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One Of Boston S Elite Has Been Murdered The Accused Is His New Wife She S Blonde, Beautiful, And Young The Jury S Going To Hate Her With Next To No Alibi, And Multi Million Reasons To Kill Her Husband, She Needs The Best Defense Money Can Buy His Name Is Spenser, And He D Give Anything To Believe Her The word maroon appears only once in this novel 4.5 starsThe best Spenser in a while Very complex plot, interesting characters, clever and funny dialogue, especially the scene between Quirk, Hawk and Spenser.Would have been 5 stars, except that too many criminals are let off the hook, partly or mostly This has been true in the last few books Not sure what s going on in Parker s mind to cause this.Susan s role in the story is balanced just about right Just enough input and ideas from her to boost the overall story a bit One or two very good conversations about Candy Sloan and how that has affected their lives I am not sure exactly who Candy Sloan was or might have been in real life between Parker and his wife, Joan The inclusion of their real lives into the Spenser stories is a wonderful mystery in itself.Be sure to see the quotes below the review here.Notes 62.0% great fun dialogue throughout, especially this between Quirk, Hawk and Spenser 19.0% usually Parker likes MAROON Hahahahaaaaha They were driving another black car, an Explorer Everybody uses black cars for surveillance 13.0% awwwwww I thought you were fearless, Susan said I am, but it s embarrassing for a guy as fearless as I am to cry in the vet s office To understand Spenser and Susan, you must understand Robert and Joanhttp www.nytimes.com 2001 08 23 gar In this adventure, Rita Fiore the sexy former DA now high priced lawyer who has had her eye on Spenser for years hires our hero to find out whether her client Mary Smith is guilty of murdering her rich husband Usually Rita could get some idea from her client through interviews, but from Mary Well, Mary is just too dumb or too good at playing dumb to tell.I kept hoping that Widow s Walk was just playing dumb, but in the end it turned out to be just as dumb as I feared At one point, I thought I d guessed who the mastermind behind all those murders would be out to be, but in the end my guess turned out to be better than Parker s There s not anything about the book that irritated me so much I hated it Not too much Pearl, or Susan, or faux racist banter, or super cutesy literary allusions No, the mix here was just about right And even though the plot was typical clich Spenser Spenser pokes his nose around, Spenser gets threatens by serious bad guys, bodies pile up, Spenser brings in Hawk and Vinnie, bodies continue to pile it kept on moving quickly, to the end.The worst thing about the book was that, unlike most Spenser s, there wasn t even one scene good enough to remember. It goes without saying that Robert Parker writes the best dialogue ever, but I ll say it again Robert Parker writes the best dialogue ever After you ve read a bunch of his books, you pretty much know what to expect, but it doesn t matter they re still fun to read This one has a fair amount of Hawk, which is good It also has a well crafted plot, as expected There are a couple of colorful supporting characters besides the usual cast that I enjoyed. I don t ask much of a book like this I know it s not meant to be deep, and I ll forgive a LOT in a book that s set in Boston and sprinkled with references to familiar landmarks, with a decent plot and pacing All Parker had to do to get 4 stars from me was not go out of his way to be godawful.But of course the dark skinned Mary Toricelli is stupid and avaricious, of course she wears too much eye shadow and her skirt is too tight Of course the only character with curly hair is a violent goon, and of course he too is dark Of course the black BFF speaks in dialect that doesn t sound quite right Of course all the beautiful young women find this guy s overweening self satisfaction attractive and just love being ogled and winked at by him Barf.I m not a literary snob, but you d have to be lobotomized to enjoy this. A library book This is my first Robert Parker book, first Spencer novel I ve read Chapters are very short and are mostly dialogue, so it s a quick read, but an entertaining story There were several minor characters that were hard to keep separated. 1st half 4 stars 2nd half 3 starsThe premise Spenser is hired by his old friend Rita to look into her wealthy client, under suspicion for murdering her hubby The beginning is nice, setting up the characters, then the rest of the book resembles falling into quicksand, with only a shovel to get you out. Spenser is back in his 29th appearance of the 39 total Parker novels featuring his Boston based PI Regulars lover Susan the psychologist cops Quirk and Benson and enforcer Hawk add familiarity to a tale about a wealthy man with a young trophy wife of sorts who ends up dead The wife s death is virtually an open and shut case, but Spenser is hired to look into any doubts He doesn t get very far very fast, but violence rains down on those he s seen talking to, even himself which tends to thicken the plot significantly All cleans up pretty nicely by book end.We ve read enough of these tales now to presume each will be similar reasonably enjoyable, reasonably suspenseful, and reasonably entertaining To do so often and predictably is plenty good enough for us Spenser gets hired by attorney and mini skirt aficionado Rita Fiore to help her defend her latest client Since the client is a young pretty woman with a much older and very rich husband who was murdered while she was alone in the house with him, Spenser has his work cut out for him It doesn t help his investigation that this woman is as dumb as a box of hair.As Spenser pokes around, he finds shady connections to the wealthy victim and soon a whole lot of people he s talked with turn up dead while he doesn t seem to be getting any closer to figuring out what s happening.This is another pretty decent Spenser novel The whodunit piece is a cut above most of the later entries in the series There s some good action plus some funny stuff with Hawk, and Rita Fiore is always a welcome character in a Spenser novel We even have Spenser seeming engaged and angry after he makes a mistake that proves fatal to someone The Susan factor is only moderately bad this time because she s got her own shit to deal with since one of her patients killed himself It s completely understandable why someone would end their own life after having to talk to Susan, and this poor bastard s sacrifice keeps her from annoying the reader too much.Next up Spenser looks into a thirty year old bank robbery and gets paid in donuts in Back Story. I enjoyed the Spenser for Hire TV series, and was excited to recently learn that it had been based on a book series This book was my first foray into the Robert B Parker version of the real Spenser It turns out that the TV series was pretty faithful to the spirit of the characters, and Parker s writing is quite engaging I plan to read the rest of the books in the series as well As for the story, I have to say that the client is a hoot I normally have a low tolerance for stupidity, but Parker was able to keep you guessing as to whether she was genuinely stupid or just acting that way The interactions between the client and the other characters provided many moments of comic relief.