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She’s an assassin with a gift her parents died forHe’s a reluctant prince content to drink himself into oblivionAnd hiding in plain sight amongst them both a monster is searching for redemptionIn a kingdom where magick is forbidden and spoken of only in whispers they must each face their own demons walking the line between loyalty and betrayal Enter a dark new world full of forbidden love painful loss and a growing war between those with power and those who crave it An Unholy Magick is a bloody and spell binding fantasy debut the first from Kali Rose Schmidt’s shadowy series Vile Sacraments

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    Read this full review on my blog along with others at Foals Fiction Filigree I received a copy of this book via the publisher The Parliament House in exchange for an honest review Thank you In no way does this affect my rating or review All included uotes have been taken from an ARC and may not match the finished publication Content Warning Death Injury Murder Gore Loyalty doesn’t lie within a boarder When I read that a book is a “dark fantasy” I typically take it with a grain of salt Most fantasies are dark in a way or have an element that make them seem dark at times An Unholy Magick definitely fits into this genre well I say this because while reading I couldn’t help but wonder where are the good guys? Elena Salas is the main character and doesn’t function like most protagonists She has a complicated past which in turn has influenced her enough to become an assassin for hire While she isn’t unlikeable she isn’t someone I’d choose to look up to eitherThe plot uickly divulges that Elena’s mother was a Magick a person who had the ability to wield and use magick in different respects Not long ago Magicks were outlawed in Anglar Hunted down by the king’s men Elena’s parents were murdered and she was left an orphan Having to be able to provide for herself Elena was trained in the art of murder and has become a successful and wanted murderer for hire Ratted out by her previous lover and employer Elena is taken by the king’s men and son Prince Zoran to be punished for her crimes In her captivity Elena discovers that she too has powers and her life drastically changes When the king becomes aware of Elena’s powers he forces her into becoming his personal assassin to usher in his own political gain Elena is then trained in how to use her powers by the only person allowed in Anglar that can use MagickBeing an experienced assassin paired with her new abilities Elena is tasked with the job of killing the ueen of Garcari It is a land beyond a dreaded woods full of feared creatures that allows and openly welcomes Magicks While Elena doesn’t understand the extent of the king’s motivations she learns that a sinister plot is thickening at each turn The ruin of a city an evil ruler and a movement to begin a new war emphasizes how the powers at work become even darker A common theme shared among the four most prominent characters Elena Prince Zoran Matvey and Jamie is a mutual pain Elena's as discussed before is due to her parent’s murders and her line of work Similarly Jamie too was orphaned and had to take on responsibility for himself at a young age Prince Zoran is in the middle of a battle between his mother and father and drowns his sorrows by drinking instead of confronting them directly When Matvey’s past is finally discovered the revelation of his story explains a lot about who he is at the present Through their experiences I think it makes each of these characters relatable and realistic within the fantastical story that they are placedI thought that An Unholy Magick was an imaginative read The world and the way it is constructed is uniue along with the magick system I wish there would have been description of the world itself to help set the stage for the seuel I also want to see about each character individually but look for those details in the books to come If you are looking for a dark fantasy that features uniue magick systems a love triangle and a complex plot be sure to check this read out Even magick cannot touch death Vulgarity MinimalSexual content KissingViolence Moderate including beheading crucifiction and goreMy Rating ★★★12My Blog ¦ Bookstagram ¦ Twitter ¦ Pinterest ¦ Facebook

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    Blog | Bookstagram | Twitter“The desire for power is a murderer”Trigger Warnings death injury murder gore loss of a parents talk of enslavement crucification talk of torture talk of war beheading violenceThoughtsI haven’t read many “dark fantasy” books and An Unholy Magick really makes me want to start reading It was gruesome it had gore it was dark and it was witchy Everything I love in a bookNow this isn’t your typical “main character is the hero” sort of story Elena Salas was a complicated morally gray protagonist with a dark past You could almost say she was a bit villainous with the career she took assassin for hire Elena wasn’t likable at times but with everything she had been through she and her actions were relatableOne thing I really liked about this story’s plot was that there was no standard “hero” or “good guys” Everybody was considered a “bad guy” or a “villain” in their own way This really made the whole story realistic More relatable to today’s standard’s And with the tasks and complications Elena encounters at what seems like every turn it makes it seem like the plot is out to tear her down This causes an extremely headstrong protagonist to form in a mere few chaptersNow if you are anything like me and always crave a bit of romance in a fantasy book you totally get it with An Unholy Magick There’s a bit of a love triangle and enemies to lovers situation between three 3 of the main characters – Elena Matvey and Zoran I was seriously rooting for all of them and I absolutely despise love triangles So that was a bit of a first for me All three of these characters also shared a common theme pain At some point in their lives they had something traumatic happen to them To me this just really put the icing on the cake Even making these three characters along with Elena’s brother Jamie all the likeable relatable and realisticAn Unholy Magick was imaginative fun and uniue The world was constructed beautifully and kept making me want of it The magick system was also constructed in a way that made it understandable from the get go The only reason why I didn’t rate this enchanting book a five out of five stars is due to the beginning being a bit difficult to get into because it read awfully slow Also because the format I received the book in was all wanky and hard to read at times It was an eARC so that could be why But other than that this complex and uniue read is one that I feel most will enjoy

