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This book was previously published as Finishing TouchThe house was silent sunlight flooding through the window The body of a beautiful red headed girl lay on the floor She looked asleep but for a ribbon of blood across her neck Melissa Craig is just settling into a new teaching job when she is shocked to hear the news that Angelica her beautiful colleague has been found dead in her home her throat cut As the police investigation begins everyone in Angelica’s life comes under suspicion but Melissa wants to do some digging of her own especially since she’s romantically entangled with one of the chief suspects Was it the victim’s spurned fiancé her secretive landlord or the snobbish head of department with a roving eye? As she looks for clues Melissa start to wonder if the key to the crime lies in a vandalised portrait of Angelica that was slashed at the neck in exactly the same way as her dead body Just when Melissa thinks she’s got her man a second body surfaces and she knows she needs to catch the culprit before innocent lives are taken Can Melissa uncover the truth before the killer strikes again? Do you love books by Faith Martin and Agatha Christie? If so make Betty Rowlands’ absolutely page turning novel your next read

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    I received an advanced digital copy of Murder in the Morning by Betty Rowlands in exchange for an honest review This is the second in a series of book featuring crime writer Melissa Craig and is a stand alone mystery There may be some light character development in the previous book but this book is entirely contained within this novel In this current book within the series Melissa has been asked to teach a writer’s class at the local college once a week She meets a number of the faculty and becomes involved in trying to solve the murder of the department head’s secretary in part because she wants to remove suspicion from one of the faculty members with whom she has become romantically involved Throughout the novel there are lots of clues and red herrings with the red herrings pointing exactly away from where the true solution lies The mystery was easy to solve and I determined the identity of the actual murderer almost at the same time the murder happened The book continued to offer clues and suggest solutions that were in other directions but I never found them particularly compelling Pacing throughout the book felt a bit uneven Large chunks of time passed between one chapter and the next without any sense of what had been taking place in the lives of the characters in the interim The story itself was gently told with little tension to compel the reader to move forward making it an easy book to put down for other activities There was never any sense of Melissa being in danger or their being any urgency to compel her to solve the mystery I would like to see character development of the police inspector who talks with Melissa and with Iris Melissa’s next door neighbor They were distinctive than Melissa herself in many ways and added some good personality to the book There is a mild love story angle to this book that felt as if it didn’t fit The attachment Melissa develops feels forced and rushed Her reactions throughout the book particularly to the love interest and to other people’s concerns about it seem consistent with what one might expect from a teenager not a middle aged woman with an adult child Little attention was given to describing the Cotswolds and I found this a bit disappointing I had difficulty seeing where Melissa was living and working It might be enjoyable for someone who is familiar with the area and who can put their knowledge to use in reading the book

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    Another cozy read by Betty Rowlands Melissa as the crime writer works her charm in this investigation too There is a gentle mystery set in an English village the story was a fun read but lacked the freshness of the first book I knew the identity of the perp long before it was revealed so it spoiled the fun a bit for me Overall a good read

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    'Murder in the Morning' is the second installment in the popular Melissa Craig classic cosy crime series by veteran cosy crime writer Betty Rowlands and was previously published in 1992 as 'Finishing Touch' Having read the series opener and not finding it particularly compelling I decided to give the books a second chance to provide me with a top reading experience Luckily this story was much engaging and entertaining As this book continues from where the previous concluded I would advise reading the series opener firstly as although the cases in each book are self contained the character development for those who feature throughout the series depends on the happenings and background provided in book one One of the main aspects I loved was that there was a distinct lack of technology with this whole series having been originally published in the 1990s a time when technology didn't play such a huge part in our lives This book is worth the read for the nostagia alone Set in the scenic surroundings of the fictional village of Upper Bembury in the Cotswolds it brings a cosy close knitted community authenticity to the forefront exactly as the villages in Midsomer Murders do As the mystery unfolds Melissa becomes emotionally involved with several of the murder suspects and once again she helps the investigators to collar the culpritIf you enjoy tame cosy murder mysteries then this is a great series and will really appeal to those who enjoy programmes such as Midsomer Murders and the like If you prefer your crime reads at a gentler pace then give this a goMany thanks to Bookouture for an ARC I was not reuired to post a review and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own

