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Bright mornings and brisk walks spring has arrived in the Cotswolds But the atmosphere is positively wintery in Upper Benbury after a series of murders shake the close knit community Since her move to the country Melissa Craig has become firmly established in village life So when one of the older residents fails to show up for a drinks party Melissa goes to check on her What she finds chills her to the bone her dear neighbour has been murdered and the killer has painted a hideous smile onto her face Melissa soon realises that the death in her village bears the same trademark as a series of recent murders in the Cotswolds When will The Smiler strike again? With a dangerous killer on the loose Melissa realises she needs to solve this case uickly But as she starts to look closely at the people around her she realises the killer may be closer to home than she could ever have imagined What dark secrets are the villagers of Upper Benbury hiding? And can Melissa crack this deadly case before another life is taken? Do you love murder mysteries by Agatha Christie Faith Martin and PD James? If so then you won’t be able to put down this gripping novel This book was previously published as Smiling at Death

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    There is a serial killer in the peaceful and idyllic village where Melissa lives He kills the elderly and bedridden and paints a hideous smile on their faces with lipstick After not showing up for a tea gathering Melissa goes to her neighbor’s cottage to check on her But what she finds will haunt her for a long time Her neighbor has become the fourth victim of this heartless criminal But something is not rightThe fourth victim wasn’t bedridden She was indeed active and lively So why would someone want to kill her?Are all the murders perpetrated by the same individual? Is the killer killing for fun or there is another unthinkable and sinister motive behind the murders?Murder at Larkfield Barn is an enjoyable engaging and fast paced cozy mystery with some really good twists and turnsThanks to the author Bookouture and the NetGalley for providing me with a copy

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    Murder at Larkfield Barn the seventh novel in the Melissa Craig Cosy Mystery Series by veteran writer Betty Rowlands and first released in 1996 as Smiling at Death is full of the joys of spring with beautiful spring blooms frigid air and an emergence of colour after a dreary Autumn and Winter period with their muted shades of grey and brown Once again we join the inimitable Melissa Craig in the chocolate box village of Upper Benbury in the scenic Cotswolds and unlike most of the other books in the series this one had me rather creeped out in particular due to the taunting cheshire cat smile that has been painted onto the face of the elderly murder victimAlthough a long running series each book stands well on its own as each tends to have a self contained storyline and this one is no exception I did hoedvrr find the plot in this seventh instalment compelling and scary than any of the other preceding six; the killers signature ensures said infivifusly shines bright Well plotted and paced with engaging characters and a clean profanity free story that will appeal to those who appreciate their crime fiction relatively tame; I would definitely say this was the most enjoyable so far for meMany thanks to Bookouture for an ARC

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    4 starsMelissa Craig mystery writer and part time amateur sleuth is in a relationship with Ken Harris who owns a private investigation firm Asked to look in on an elderly neighbor Mel heads for Martha Willis’ cottage She discovers a horrible scene Martha is dead – murdered with her face painted This reminds Ken of some recent cases he has heard about in a nearby town The locals have dubbed the serial killer as “The Smiler”Menawhile Ken received a visit from a Mrs Aggs She was extremely upset at her husband’s apparent indiscretions Surprised at the cost of having him followed she leaves the office But later she corners Mel and tells her about her fears It wasn’t about infidelity at all It was something far worse – at least in Mrs Aggs’ eyesOf course Mel gets involved in the search for Martha Willis’ killer At the same time she makes friends with new villagers Genty and Sirry and their famous artist father They become close as does Mel’s very good friend Iris Ken makes a startling discovery and in a dramatic conclusion to the story the killers are revealed I was so totally surprised at the identity that I had to read the passages twice I’m still shaking my head at it This is a very well written and plotted novel as are all of Betty Rowlands’ books It is a relatively gentle read and the story flows along nicely I truly enjoyed it as much as I did the other in the series I will certainly be in line to read of Mel and Ken’s adventures I want to thank NetGalley and Bookouture for forwarding to me a copy of this very good book for me to read enjoy and review