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    An Unholy Magic by Kali Rose Schmidt was an awesome read I’ve been excited for this book ever since I saw the first hints of it I’m mildly obsessed with this author and love everything she writes but this one has got to be one of my favorites so far The characters in this book are amazing Everyone is beautifully flawed and I think that’s what makes them so intriguing Kali paints a world that is harsh and at times terrifying but oh so beautifulThis book grabs you from the start and it does not let you go until the end There is death and blood at almost every step which makes perfect sense given that our heroine is an assassinIn this world “saintly” doesn’t imply goodness just as “monster” doesn’t always mean evil If you love dark things this book has it and it’s amazing Now I just have to wait for the next book while nursing the metaphorical gaping hole in my chest where this book ripped out part of my soul

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    This turned out to be a great start to a new series by the author The lead is a very strong willed female character who after hiding for a long time after magick is banished by the King finds out a big secret of her own she wasn't even aware of involving how magick plays a role in her life It was a page turner and has a somewhat solid ending for those who don't like to read past the first book of a series although there are some uestions left in the air that will make most want to continue on to the next book Other characters in the book have a lot of mystery surrounding them and it keeps the reader on their toes as the story can be unpredictable at times

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    An Unholy Magick by Kali Rose Schmidt is a wonderful story that I have read This is book number one in this wonderful start to a brand new series that I loved reading I highly recommend this story to everyone who loves reading about fantasyI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

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    Well paced likeable characters Really enjoyed this book and was sad when I finished it Hope there is a follow upI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

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    An Unholy Magick The Vile Sacraments Series Book 1Kali Rose SchmidtLoved the book The story was full of adventure and action I could not put the book down

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    OH MY GODThis bookThis book is literally everything I was hooked from the first few pages and I devoured this book An Unholy Magick is such an amazingly written dark fantasy novel There's never a dull moment and the pacing is pure perfection The characters you grow to love or in some cases appreciate to despise I'll just say it right here and now This book is a must readPlot While the story is told in 3rd POV our main focus is Elena We do get to see paragraphs here and there centering on other main side characters but Elena is the true focus We follow Elena as she maneuvers around the castle of King Nicolas who has had her captured to complete a deadly assassination for him She has no choice but to obey to survive She learns of herself as she prepares for the task and learns much about the world she lives in Things are much bigger than they appear and in turn nothing is at it appears I won't say for spoilers but trust me it's amazing The overall storyline is uite clean as we have a starting point and an end goal to reach The journey to the end goal is entrancing and you can't get your eyes to move away from the pages The scenes are described beautifully and I really felt myself imagine as if I was there Once we reached the end goal I felt my heart torn into multiple pieces and then gently glued back together So many emotions but they were all done so well that only leaves me excited for the next bookCharacters I LOVE THESE CHARACTERS Elena is a badass and she deserves to be called nothing less I loved her development throughout the book as she prepares for her task She was strong already but she clearly had much to work on and how she ended up in the end really made me see how much she's changed I absolutely loved her and she was a perfect heroine Prince Zoran is a character I'm looking forward to learn about We got to know him uite a bit here and I grew to love him the he appeared in scenes It's no surprise that he's nothing like his father and it appears that there may be to him than initially expected I look forward to seeing how he develops in future installments Matveyoh Matvey He was an unexpected one I expected to hate his gutsbut no He's bae and I call dibs on him so sorry guys lol i thought he was a cocky bastard at first a man who was too full of himself and could care less if Elena died His development in this book truly shocked me and I didn't expect to love him as much as I did He's easily my favorite character apart from Elena of course and I don't want to see him get hurt I cannot WAIT to hear of his backstory as I'm aching to get some answersSo you should probably know that I adore this book I had no issues with it and even thinking back I can't pinpoint a moment where I had any negative feedback I thought this book was perfection and it deserves all the attention tbh Keep in mind there is bloodoh so much blood If such a thing bothers you put on the big kid pants and still read this It's literally SO GOOD I'd even go so far as to say one of my top 10 books of the year And I've read a lot of books this year This is one I seriously recommend checking out and I can't wait for the seuel ARC provided by The Parliament House Press in exchange for an honest review All thoughts and opinions are my own

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    A book I've been waiting for some time and that made me very happy when I received the ARC from The Parliament House PressHe is everything I thought it would be It kept me attached to him from the first chapter ReallyAnd there's magic and blood friendship and blood and love and bloodAnd there's Elena who makes you want to be there for her and with her I love to see what was happening to her throughout the book with her strength fragility and humanity There is Zoran who also captivates in his not inoccent way And there's Matvey What to say about him? Just that I look forward to seeing him and learning about him in the next booksI loved being dragged into this magical and bloody worldI literally shouted at the ending so I can't wait for the next book