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Just as Saint Thomas holds a prominent place amongst the Indian Christians so does Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti amongst the Indian Muslims His arrival in the sub continent marked a tremendous shift in the socio religious condition prevailing there He was not a materialistic king but rather a spiritual king whose dominion greatly surpassed that of the worldly kings There are many number of miraculous events associated with his life and which has been successfully recounted in this work He was a lover of truth and served humanity No wonder even after hundreds of years of his passing he is still venerated today by people of all walks of life And he is widely regarded as the 'Sufi King of Hindostan'

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    Wonderful work Very informative and high in spirituality

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    Great work Very nourishing for the soul

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    Please sir I wanna read this book as it is regarding my beloved Abstainer khwaja Moinuddin Hassan Chishty RA ♥️ I am a divine lover of him and considers myself as his khadima ♥️ Please i wanna read this book

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    A very beautiful biography Spiritual awakening and very inspiring

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    Very informative and spiritually motivating