woggle Bug, T.E Mr Highly Magnified Woggle Bug, Thoroughly Educated He is exactly what he sounds like If you like lame puns, add one point to Griffindor, oops sorry wrong book The feminist army riot was amusing if outdated in modern times There was also a moment which quite a few modern critics declared to be support for transgender people, but considering the time the book was written I inclined to think it is about just being yourself despite the appearances All in all this novel is only good as a transitional points between the first one and the following books 3 6 while not being on the level of the first one, are still good and are improvement over this one.

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    I loved the story and characters My favorite was Jack Pumpkinhead The ending was a total surprise and I just loved it Looking forward to the other books.

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    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.Like many people my age, I actually remember when The Wizard of Oz movie being shown on network television every year was an event I mean, we didn t have VCRs Let alone Netflix back in the dark ages, so if you wanted to get a glimpse of Oz, you had to plan your social schedule around being at home in front of your television at the appropriate time, and for many years I always did But that movie is all I knew about Oz.I really hate to admit that I never took the time when I was growing up to try to find any other Oz stories It wasn t that I didn t love Oz, because I did, but it wasn t a priority like Star Wars, Star Trek, and Battlestar Galactica And when I finally did discover there were other books in the Oz series, I wasn t too terribly interested in walking the yellow brick road any I was too mature Too cool Too self absorbed.Flash forward about thirty five years.My kids have watched The Wizard of Oz several times in their lives, then my youngest son gets really hyped at least for a little while about the soon to be released The Great and Powerful Oz movie So, deciding to ride the interest, I find this book and give it a go as a bedtime story.The tale takes place a short time after Wizard, focusing on the adventures of a young boy named Tip But things don t start out marvelous Instead a reader finds Tip leading a rather uneventful and arduous life on a farm, but soon he escapes from his unhappy existence and takes to the road determined to find his destiny.Quickly, things get interesting Tip growing close to his companion Jack Pumpkinhead and meeting some new people like the Wooden Sawhorse, the Highly Magnified Woggle Bug, and the amazing Gump Old friends like the Scarecrow, Tinman, and others even show up And, naturally, we have new enemies to thwart like the evil witch Mombi and General Jinjur and her army of rebellious young women.Never having read any of the Oz books, I have to say I was surprised by how humorous this story was I won t go so far as to say it was laugh out loud funny, but it had lots and lots of puns as well as humorous lines That in itself made my kids and I enjoy reading the book together, causing it to be a fine bedtime story, but it also really helped to fan the flames of excitement for Oz just before the release of The Great and Powerful Oz movie.Even with that being said, the favorite parts of this read were the sections where the Tin Man and Scarecrow are the stars the scenes of their bumbling around bringing back many good memories of watching the classic movie as a child So if you enjoyed the classic movie, give this a try it is worth the read.

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    So Much Weirder Both than your memory of this stuff, and even than the first Oz book You ve got the Scarecrow set up, brains and all having gone to his head, as King Fool of Emerald City, you ve got an antifeminist caricature not that i mind it when it s so transparent, even for a kid in this modern era taking over Oz and making the men do housework, you ve got the Tin Man fallen into vanity and obsessed with nickel plating himself, you ve got sudden gender switching, a roly poly that spouts horrible puns, and even an animated flying machine made out of an animal head and household furniture that really just wants to be dead I wish I hadn t given the first book 5 stars, because this one really is a cut above as the profound weirdness of Baum s mind really starts experimenting, all done in that same manically episodic style that works so well for Baum just as it did for Carroll.

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    This book is slightly ridiculous It s hard to evaluate The Marvelous Land of Oz for what it is a children s book and a sequel a sequel to a great example of the genre at that rather than just a book But it s a goofy, daffy book It s weirdly pro women in a way for 1904 everyone who makes anything happen is a woman Jinjur, Mombi, Glinda and the men all kind of fall into good luck and the fruits of the women s labor At the same time, the women who aren t named Glinda are consistently terrible people For example, Mombi s just evil for evil s sake well, she really wants to be a witch and isn t allowed so she s full of misdirected, crotchety old lady anger Jinjur s army of girls armed with knitting needles, see, because they re girls wants to storm the Emerald City so they can steal the emeralds and other gems to make jewelry not to finance other wars or anything, but to make pretty jewelry, see, because they re girls Amusingly, Jinjur s girls were actually rebelling because they wanted a little out of their futures than to cook and clean for husbands Betty Friedan would be proud.In this, the second book in the Oz series, The Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and Glinda return for the festivities with a random assortment of friends, enemies, and obstacles Their adventures are interesting if silly and laden with puns my god the puns, some make you giggle, some make you want to rip your eyes out The end though, is great, especially in the gender swapping tolerance and the surprisingly just outcome of who gets to rule Oz.

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    Everything in life is unusual until you get accustomed to it.I ve read The Wonderful Wizard of Oz sometime last year and really enjoyed it , and I have to say that this book was a pretty damn good sequel to it I enjoyed being introduced to new characters, as well as following new adventures of old characters The plot was quite enjoyable as well, and they even were a couple of twists that I did not see coming All in all, a pretty solid book, and I can t wait to continue on with the series.

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    This is the second volume of this series that I read on my holiday back in June A lovely first of this specific edition of the book Charming line drawings and coloured illustrations by Biro accompanied by a whole series of characters both old and new made it a pleasant enough drift back into the frankly odd ball Land of Oz.It is once again a series of loosely knit adventures of the Tin Man and the Scarecrow though here joined by a little farmboy called Tip, also a creature made from sticks and a pumpkin called, fairly unimaginatively, Jack Pumpkinhead and a rather obnoxiously arrogant insect which through magnification and then displaying on a flat screen has magically come to life as a huge two dimensional opinion on legs There is also a wooden horse, magicked to life and then towards the end of the book they create my favourite, a wonderful imaginary creature called a Gump which is constructed from all kinds of bits of furniture and vegetation and given life by the sprinkling on of a stolen magic powder This, I know, would have totally caught the imagination of my 10 year old self and, had I read it then, I would have been an Oz fan forever.Baum created some clever dialogue and arguments between the different characters which would enable the young reader to form a sense of each of them or at least it did for this slightly be quiet older reader And it is that ability to empathize with and appreciate the musings of a totally fantastical character which is a great and necessary gift in any reader and Baum, in my opinion, definitely would have helped in its nurturing.Though the story is covering much the same as the original book yet it succeeds in layering the story, creating a new level of adventure and thus enabling Oz to mould itself into a real place with a real history Having read these two children s books back to back I can well understand how Baum succeeded in creating for himself an army of fans who would follow whenever he led them back into the nuttiness that is Oz.

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    I ve always preferred this one to The Wonderful Wizard because I love the new characters introduced here It s great to have the Scarecrow and the Tin Man back they were always my favourite characters from the first book, if you don t count Toto but Jack Pumpkinhead, the Saw Horse, H.M Woggle Bug and the Gump are all so awesome I can t read about them without a huge grin on my face I think the twist ending probably blew me away as a kid, too