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This book deals with the lives of three saints of the fourteenth century India who in succession managed to captivate the masses by their pious lives and spiritual powers Though there were other great Sufis in their time but they stood out as gems among the jewels One left his promising career of an accomplished scholar one spent a good number of years of his life in the jungle and one renounced the throne and left his kingship They did so in order to uench their spiritual thirst and gain intimacy with the Almighty And their respective names were Hazrat Khwaja Mohammed Nizamuddin Auliya Makhdoom Shaykh Sharafuddin Ahmed Yahya Maneri and Sayyid Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir Semnani These holy men were greatly admired by the people during the peak of their sainthood and still today their names are taken with utmost respect This work successfully covers the miraculous events surrounding their lives their struggles their attainments and their teachings of wisdom There is much to gain by journeying into their lives which will definitely leave the travelers mesmerized Irrespective of caste and religion this work leaves a deep impact on its readers

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    uite Inspiring The Sufi saints were the real propagators of Islam Full of spirituality and wisdom

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    Brilliant Work Food for the soul and nourishment for the heart

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    Wonderful work Poems Teachings Sayings Letters all in one Very refreshing for the soul

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    Very well written Spiritually motivating and awe inspiring

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    Perfect book for the Sufi admirers Struggles Miracles Sayings Couplets Letters all in one