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I don t know that I would have picked this book up if it were not for WTS I have stalled on a couple of things I ve been reading lately but this book certainly didn t have that issue I bought it Thursday afternoon and had it finished by Friday afternoon It was fast.It actually felt like I wanted to see it as a graphic novel, not a novel There were parts that felt like they were full page panels.I came away from the story wondering if I liked the hero or not I think he s got a lot going for him, but he s also got a lot going against him He starts as a regular guy and ends up working with comic book style characters to save the world but he s also a murderer I look forward to a discussion about this one. I received this book from a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.I love superheroes I read lots of comic book collected editions I watch lots of superhero movies and TV shows And recently, I have been reading super hero novels.This book is a tenth anniversary printing, so the original came out sometime in 2003 2004 Even knowing that, I felt like the story was very up to date and never felt behind the times James Maxey built everything into this story There are time travel, teleporters, alternate time lines, mutant powers, powerful telepaths, invisible men, evil twins and space travel The story also includes angst, anguish, romance, and political intrigue.I really loved the main character, Richard a.k.a Nobody He has to deal with being in a different time line from his own and then being thrown into the super hero business All the while, he tries to make the most of what his present reality gives him.If you like superheroesdon t miss this one Richard Rogers Was An Ordinary Man Until The Super Genius Dr Nicolas Knowbokov Built His Time Machine On The Machine S Maiden Voyage, Dr Knowbokov Accidentally Changes History So That Richard Is Never Born Now Trapped In A World That Has No Memory Of Him, Richard Is An Invisible, Intangible Ghost To Everyone But Dr Knowbokov And The Scientist S Two Superheroine Daughters, Rail Blade And The ThrillAssigned The Codename Nobody, Richard Becomes The World S Ultimate Spy, Invisibly Battling The Super Powered Terrorist Army Run By The Mysterious Mastermind Rex Monday The Fate Of The Free World Is At Stake As The Superhuman Battles Escalate, Wiping Entire Cities From The Map, Threatening The Survival Of All MankindWho Can Save Us From The Looming Apocalypse Nobody Nobody Gets the Girl is the kind of book that makes me want to break out all those reviewers cliches like a non stop thrill ride and a giant roller coaster of a book, though maybe it s just the summer movie trailers seeping into my prose All kidding aside, if you re looking for a summer beach read and you re not crazy about Danielle Steel or Jackie Collins, give Nobody a try It s a clever superhero parody about a man named Richard Rogers who suddenly finds himself invisible He makes the best of the situation by becoming a superhero named Nobody and fighting crime alongside the nubile Rail Blade and the Thrill, while seeking to bring his visibility back Maxey s characters are relatable, despite or in Richard s case, maybe because of their superpowers, for which the author has provided an ingenious explanation I thought Rail Blade s powers were awesome, and was tickled by the notion of a giant, gun headed baby doll wreaking havoc through Seattle s streets Despite the heavy punning and moments of delightful absurdity, Nobody Gets the Girl isn t just a string of superhero jokes it s fast paced and entertaining without insulting one s intelligence Aside from a romance that that feels a bit tacked on, this is a lively and engaging read, perfect entertainment for a plane ride off to parts unknown. I m really glad I read this novel, because otherwise I would have always wondered about it I heard an interview with the author a year or so ago, and with a musician that had composed an album to accompany the novel It is not a great work of fiction, but it s still entertaining, competently written, and sufficiently strange for my tastes Nobody Gets the Girl is superb in terms of the weird comic book ideas that are thrown around A ferokinetic, a hundred foot tall baby doll with a giant pistol for a head Baby Gun , an indestructible carnival geek who can eat anything, a half mad supergenius telepath who can read the minds of everyone in the world And of course Nobody, the man who was ret conned out of existence because of an incident with a time machine and the purchase of a condom Consensus reality says that he never existed, but he remembers his own existence As a result whenever there is a human observer, Nobody is invisible and intangible, unable to effect or be effected However, when is unobserved he can make changes, the world s most formidable spy and saboteur He s also alone, save for the crazy superpowered family that can see him Call him a victim of consensus reality.The book is funny and bloody and well plotted and paced Some of its conclusions about superhumans and their effect on the world and vice versa are old hat, dating back to Watchmen and its ilk The characters are not as interesting as the world they live in, and certain relationships like the one in the title are a bit unbelievable A writer really has to earn something that he s billing as true love, and I don t think it s a success in that regard Still, a good read and certainly worth your time if you like super hero stories with some unexpected turns.Foron comics, humanity, morality and the world check out The Stupid Philosopher, aka a place where I put my words. I bought this book based solely on the title and the cover art on the paperback edition infinitely superior to the cover they used on the Kindle version, IMHO.I wish I d read the book description I was thinking this was going to be a story about an empowered super heroine without all the angst that riddles the women of Marvel and DC Nope It s about a selfish, self centered wanna be comedian and, sadly, all the super heroines are utterly angsty second rate characters Not impressed with the characters shallow or the writing snarky narrator asides get old quick in this and will not read anyin the series. The thing about superhero stories, the good ones anyway, is that the powers that make a superhero are almost always some sort of metaphor for human traits or human