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French cheese fine wine and a mystifying murder? A delightful afternoon stroll turns to disaster when the guests of an artists’ retreat in the French mountains spot the body of a man at the bottom of a cliff Amongst them is Melissa Craig who binoculars at the ready suddenly finds herself at the centre of a very puzzling mystery Was it an accident or was he pushed? Her suspicions are confirmed when another body is found days later in almost exactly the same spot It can’t be a coincidence; someone in this idyllic French village is up to no good and it’s up to her to find out who Between the eccentric locals and mischievous guests Melissa finds herself with no shortage of potential suspects was it the surly handyman with a dark past or perhaps the short sighted widow with an excellent golf swing? But the real uestion is how close to the edge will Melissa have to tread to find the culprit? An absolutely unputdownable murder mystery you’ll read in one sitting Perfect for anyone who loves Agatha Christie PD James or Faith Martin This book was previously published as Over the Edge

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    Murder on the Clifftops the third novel in the Melissa Craig Cozy Mystery series is as wonderful an affair as the previous two Sharp snappy prose engaging characters and the usual village setting is replaced by the stunning Cevennes mountain range in the South of France This is an excellent choice of series for those who prefer their crime fiction to be tame and clean but at the same time losing none of the thrills and spills that come together to create an interesting and intriguing story The best way of describing this series is as Midsomer Murders but in book form and set abroad Highly recommended

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    This is the third part in the series and I have read the previous 2 as well It's always nice to be able to follow the recurring characters from the beginning but you can also read it as a stand aloneThe author takes us on a trip to sunny France where once again Melissa and Iris are in the middle of a murder case Of course Melissa would not be Melissa if she did not try to find the perpetratorSo while she racks her brain under a baking sun we learn a bit about the village and it's history A pinch of romance is also added and the whole story is covered with an emotional veilIt's a very likeable story a typical cozy mystery novel and out of the three this one pulled my hearstrings the most 4 starsThank you Betty Rowlands Bookouture and Netgalleyhttpsbforbookreviewwordpresscom

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    Another mystery to be solved by Melissa the crime writer An old fashioned way of investigating the first two books had its uaint English charm This book was set in the French countryside Though the landscape appeared charming the book lacked its overall appeal Though I loved Melissa the other characters were just okay I couldn't get into the investigation too I needed a bit mystery to keep my interest runningOverall a good book by Betty Rowlands

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    Mel Craig’s investigations continue in this third retitled adventure This time set in France A uirky cast of characters makes this an enthralling mystery with the ‘who done it’ factor complicated by historical revenge and modern love interests Another fascinating uick read from the pen of Betty Rowlands #NetGalley

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    Originally published on my blog Nonstop Reader Murder on the Clifftops is the 3rd book in the Melissa Craig series by Betty Rowlands Released 15th Oct 2018 by Bookouture it's 268 pages and available in paperback and ebook formats Originally published in 1993 as Over the Edge the entire series is being reformatted and re released in order of publicationThis is an enjoyable cozy series This one sees titular character mystery author Melissa on location in France with neighbor Iris They're a part of a schoolworkshop in southern France Iris as a painting instructor and Melissa doing research for an upcoming mystery she's writingThe author definitely has a deft touch with historical details and the setting and history are as much a character in the book as any of the human characters There was a great deal of the history of the area of which I was previously completely unaware The murders were sufficiently 'bloodless' as to fit with the cozy genre there wasn't anything to distress or detract from a pleasurable read I liked the convoluted plot building and the denouement was satisfying The language is uite clean and there's very little sexual content at all just secondhand comments on some characters' personal lives Nothing gratuitousThere are elements of a thriller and long shadows from WW2 and betrayals lasting down generations I did enjoy the book and will seek out further installments Though this is the third book in the series it works very well as a standalone and I had no trouble following the plot or figuring out who was whoPossibly worth noting for Kindle Unlimited subscribers This book and the rest of the series are included in the KU subscription to download and read for freeFour stars Entertaining and well writtenDisclosure I received an ARC at no cost from the authorpublisher for review purposes

