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Before Hayao Miyazaki made Howl s Moving Castle into a feature length animated film in 2006 2004 if you saw it in Japan , it was a book written by Diana Wynne Jones in 1986 Due to the inherent difficulties of creating an animated film, Miyazaki greatly abridged and adjusted the plot of the novel for his movie I happened to enjoy both film and novel but after reading the book I realized that the plot is extremely different in the novel enough that the book and movie become completely different viewing experiences.Anyway, that s all I m going to say about the movie On to the discussion of the book Sophie lives in the land of Ingary, where such things as seven league boots and cloaks of invisibility exist In other words, all of the traditional fairy tale stories are real Not so bad, except that Sophie Hatter is the eldest of three sisters, which everyone knows means Sophie is doomed to failure should she ever set out to seek her fortunes Sophie is resigned to her fate living obscurely, and less than successfully, working in the family hat shop Except that this is not a traditional fairy tale and events soon intervene to set Sophie on a very unexpected course indeed for an eldest daughter.It all starts in the hat shop after some interesting things begin to happen when Sophie talks to the hats she trims Interesting enough to attract the attention of the dangerous Witch of the Waste When her encounter with the Witch of the Waste leaves Sophie cursed in the body of an old woman, she has no choice but to go out and seek her fortune in hopes of breaking the curse even if she is an eldest daughter Along the way, Sophie comes upon a mysterious moving castle that has taken up in the hill s of Ingary The castle belongs to Wizard Howl who was known to amuse himselv by collection young girls and sucking the souls from them Or some people said he ate their hearts Either way, he was not anyone Sophie expected to ever meet let alone move in with Until she does Adventure ensues as Sophie tries to break the curse and help Howl with his own uniquely magical problems.In terms of fantasy novels, Howl s Moving Castle is one of my favorites The world Jones creates is fully realized without ever getting boring or limiting the reader s imagination The tone of her narrative is also spot on Readers of Jane Austen s novels or the Sorcery and Cecelia series will notice a similar narrative voice Although this novel is largely timeless, the prose has a charmingly Victorian tone taking its time to arrive at the action, the better to familiarize readers with the characters involved and show the readers just how fantastic they and the story really are.I also adore this story because it is romantic, thrilling, and completely absorbing Even at 329 pages, the novel is far too short Happily, Diana Wynne Jones follows up Howl s Moving Castle with Castle in the Air 1990 and a brand new book featuring Sophie and Howl House of Many Ways is due out in May of 2008.You can find this review andon my blog Miss Print I have to say I love Hayao Miyazaki s movie better because come on, it s an awesome movie Although, Spirited Away is my favorite movie There were some differences in the book but the movie was based off the book and it s not going to be the same All that matters is they both were awesome and the author loved the movie too I absolutely love fantasy worlds that are way out there Happy Reading Mel In The Land Of Ingary, Such Things As Spells, Invisible Cloaks, And Seven League Boots Were Everyday Things The Witch Of The Waste Was Another MatterAfter Fifty Years Of Quiet, It Was Rud That The Witch Was About To Terrorize The Country Again So When A Moving Black Castle, Blowing Dark Smoke From Its Four Thin Turrets, Appeared On The Horizon, Everyone Thought It Was The Witch The Castle, However, Belonged To Wizard Howl, Who, It Was Said, Liked To Suck The Souls Of Young GirlsThe Hatter Sisters Sophie, Lettie, And Martha And All The Other Girls Were Warned Not To Venture Into The Streets Alone But That Was Only The BeginningIn This Giant Jigsaw Puzzle Of A Fantasy, People And Things Are Never Quite What They Seem Destinies Are Intertwined, Identities Exchanged, Lovers Confused The Witch Has Placed A Spell On Howl Does The Clue To Breaking It Lie In A Famous Poem And What Will Happen To Sophie Hatter When She Enters Howl S Castle Diana Wynne Jones S Entrancing Fantasy Is Filled With Surprises At Every Turn, But When The Final Stormy Duel Between The Witch And The Wizard Is Finished, All The Pieces Fall Magically Into Place I came in expecting a novelization of the movie one of my favorites , but what I got was even better Good news The atmosphere and characterization is extremely similar to the Studio Ghibli film I absolutely loved practical, stubborn Sophie and vain, dramatic Howl as well as the overall concept of the story Those were the reasons I wanted to read the book in the first place, and luckily it delivered.The book is simplyWe getinsight into Sophie and Howl s backstories and strong personalities,time in different worlds,characters,factors working against our protagonists, andexplanation of how magic works in this universe As someone who loves to completely understand fantasy worlds and how they work, I loved it Since there were so many factors introduced throughout this novel, the ending felt a little rushed I loved it just the same The movie is a great movie, and the book was a great book They are two very different experiences, but work perfectly hand in hand I would recommend it to all fans of the movie and YA fantasy this is the most magical story I have ever read For some reason I ve been reading a lot of really great books lately I feel that itch to find something I can tear apart and relish in the destruction However, Howl s Moving Castle didn t provide me with that opportunity.It is an amazing and fantastic book The characters are so very different, funny, quirky and lovable that I was sucked in right away The