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Rolling around in the worst fashion accessory ever Seventeen year old Merry has mucked up another chance to get into the University of Magecraft so she doesn’t have time to deal with shape changing creatures bent on stealing memories from the people of Woodshire That’s her father’s job But when an outlaw mage mistakes her for a damsel in distress on a drenched train platform she’s dragged into a fight with the monsters and a sheriff mad enough to use them She’d never admit it out loud but the mage is actually kind of fun to work with – when she doesn’t want to run him over with her chair And he’s exactly the ally she needs when the monsters go after her father’s memories But with bad guys who can look like friends and friends who look like outlaws Merry has to decide who to trust and whether returning the stolen memories of those she cares about most is worth giving up her chance to finally earn respect as a mage

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