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TITLE THE WALLFLOWER WAGERAUTHOR Tessa DareSERIES Girl Meets Duke 3RELEASE DATE August 13th 2019GENRE Historical RomanceRATING 4 StarsCLIFFHANGER NoREAD MY REVIEW ON THE BLOGThose who have read The Duchess Deal and The Governess Game know how beautiful and sweet Tessa Dare s stories are She writes the most adorable heroines, the best brooding, troubled heroes and some of the wittiest banter In The Wallflower Wager we meet the third of the quartet of friends who bonded over the fact that they seemed to be unsuitable for marriage.While Emma and Alex both aren t originally from the elevated circles of aristocracy, Penny is the daughter of an earl who for all intents and purposes may be called a spinster if it weren t for the fact that she lives in the city and has her beloved friends She rarely goes out and is devoted to her merry mix of furry friends including but not limited to a parrot, a hedgehog, a goat, a dog and cats which she at one time rescued from injury or abandonment.Enter Gabriel Duke, was a street urchin but made a fortune bringing members of the aristocracy to their knees With one word, he does his nickname, Duke of Ruin, justice He is feared but far from being accepted by the ton When Penny finds herself in a pickle and is forced to re enter society and find homes for her pets our broody hero offers to help What then ensues is one delightful courtship that will have you utterly charmed and hot and bothered Like the rest of him, his heart was strong, defiant, loyal Capable of lasting love He might revel in denying it, but she knew the truth If he ever permitted himself to love, he would love fiercely and without reserve Only the most stubborn of women would be able to bear it Hidden under Gabriel s hard exterior is a soft center He is a wonderful hero who on one hand doesn t care that he isn t accepted by the ton yet he doesn t want to give them any reason to talk or speculate His poor upbringing has always been a sore spot.Penny is an adorable heroine who gravitates towards the wounded and injured and vice versa so it s no surprise that she is the one who will, for a change, bring the Duke of Ruin to his knees It was trust at first sight I felt safe with you All those firsts that I believed had been stolen from me With you, I got them all back I took them back, on my own terms I only wish I could go back and help recover all the firsts you missed, too I loved these two so much they were everything Their banter hilarious and so smart, and, JESUS, their connectionso, so, SO HOT We get to catch up with Ash and Chase too and I loved the scene where they bonded with Gabriel, it was such a hilarious scene I couldn t breathe because I was laughing so hard.There is one thing I need to mention and I m going to be honest I could have given this story 5 stars for the story alone but I m big on crediting where credit is due In this story there is a part where Penny and her friend Nicola sit together and eye a gossipy newspaper This is after an adventure with Gabriel that may have caused a little bit of a scandal I don t know why this so difficult It s not as though I can change the contents by waiting What s printed is printed I am either a scandal or a spinster already, depending on what s inside Actually, Nicola mused, while the paper remains closed, you re both Both Right now, you re both a scandal and a spinster I m so sorry I m afraid I don t follow you Penny frequently had difficulty following the twists and turns of Nicola s mind Everyone did Nicola s eyes went unfocused, as though she were staring at distant horizon One that only she could see Imagine you took a cat, she said slowly, and sealed it in a box Seal a cat inside a box Penny was horrified I d never do such a thing Of course you wouldn t actually do it I m only trying to illustrate a philosophical conundrum OK, so my bestie called me a nerd for even knowing this but see, there is a theory called Schr dinger s Cat devised in 1935 which I m not going into in detail but it s a thought experiment by physicist Erwin Schr dinger which you can read about here if you want to geek out a bit The thoughts Nicole uttered are based on this theory and while I think it s totally OK to take creative liberty I would like to see the source credited in author s notes or acknowledgements I didn t find any of that in The Wallflower Wager and I have to say that I was a little disappointed, so much so that I deducted a star.With all that being said, this story is one of the highlights of this year and I wish I could have rated it 5 stars I will keep reading Tessa Dare s stories because they are some of the best Historical Romance books This one will make you swoon, laugh, fall in love with Penny and Gabe and leave you totally satisfied with their Happily Ever After I am looking forward to Nicola s story she s a nerd after my own heart. penny has the RANGE darling They Call Him The Duke Of RuinTo An Undaunted Wallflower, He S Just The Beast Next Door Wealthy And Ruthless, Gabriel Duke Clawed His Way From The Lowliest Slums To The Pinnacle Of High Society And Now He Wants To Get EvenLoyal And Passionate, Lady Penelope Campion Never Met A Lost Or Wounded Creature She Wouldn T Take Into Her Home And Her HeartWhen Her Imposing And Attractive New Neighbor Demands She Clear