foibles or human tragedy No one knows this better than James Maxey The powers possessed by his stories superheros are always as much a curse as a blessing And I don t mean in a nice problem to have sort of way I mean in the gut wrenching, screwed up life to the point of being embarrassing level of problems Nobody Gets The Girl is the first novel in Maxey s Whoosh Bam Pow series and it s an action filled, world at peril, who will save the day superhero story But it s also a great introduction to Maxey s unique take on the screwed up lives of people living with the curse of their superhero powers.The story follows the tale of Richard Rogers, suburban schlub, dedicated husband, but no particular ambition except maybe to quit his day job and live the life of a stand up comic But then one day he turns into a ghost Just like that Bewildered, frightened, and sad that he s been cut off from the world, he begins a sad and desperate search for why this happened to him Turns out his ghostdom is an unfortunate accident of the work of a mad scientist called Dr Know and the scientist s two superheroine daughters, Rail Blade and the Thrill TheRichard Rogers accepts that there s no going back to his normal life, thehe gets caught up in Dr Know s world saving battles with Rex Monday, another mad scientist who has his own plans for how things Ought To Be.So yeah, there are epic battles The superheroes have to battle it out because, well that s what superheroes do The rest of the world suffers And does Richard ever find his way back to the corporeal world Or does he find peace Does he find love Hard to say, but the title of the story gives you a clue. An odd book, but fun and satisfying Starts very slow but hang in there until you meet the doc then decide.My biggest complaint is that all of the surprises are pretty well telegraphed So much so that I kept waiting to be wrong about them but they weren t false trails, they were just trails. I just can t pass up a superhero novel Few rise above mediocre, but they re like space operas, I am always looking for the one that shines above the rest Nobody Gets the Girl is better than average The worldbuilding and the plotting was excellent James Maxey creates an internally consistent world packed with all the usual superhero tropes the supergenius super technologist who is a one man Illuminati, his supergenius nemesis, giant baby dolls trashing cities, superheroes and supervillains with creative but familiar powers, power ups that turn the merely formidable into world shaking, time travel and alternate universes, and of course, clever twists.The main character, Richard Rogers, wakes up one day to find his life is literally gone His house is occupied by strangers His wife is gone Nobody can see or hear him Finding out how this happened and the rules of his new existence is just the first part of the book Richard becomes a minion of Dr Know, who has two beautiful daughters, all of them working to bring about world peace and an end to poverty, starvation, and disease.How likely is that, really It turns out that the Knowbokovs are, to put it mildly, a dysfunctional family, and Richard, a snarky Everyman sort of protagonist, gets whipped back and forth by one revelation after another.He also gets to nail both of the hot sexy superbabes despite being a mostly passive dork whose power is that the rest of the world doesn t know he exists One cannot help suspecting a bit of authorial self insertion.I enjoyed the book quite a lot Any superhero story requires a certain amount of suspension of disbelief, but this one manages to make everything fit logically together if you just accept the first big credibility gap It s a believable superhero world with a story that escalates to a true world saving adventure.The only flaw that keeps it from being a nearly perfect superhero book is that the writing was so bland as to be almost sterile at times Imagine someone narrating a thrilling story to you with a flat stare and a monotone grammatically perfect, but devoid of affect James Maxey uses straight dialog to carry many of his scenes the dialog is fine, and while I applaud any writer especially a superhero writer who avoids overly emotive descriptions, Maxey went a little too far in the other direction, sometimes requiring the reader to guess whether someone is speaking angrily, sarcastically, or sadly, and what their state of mind is Likewise, no scene was lacking in clarity, but I actually found myself wishing foradjectives and some sentences that weren t simply plain narrative style.The author s notes at the end of the book say that he wrote the first draft in about a month and a half It was obviously polished prior to publication, but the fast pace and high concept plot with relatively sparse prose can be explained by the fact that it was, for practical purposes, a NaNoWriMo novel But given all that, not bad. This isn t just a novelization of something perceived as a comic book It s very purposefully written as a novel, without the reliance on visual cues something transferred from another medium tends to have It s got a strong start, an interesting premise, thought provoking ethical questions, and some great, sympathetic moments from a hero who s suddenly thrown into a world that makes no sense to him.So why the low rating Well, unfortunately the second half the book didn t live up to the first half After a careful buildup of both situation and character, the book stopped trying to show me things and fell back on telling, which led to a number of moments where I had to set the book down to say wait wut There s a lot of time devoted to showing the relationship between Richard and Sarah, and while it doesn t have to be true love, there s a strong friendship and sex between then, and Richard refers to herthan once as his girlfriend One chapter later he s sleeping with her supposedly protective older sister, who he s barely spoken to, and professing his love for her Say it with me now wait wut There are other things that really needed to be fleshed outfor me to be able to accept them, but that was probably the biggest and the most easily explained The last couple of chapters peter out into aimless wanderings, which makes for a rather forgettable resolution to a book that started out with such promise And that kind of thwarted promise frustrates me, so if you don t mind, I m going to be over there growling about what might have been.