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    Agatha Christie wannabe with a heroine being a tad bit modern than Miss Marple but nothing from the atmosphere to the amateurish writing and dialogue to the all seen before characters can match any of the St Mary Mead plotsIt's never a good sign when you have an intriguing murder or a series of them in a crime novel yet still don't feel prompted to read to the end Sigh

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    Ok Ok I know I told yçu the previous part was my favourite one but I am a woman so I am allowed to change my mind LOL I definitely pick this one at the moment but hey maybe I will alter it againThe stories are getting better and better I thought this book had the most complicated interesting and scary plot up till now which is something crime lovers always craveThere is also a nice evolution in the lives of the recurring charactersThere is only one thing I like to add I just simply loved it 5 starsThank you Betty Rowlands Bookouture and Netgalleyhttpsbforbookreviewwordpresscom

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    I read Book Seven in the series out of seuence by mistake the perils of starting a book at four o'clock in the morning when you can't sleep The upside to this being I can vouch that it reads well as a standalone but this series is so entertaining that you want to read all the booksThis story is darker and personal to amateur sleuth crime writer Melissa Craig Discovering the body of a friend and neighbour has a believable profound effect on Melissa which means she is reticent to be at the forefront of the investigation Aside from the murder mystery this book marks a turning point for both Iris her close friend and neighbour and MelissaThe characters are numerous and varied and this is perhaps one of the most difficult mysteries to solve It does have its lighthearted moments but there is also an air of menace not present in earlier books coupled with an overriding sense of loss and poignancyDespite the change in ethos this story is as enjoyable as previous books just deeper and personal for the main character Left on an emotional cliffhanger I eagerly await Book 8 'Murder in Langley Woods'I received a copy of this book from Bookouture via NetGalley in return for an honest review

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    When I write these longer reviews I generally take some notes immediately after reading then mull things over for a day or two to see how I feel about the book and what sticks with me Unfortunately in this case what stuck with me was very littleWhile reading it the book served as reasonable distraction and entertainment so I would give it 3 stars The POV felt a bit headhoppy initially but it later settled into of an omniscient feel The average reader probably won't be bothered by thisThe way in which the killer was revealed was not fully satisfying to me although I struggle to explain that without unwanted spoilers Again this is probably a personal taste factorThe one thing that did stick with me about this book is that the title never really seemed to fit the story That made me expect something else to happen that didn't although I was still correct in my early conclusion of who was responsibleIf you are a cozy fan and looking for a uick read to pass the time this book will likely be suitable I am sure also those already bonded to the characters will enjoy it than I did It didn't leave me out of things so much as it merely failed to engage me sufficiently

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    One does not associate murders with close knit village communities in idyllic Cotswolds but a series of murders of old age pensioners doing no harm to anyone has shaken the entire area plus has left the Police confoundedWhen one hits the village of Thanebury and Melissa herself is the one who finds the body she is shaken enough to try to solve the murder herself A crime writer by profession always out for fresh information and ideas the fact that this old lady was found with a clown's smile on her face was outrageous and ludicrous It is also not known to the general community at largeChance encounters with several people in the village all get noted down as suspects both by Melissa and her boyfriend an ex Policeman who has not let go of his investigative instincts The suspects however have very strong alibis and reasons as to why they should not be suspected from a group of precocious teenagers to a charismatic flamboyant preacher even someone who was going to be blackmailed for her pastThe final suspects were totally unexpected and typical in the style of Agatha Christie were revealed at the very endIf you like good characterization idyllic village settings and murder this is for you

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    On the whole an easy light read I have previously liked Betty Rowlands' writing so it surprised me to find the first third maybe even half slow going and unengaging However I did find the story engaging as I read on so it's worth perseveringI value strong characterisation in books so maybe this was what was lacking; until I really got to know the characters the book couldn't hold meThe perpetrators than one murder were signalled very early on but the working out by Mel Craig and her ex policeman friend was interesting as were the personal stories involved

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    This series improves with each new installment and this is the best one so farI read it in one setting and couldn't put it downThe mystery was great and the solution came as a surpriseIt was great to read about the changes in the character's life and the description of the life in a tight knitted communityMs Rowlands did it again and I'm looking forward to reading the next installmentHighly recommendedMany thanks to Bookouture and Netgalley for this ARC