Out The Rescued Animals, Penny Sets Him A Challenge She Will Part With Her Precious Charges, If He Can Find Them Loving HomesDone, Gabriel Says How Hard Can It Be To Find Homes For A Few Kittens And A Two Legged DogAnd A Foul Mouthed ParrotAnd A Goat, An Otter, A HedgehogEasier Said Than Done, For A Cold Blooded Bastard Who Wouldn T Know A Loving Home From A Workhouse Soon He S Covered In Cat Hair, Knee Deep In Adorable, And Bewitched By A Shyly Pretty Spinster Who Defies His Every Attempt To Resist Now She S Set Her Mind And Heart On Saving HimNot If He Ruins Her FirstTE Content Advisories Are Available For This Book At Lady Penelope Campion has a heart for wild and wounded creatures but this Duke won t be tamed found on Tessa Dare s website cackles for 5 minutes straight 5 STARS I m now looking at craiglist for possible parrots rescues, lol GAH I couldn t love this book This was such a real treat to read, delightful in every respect.The Wallflower s Wager was incredibly hilarious, charming and hot, SO, so hot I m talking positively scalding steam here If you re looking for a pick me up, call off the search, this is the book you ve been looking forYES, YES, OOH YES A neighbors to lovers pauper and the princess trope beast and the wallflowerNo one pays much attention to me The injustice in that statement confounded him How could no one be paying attention to her Over the past few days, he d been unable to concentrate on anyone or anything but herI just can t get enough of Tessa Dare s sassy and quirky heroines entangling themselves with prickly, roguish men Lady Penelope Campion or Penny, had me howling with laughter all throughoutPretty Girl She might be my favorite heroine from this series thus far I know I could have said so far but after reading a historical romance, one is compelled to employ words like thus , atop , drawers or column of arousal you know, the usual LOL From the previous books we knew Penny would be fun and eccentric, but I hadn t expected all the layers from her character She s such a lovable heroine, she s got the sass, the brain, the biggest heart and doesn t shy from her feelings even if it means poking at the beastly man next doorShe was a fool A naive, trusting, sheltered fool And Gabe wanted to corrupt her so damned badly, his bones achedThis book has got to have the most entertaining and perfect meet cute ever Not even 5% in and I was already full on guffawing all the while worshipping at the altar that was the potent chemistry between Gabriel and Penny on their first encounter.Gabriel Duke knows better than reaching for what isn t for him, or so he s been taught over and over again during his upbringing One look at Lady Penelope Campion is enough to confirm she s not for the likes of him Self made man, ruthless business man, definetly not a gentleman He didn t earn his Duke of Ruin s title for nothing I flat out fell in lust love and everything that follows, with Gabriel Duke I felt seen and understood after reading that simply put but oh so effective first description of him by PenelopeLord but he was a big, beautiful beast of a man There was just so much of him Tall, broad, powerfully muscled And utterly bare, save for that thin bit of toweling and his thick, dark hair My, he had a great deal of hair Not only plastered in damp curls on his head but defining the hard line of his jaw And lightly furring his chestYes, I m shallow like that But you know what He s proven himself to be than just that perfect body, a man with integrity and intense sense of care and loyalty, definitely a hero to swoon over.On the pretense to protect his business interests selling the house he s just renovated next door to Penny, he s agreed to save Penny s whole animal rescue menagerie Both she and Gabriel are on a mission to find them good homes so Penny s reputation as a lady can be restored in the eyes of her own brother.They re so different from each other, yet their differences made them so perfect togetherYou are so maddedning You have a way of provoking me, unlike anyone I ve ever known It s as though I become a different person when I m around you, and I m not certain I like her He pulled her to him Ilike herThe instant attraction between Penny and Gabe and the resulting tension without a doubt commanded my full attention Something that clearly stood out for me reading The Wallflower s Wager, was the focus on the positive sex scenes between Penny and Gabe Ravishing roguish man yes, but consent on the pages Wallflower of a woman, yes, but taking her pleasure and not shying away from exploring her desire The power exchange and respect interspersed during those scenes made the romance even special in this historical contextIf I were to lose my virtue, some would deem me worthless You could never be worthless Gabriel Duke You are pricelessI don t believe I ve laughed this hard before reading a historical, Penny fighting tooth and nails to protect her animals well being, the whole crew from the previous books defending Penny from the big bad Duke of Ruin, Gabriel efforts to reason Penny Everything was brilliantly orchestrated to deliver the perfect heartfelt romance story.I ve been well and truly ruined by Gabriel Duke Penny decidedly got herself the best Duke of them allFancy a fuck, love More reviews and book talk atYou can find me here too 5 STARS She was