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Permaculture One A Perennial Agriculture For Human Settlements presents uniue strategies for creating a food producing system specifically suited to your needs whether you garden in your backyard or engage in full scale farming By carefully designing a system around functional relationships between plant and animal species you can create a stable 'cultivated ecology' suited to local conditions The book provides a catalog of 130 trees and plants useful to a permaculture system

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    This a great reference and a good read The intelligence and inspiration behind it is incredible and as both a primer and a resource it is superior The major downside is that it was written for Australians and so the plants and animals listed are not necessarily all relevant and the references to northern exposures would rather correspond to southern exposures in this hemisphere Mr Mollison encourages people to be observant and tailor the material to their own environment Wise advise from an earth prophet

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    Interesting read but for a historical perspective only If you want to learn about permaculture or design your own system you should consider one of the many recent books including Gaia's Garden The best is to choose a book that covers subjects that are appropriate for your climate land size and objectives

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    Read thisa as a teenager and got very excitied by the concept but I think it must have been a case of where do we start with Mollison and Holmgren