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    Mel and Iris have travelled to south central France where Iris is leading a workshop on art at Pierre Bonnar's newly opened adult education facility On their first day they are lead to a belevedere at the top of a cliff overlooking a lake and see a body lying crumpled on the shore below When the police recover the body it is determined that the young man had fallen to his death Mel is very interested in the area as she wants to set her next book in this area Even though the setting of this book was beautiful and the food sounded delicious I found this book not at good as the ones set in the Cotswolds I will continue this series though as I like the character of Mel although I find Iris bossy and sarcastic

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    Melissa Craig mysteryEnjoyed this book very much I did not work out so the killer was which is how I like my books Good characters and good plot

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    This is book #3 in the Melissa Craig Mysteries series Whilst it can be read as a standalone it does make sense to read the books in order for continuity This book has previously been published in 1993 under the title Over The Edge but has had along with the rest of the series so far a makeover and new title thanks to its Publishers BookoutureWe are back with Melissa Craig in this cosy crime series Melissa and her friend Iris are in France Iris has gone to teach an art course and Melissa is doing some research for her next crime book When a man’s body is found at the bottom of a cliff Melissa is there ready to help with her expert crime solving abilities Was it an accident or was he pushed? The answer becomes obvious when a second body is found almost exactly in the same spot With lots of suspects to choose from can Melissa work out what is going on?A refreshing change in scenery for the third book in this series I love the village of Upper Bembury where Melissa lives but thoroughly enjoyed the different view I was given from their visit to France As usual with this series of books you do work out uite early on what is going on but I have to say this book made me work a bit harder in working out the culprit There are a lot of suspects in the story and any of them could have won first prize in the ‘Who Done It’ category The beauty of these books is that there is no blood and gore and whilst there are murders than you can imagine it’s all done in a nice and rather jolly way As I have said on the reviews for the previous books I love Melissa’s character She comes across as a bit of a busybody and always wants to know everyone’s business but you just know she has a heart of gold really I also loved the fact that even though all she really wants is a uiet life murder and mystery seems to follow her around even across to the ContinentA great murder mystery story with some humour thrown in ideal for Agatha Christie and MC Beaton fans I shall look forward to reading the next book in the series

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    The third book in the 'Melissa Craig Mystery' series sees crime writer Melissa and her neighbour and friend Iris artist and textile designer leaving their Cotswold cottages for southern France Iris is lending her services to her Philippe her French entrepreneurial friend and Melissa who knows the region decides to do some research for her next novelMelissa and Iris' relationship is tested as they live and work in close proximity especially when Melissa uestions Philippe's motives There are an interesting set of players; artists and those interested in the French way of life and particularly its languageA tragic but seemingly accidental death causes disruption in the students' ranks When someone else dies Melissa begins to suspect foul play A keen but bumbling French Gendarme makes Melissa think beyond the obvious explanations and she finds herself in danger whilst searching for the truthThis story reads well as a standalone especially with the change of location but the threat to Melissa and Iris'previously harmonious relationship adds additional conflict to the plot and Melissa finds she misses having someone to bounce ideas off and you really need to have read the previous novels to appreciate its effect on both womenThere are lots of suspects an interesting backstory that illuminates current events and a charismatic crime writer turned sleuth Don't expect twenty first century political correctness and attitudes these mysteries take place in the late twentieth century and the storylines and characters' reflect thisThe murders are gruesome but the story's ethos is gentle as is expected in a cosy mystery Definitely something that will interest 'Midsomer Murder' fans and those who enjoy 'Miss Marple' and 'Poirot'I received a copy of this book from Bookouture via NetGalley in return for an honest review

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    This was a terrific read it started out well and it delivered Even though it is the 3rd book in the series it wasn't necessary to have read the previous two Melissa a mystery writer and her friend neighbor Iris an artist are on a working holiday in southern France Melissa is gathering research for her latest book and Iris is teaching an art course I really appreciated the descriptions of the mountainous counryside and the inclusion of the local history The supporting characters were all really well developed and the book was a real pleasure to read I presume the book is set in the 80’s no cell phones no internet searches It really doesn’t matter the writing is clean and clear the characters are interesting and the setting gorgeous The mystery involves two separate deaths both appear to be falls from the rocky clifftop The local gendarme thinks one an accident and one suicide but Melissa doesn’t agree With the support of the second victims mother Melissa sets out to find some answersThanks to netgalley for a free eARC In my honest opinion I will definately read the others in the series Highly recommend