a fool A na ve, trusting, sheltered fool And Gabe wanted to corrupt her so damned badly, his bones ached. See that pile of satisfied reader goo in the corner The one clutching her kindle to her chest and making moon eyes at the sky That, my friends, is this girl after downright binging on the absolute perfection that was this story.I don t know how it s possible for Tessa Dare to outdo herself with each book in this series, but my GOD does she I loved the first book and thought nothing can top it, then I felt the same about the second book And now reading the third, I m convinced that this author is a mythical unicorn that farts rainbows and creates pure swoony magic with her stories Yes, I realize most likely it s immense skill and talent, but just go with me here I m still on cloud nine after finishing this phenomenal romance.Now let s talk about this story and everything that it had.First, the third wallflower that gives the word eccentric a whole new meaning A spinster by choice and an animal lover by nature, Penelope has an innate ability to find the weak and wounded and nurse them back to health And over the years, she s developed quite the collection of animals Dear Mr Duke, As requested, here is an inventory of the animals in my care Bixby, a two legged terrier Marigold, a nanny goat of unimpeachable character, who is definitely not breeding Angus, a three year old Highland steer Regan, Goneril, and Cordelia laying hens Delilah, a parrot Hubert, an otter Freya, a hedgehog Thirteen kittens of varying colors and dispositions. But Penny s skill of attracting the wounded and lost doesn t just stop with animals Enter Gabriel Duke, or the Duke of Ruin as he s known to the lot Three things, however, never altered He always woke with the dawn He always woke hungry And he always woke up alone He had a set of rules when it came to sexual congress he didn t pay for it, he wouldn t beg for it, and he damned well wasn t going to wed for it. I say this every time I read a book from this series, but I swear Gabe was my favorite hero to date Broody, tortured, and hiding a heart of gold, this man absolutely stole mine There s something so vulnerable to his intensity Beyond the ruthless and cold demeanor there s a boyish charm to him that you can t help but gravitate towards.Then there s Tessa s signature brand of banter that will leave a goofy smile on your face and completely incapable to set the book down Every time I speak three words, you look as though you re going to swoon into my arms I do not, Penny objected, knowing very well that she probably did You sigh like a fool, blush like a beet Your eyes are the worst of it They turn into these these pools Glassy blue pools with man eating sharks beneath the surface I hope you re not planning a career in poetry For the good of us both, you have to cease gazing at mePenelope has made a deal with the devil when she agrees to allow the Duke of Ruin to help her meet the terms she s promised to her aunt in order to not be forced to go back to her brother and eventually be forced to marry Those terms Finding a loving home for her beloved animals while letting the Duke introduce her back to the ton as something than the quirky spinster The story is full of lovable secondary characters, including past favorites, and some of the most memorable and funny animals to grace the pages of a book I couldn t get enough of this Did I also mention the cameos I ll look I m not afraid I intend to be there for every moment of the miracle of my own child s birth He crouched and squinted And I ve changed my mind Chase retreated to the far corner of the stall and sat on a crate, his pallor having turned a pale, sickly green Fine, Ashbury said I ll do it If I could stomach my own injuries from that rocket blast, I can stomach this He went to look, then reeled a step backward Oh, God Something s coming out Of course something s coming out, Gabe said A baby goat No, Ash said grimly No If it s not a goat, then what is it It s a punishment for all my earthly sins, is what it isThis book was everything I ve come to expect from the amazing Tessa Dare and so much It was romantic and heart warming It had a tortured and protective hero It had a quirky heroine with an understated inner strength that you can t help but connect to And it had the most swoony romance full of laughs that you never want to end In a word PERFECTION An absolute must read for any historical romance fans out there ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on Tropes Unstarched him , Wallflower Spinster, Class Difference, Enemies to Lovers, Opposites Attract 4.5 stars I ve been on a pretty lousy romance reading path lately, so last night I bought Tessa Dare s latest as I needed a sure thing And boy did it deliver I started it this morning and read it in one sitting It s got adorable, charming, and rude animals, hilarious revisits and interaction with characters from book 1 and 2, amusing dialogue that made me laugh out loud, plus plenty of hot, sweet, sexy, and tender moments There is also a couple of punches to this book which will be surprising, but it adds very good value to the story and just shows what a brilliant writer TD is This book had it allGood God, he said What have I unleashed Me She lifted his hand and kissed it I m in control of my life and my body, and you can