storyline was intriguing and fun to read The writing was quite good and the world was utterly fascinating.If you ve watched the movie then you needn t worry about being spoiled of the book or ending They are actually nothing alike The movie, whilst I really enjoyed it, to the original premise and basic character traits and made its own story from there.Sophie is hilarious She almost makes me want to be an old lady, just so I can be cantankerous and boss people around Howl is funny and sweet as the brilliant yet vain, thoughtless, mysterious wizard The whole story is great and I highly, highly recommend it. This was such an enchanting story Howl s Moving Castle, for whatever reason, failed to engage me the first time I read it several years ago, but it worked much better the second time around I really felt for Sophie, the main character, who feels so timid, trapped and hopeless that when she s unfairly hit with a curse that turns her from a young woman into an old crone, it actually frees her inways than one She leaves her dead end job in the village and, for lack of a better option, moves herself without bothering to ask for permission into the oddly mobile castle of the Wizard Howl, where magic and cobwebs fill the air Obviously the young wizard needs a housekeeper, after all The fire demon in the castle s fireplace mysteriously challenges Sophie to break the contract between himself and Howl, and she hopes that maybe Howl and the demon can help break the curse on her as well.The nature and use of magic in this story were quite creative As a former English major, I really enjoyed how John Donne s poem Song Go and catch a falling star was worked into the story.The plot was occasionally confusing, and I wished some things had been explained a little better I also thought that the wrap up at the end was a bit too hasty But overall it was a charming and fun read, and it gets bonus points for an unusually high degree of originality.Upping my rating from 3 stars to an enthusiastic 4 Original review On paper I should love this book, but it just didn t grab me when I tried to read it about 10 years ago, and I ended up skimming half of it I picked it up again at the library the other day and I m going to give it oneshot Obviously I was being kind hearted when I gave it 3 stars, or was overly swayed by the book s reputation I would be meaner if I were rating it now, but I ll wait to do that until I ve re read it. I read this to my daughter, Celyn 10 at the time , who is too disabled to read books by herself.I had seen some of the anime film version years ago but remembered basically nothing of it.I found the whole thing original and refreshing The point of view character Sophie is engaging and no nonsense with a very capable can do attitude The story moves along at a good pace and the whole moving castle multiple doors thing is a great idea and used well.The Welsh connection is well played, and the continuing reveals keep everything interesting.My only complaint is that the end seemed rather tortured with so many story lines converging in ways that felt rather unsatisfying hard to believe The view spoiler Miss Angorian hide spoiler This book is completely magical and this is how I know On the fourth of July, we crammed ourselves into our car my husband, mother in law, two girls, and I and drove for over an hour to go see some fireworks There was traffic almost the entire way, and I was jammed in the back in between two booster seats, which let me tell you was not comfortable I am a tall person and my knees basically alternated between being squished in between the two front seats, or slanted crazily off to one side I was good and addicted to this book at that point, and I smuggled it into my tote bag in the tiny hope that might be able to read some along the way However, what happened was that as soon as I pulled it out, my daughter recognized the title and became very interested I knew it was a mistake to teach her how to read Kidding, kidding I casually offered to read some of it aloud in the car At first it was just the girls and me as I read about Sophie toiling away day and night in her hat shop, losing her father and cursed to a bad fortune Then the conversation between my mother in law and my husband slowly died down as we got to the magical switcheroo that Sophie s sisters had pulled behind everyone s backs The radio went off right about when The Witch of The Waste made her grand entrance, and by the time we got to our destination muchquickly than the clock would suggest my husband was chuckling as Sophie told a solicitous stranger,I m not your mother, young manlike a badass As soon as we got into the car and promptly got stuck in the mad rush to head home, my narration services were again requested We all know the basic plot, thanks to watching the Studio Ghibli film approximately 134 times last fall, and my oldest daughter was giddy with anticipation for Howl s tantrum Truly, one of the best scenes in both the book and the movie This book is magical, because it managed to distract a four year old, a six year old, two adults in their thirties, a sixty five year old, not to mention my knees, for several hours in a tiny car on one of the hottest days of the year I love almost everything about this book I love that Diana Wynne Jones thought that a romance between a spoiled, shallow drama queen pretty boy and a feisty ninety year old woman was a great idea and that she completely made it work I loved seeing a nineteen year old Sophie, frightened and secluded, throw off all of her fears and embrace being a ninety year old woman, ready to take on anything that got in her way The writing is simplistic, but the dialogue and mystery are downright elegant Maybe this book isn t perfect some of the later conflicts seemed a bit manufactured but I don t really care This book is going on my favorites shelf forever and ever Dare I say this I liked itthan the movie.Stop by The Readventurer today, where I compare this book to the Studio Ghibli adaptation