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    After reading the first book in the series I wasn't sure I wanted to tackle the second one but I gave it a go anyway Melissa is caught up in investigating Angelica's murder she does a bit of amateur sleuthing as you do She meets various people who were in Angy's life and gradually gets a sense of what this girl was all about Unfortunately one of the suspects is a recent love interest of Melissa's which makes things tricky I am never convinced that she is actually all that interested in Barney so it matters not so much at the end of the dayI wish I could have liked this book but I am going to have to stop reading this series here It is really dated from typewriters to the subtle men are in charge and that is that messages to a lady having a conniption because it turns out one of the ladies that is being interviewed is gay I also still couldn't figure out if Melissa and Iris her neighbour were actually friends or not it was a bit of an up and down relationshipor I just misunderstood Anyway I know this is a cosy mystery but surely cosy mysteries don't have to be uite so old fashioned?I gave this book 35 stars because it IS charming in its own way just not for me I'm afraid Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture

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    Giving this one three stars but like a lackluster 25 for me Gave up on the book partway through when I realized I hadn't enough interest in the plot or characters to keep going

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    This is one of those cozy mystery crime books where you wish you could live in one of those villages where everyone knows everyone sometimes not a good thing but mainly fine and all seems nice and brightMelissa is just settling into a new job when her colleague is found dead in her own home Melissa goes digging as to how and why mainly because she has got romantically involved with the chief suspectThe story flows easily the characters are spot on if a little too sweet sometimes to be true but it is a cozy to the last

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    This light crime mystery set in the Cotswolds is a re release and feels pretty dated not least by some of the stereotypes and attitudes Those who enjoyed the first book will probably be happy with of the same This mystery has a slower start and the whodunit is not challenging Our heroine decides to investigate a death when the man she's getting romantically interested in is a suspect in the case I downloaded an e ARC from Net Galley This is an unbiased review

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    Enjoyedreally enjoyed this book will definitely be reading the rest in the series Very easy reading my sort of books

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    This is the second book of this series and I think while it is good that cozy mysteries aren't really for me I found that the slow burn was just that It was very slow in getting to the mystery part which tended to make me want to put it downI am pleased I finished it as it had a good story just needed to jump to the story uicker

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    In Murder in the Morning Melissa Craig a crime writer recently settled in the Cotswolds becomes embroiled in a murder at a local college The mystery was a uick read and sustained my interest despite some reservations with the mystery as a whole Melissa is invited to teach a creative writing workshop at the local college and she agrees It’s through that position that she meets Angelica Caroli the head of college’s secretary Angelica is young beautiful and has engendered all kinds of emotions from the faculty—from lust to protectiveness Angy is sweet to everyone but has the reputation of using her beauty to her own advantage When Angy is found murdered in her flat the police have a long list of suspects faculty members the head of the college her former fiancé other rejected suitors and her landlord Melissa Craig gets drawn into the investigation largely because she believes in the innocence of one of the suspects The plotting is brisk and Melissa’s character is well developed enough so that she provoked both sympathy and frustration from me As a reader I was mystified by Melissa’s interest in one of the suspects and my response made me uestion how believable one of the subplots was I was also surprised by the gender stereotypes and behaviors either considered acceptable or negligible by the characters that most today would consider harassment at the least Those elements stopped me cold several times throughout my reading When I checkedI learned that the mystery was first published in the early 1990s and while that explains some of the attitudes it also makes the mystery dated Although the pacing had enough suspense to keep me turning the pages the resolution of the mystery especially in the last few pages fell flat It was as if the story had just run out of steam Despite the limitations I found the character of Melissa Craig interesting enough that I could imagine reading another in the series Readers who enjoy MC Beaton’s Agatha Raisin series or Alice Boatwright’s Ellie Kent series would likely enjoy Betty Rowland’s Melissa Craig mysteries Thank you to Net Galley and Bookoutre for offering me this book in exchange for an honest review