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In this early 1900s historical romance and coming of age novel we meet Elizabeth Elle Pratt who hasn't grown into herself just yet Caught between her father's high expectations the farm she grew up on and the wealthy airs she learned at school Elle is at a loss when tragedy strikes and she must return home There she must reconcile her two worlds as well as the scrawny neighbor boy turned handsome farmhand who always turns up when she least expects it

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    Okay Heather Chapman I have read four of your works now and this one is my absolute favoriteTake my word for it everyone and READ THIS BOOK I loved it I couldn’t put it down the past couple days Every spare moment I got I snuck in a chapter or two and when I couldn’t read I wished I were readingWhat book you say? Well it’s a brand new book by Heather Chapman called Forever ElleThe main character of Forever Elle is a young awkward accident prone unladylike young woman named Elle Pratt She lives on a farm in the early 1900s with her family in the Tetons She wears her heart on her sleeve is stubborn feisty and is a constant disappointment to her father who is incredibly hard on her as well as her brother PaulWhen one too many incidents happen her father sends not only her but her beautiful ladylike kind hearted sister Clara to live with their Aunt Nora to attend a boarding school in Virginia The move will change Clara’s and Elle’s lives in many complex ways and Elle has to decide who she is and where she belongs in the world as she grows into womanhoodI don’t want to give too much of the story away but I will say that the characters are complex and so interesting I feel like I don’t have much in common with Elle except maybe her stubbornness and proneness to tears when things are hard but I just adored her character Sometimes she made me laugh out loud and other times I really felt for her She felt like a real person to me and I loved going through her journey of self discovery with herThe book made me do two things several times – blush with girlish excitement over the chemistry between Elle and a young man I won’t name it’s better to find out yourself and cry unexpectedly at parts that weren’t necessarily supposed to make me cry like when someone gets thrown in the creek My emotions surprised me sometimes as I was readingI knew what the ending of the book would be pretty early on but that’s okay because I eagerly awaited the completely satisfying and heart pounding exchanges that led to the ending or shall I say new beginning?When I finished the book I realized that most of the story was just about regular life and that there weren’t that many adventurous or over the top moments but I was pleasantly surprised to find that this book didn’t need anything like that It stood perfectly well on its own two feet simply by following the life of dear Elle Pratt And that is saying somethingWell done Heather Chapman Congrats on this masterpiece I truly loved it

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    This was a wonderful impossible to put down book Elle is such a wonderful character from page one and the relationships portrayed in the book are SO real I laughed and cried as I watched Elle grow Thank you for the memories inspired by the book

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    I got to chapter 8 and was done I couldn’t get into the story It was predictable and a bit boring to me

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    Sweet story set in the Tetons made me nostalgic for my childhood

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    Loved this story about a young girl growing up in the early 1900's in the Tetons Elle is sort of a tomboy who wants to be a lady but keeps finding herself in strange predicaments where she always seems to be getting dirty ruining her dresses or finding trouble She is constantly teased by her neighbor's handsome son George After her latest escapade her parents decide to send her and her sister to school to learn how to become a proper young ladies When tragedy strikes Elle has to return home and must decide if she would rather have a proper and prim life or try to win the affections of the handsome George

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    Started out boring and didn't really go anywhere I did not understand the importance of minor details or conversations but by the end I was practically in tears I love the sentimentality memories realizations of changing one's heart and importance of family Really well written everything tied together in the end and made me feel like I was a part of Elle's family When she felt joy I did when she cried I cried Emotional nostalgic tender overall lovely story Was really not expecting it to be this good but would definitely read again and again

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    I have been on a search for another great clean romance and this one didn't disappoint It was a refreshing new story and the main character felt real and relate able It was a fast read and one I didn't want to put down I loved this book and story It surprised me several times and left me wanting This book is a perfect blend of adventure self discovery dreaming and romance

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    This is one of those books that caused my house to be a mess kids to eat cereal for dinner and a long sleepless night because I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN I liked the character development of Elle as she aged and I enjoyed the juxtaposition of Elle’s two worlds; the valley and the city The trials seemed real and helped develop some of the characters in a deeper way

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    This book was so cute Elle had to deal with arch nemesis and the teasing likes of a boy all while knowing that she was not a proper young lady Well 3 years down the road and not only is she a lady but she no lingers had an arch nemesis and the teasing boy has turned into a good looking man Loved that Elle never truly changed who she was That ending was adorable

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    Forever Elle is an entertaining book with plenty of friction and romance Elle doesn't see herself as the beauty she is and spends a lot of time comparing herself with her elder sister Elle faces tough uestions about her past while navigating boarding school new associations and tragedy She also finds love in unexpected places