t know what that means I m not sure I know what it means But I m all anticipation to find outQuick plot When Gabriel Duke is finishing his new house for sale to make profit to his already vast fortune, he is not prepared for the continuous challenges presented by his pretty neighbour and her brood of animals It becomes quite clear that these two will butt heads RepeatedlyNothing pleased her than looking after those around her Feeding them, warming them, protecting them, giving them a home She doled out affection from an endless supply The only problem was, she was running out of people to claim it Lady Penelope Campion had a softness for animals Gabe had no softness at all But there is no denying they have noticed each otherThere was nothing off putting about her whatsoever She was on putting, in every way Penny wasn t unused to men, but there was a difference between friendly acquaintance and a close range confrontation with sheer masculine physicality It felt like someone had taken a mallet to a gong of femininity hidden deep in her belly, and now the vibrations traveled through her bones, summoning an ancient, primal force Penny could think of only one name for it lust It s a good thing they have such a like for animals in commonCertainly, I like animals Roasted animals Fried animals Minced and baked in a pie animals He gestured expansively I like all kinds of animals And it doesn t take long for Gabriel to expose his soft underbellyListen to me, he said sternly My motives are never kind Neither are they generous or charitable or good They re money driven and entirely selfish You d do well to remember that And they get along swimminglyYour Ladyship, you are anything but calming You re not particularly cuddly yourself, she said Luckily, I have some experience soothing prickly beasts She clenched her hands into fists You are so maddening You have a way of provoking me, unlike anyone I ve ever known It s as though I become a different person when I m around you, and I m not certain I like her He pulled her to him I like her He would not put his hands on Lady Penelope Campion again Absolutely not Definitely not Probably not Damn For the good of us both, you have to cease gazing at me Then you have to cease wooing me Wooing you He grimaced, as if the words were a pickled lemon on his tongue I don t woo You do too woo But all the money and influence in the world can t change my nature There s nothing wrong with your nature Your nature is fine For that sentence alone, she could have kissed himit s notWe are who we are, I suppose We are who we are, she agreed Gabe despised the defeated note in her voice He liked who she was, beneath the mask And when he was in her company, he almost liked who he was, too. 4 You ve met your match Stars The third book in the Girl Meets Duke series finally gives us animal lover Lady Penelope Campion s story Paired up with the Duke of Ruin as Gabriel Duke is known behind his back, this self made man is not one to be welcomed into polite society eagerly, especially as he as made most of his fortune from bringing down nobles who have fallen on hard timesYou are anything but calmingYou re not particularly cuddly yourself Filled with all the banter, one liners and general verbal sparring I have come to expect from this author, this book didn t disappoint in those aspects It is however a lot shorter than its predecessors, and although advertised at 380 odd pages going on the time it took me to read it I would say it s actually around the 200 page mark, and that to me made a massive difference in relation to the author bringing depth and development to the characters This one leapt into the sexy times pretty quickly, and for me read like contemporary than historical in that regards You deserve good things Promises Tenderness Love Everything you ve ever dreamedLately, all my dreams are of you Still a great read, but for me it was over far too quickly and lacked the roundness of its predecessors I d sell my soul for a Penny ARC Generously provided, in exchange for the above honest review. Another Tessa Dare novel ABOUT AN ECCENTRIC SPINSTER ANIMAL LOVER WITH A HOT GRUMPY ENGLISH PEER WE HAVE SEEN AGAIN AND AGAIN IN ALL OF HER BOOKS WHO DOESN T HAVE A JOB BUT HAS ABS AND IS GREAT AT SEX COUNT ME THE FUCK IN BABYOH MY GOooOOOoOD THAT COVER FUC ME COVER OH LORDY THATS A BEAUT COVER HOLY SHITE GAH I JUST WANT A MAN TO LOOK AT ME SWEETLY N DO THAT WITH ME LITERALLY CRYING RN K BYE me looking at dat cover while im single in the lib procrastinating on my essay wearing an oversized graphic tee eating 4 bars of chocolate 5 STARS I m so in love with The Wallflower Wager, this is the best I fall in love with everything and esecially the characters I couldn t get enough of them.I laughed,I swooned and I melted with these two.Tessa Dare delivers a sweet,heartwarming and steamy romance Penny and Gabe are my favorite couple.I love their banter, they have an amazing chemistry.I laughed a lot with these two.Their dialogues were fun,entairten and sweet.There were some really hot and intense moments too to make you swoon Penny is such a sweetheart, I loved her so much.She was kind,sweet and so lovely.Gabe is sexy, handsome and I loved how he felt for her.This one has all the sweet feels.I highly recommend it After the Duchess Deal this is my new favorite in the series