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You read We Need To Talk About Kevin now discover a short story that will have you reeling A very special chance to read a story from the award winning Lionel Shriver Lionel Shriver is‘A brilliant writer’ Sunday Times‘Brilliant funny and incisive’ Woman and Home‘Breezy mordantly comic’ Daily Mail‘Elouent’ ObserverIn ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Shriver examines the decline of the empty nest in a hilarious and barbed story about an all too recognisable modern family

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    So what would you do if your thirty year old son was still living with you under the same roof hardly cleaning up after himself inviting his girl friend around and turning your last desperate attempt to emancipate him into well if you'd like to know how the option in this book ends you'll need to read it yourself It's worth it and because it's a short story you'll soon know and on top of it it's free on kindle Recommended

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    A strange short story following a relatively typical family and their pursuit to get their thirty something son to move out and grow up I find this authors writing difficult to digest; sentences are long and often overly complicated when they don’t need to be Further this story didn’t appear to be going anywhere and I’m not sure what the ending achieved An odd mini story

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    This is a completely brilliant short story that has a beginning a middle and an end the concept is totally original and I was inthralled as to where the author was taking me from beginning to end It made me both laugh and then wonder about the psychological motives on display There are only a handful of characters but each one has an important role and their interactions with each other is the main basis for the storyPicture parents of two children approaching their retirement living in only half of of their house because their 30 year old son has yet to find a job let alone leave home He is happy to exist in his half of the house on their dime and by demonstrating his total incompetence continues being looked after whilst his parents are plotting how to get him to move out and 'become a productive member of society' What happens next you'll have to read this yourself to find out you'll be surprised at the outcome

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    A funny story with a biting satirical wit DOMESTIC TERRORISM is relevant topical and explores some interesting themes many an upper middle class probably white family may face with their Millenials complete failure to launch into a hostile world There's significant social commentary here with controversial contrasts between 'refugee' and 'asylum seeker' versus generositysuckers and what this means Yet for an author so rampantly against any form of progressive critiue this latest offering from Shriver arguably comes off as something akin to what she might condemn as 'virtue signalling'; especially when the ending seems a little rushed in comparison to the impressive set up as it does not appear to resolve one way or the other A sting in the tale could have given it the chomping BITE the rest of the story promised

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    This was the best of the whole collection I found the structure of the book mildly annoying a novella at the beginning 'The Standing Chandelier' and another novella 'Domestic Terrorism' at the end with lots of bon bon's of short stories in between With the short stories some of them very short the writing style rather overwhelmed the subject 'The Standing Chandelier' the first novella had it's virtues but was rather stagey in it's plotting though the weakness of the central male character was very well employed in moving the story forward The best of it was the last novella 'Domestic Terrorism' With it's location of Belfast and familiarity with the city and uoting the politics of Northern Ireland I knew the territory and the way it was tracked with a flat shareflat swap that got and conflicted and complicated the longer the story got was brilliant the way the story resolved itself was very neat as well A weakness for home does make for drama what ever we do

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    I was not expecting the content from the name of the story I was pleasantly surprised though and it brought me back to one of my fave authors so I'm onto her next one already This novella is plainly written but evoked a very strange mix of amusement and great sadness The world is morphing into a weird place and I'm left wondering if it's true that every generation wishes their kids could've had a childhood like theirs?

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    Bound to prove an emotional response The short story explores the problems of financial ineuality faced by today's young people compared to their parentsI couldn't help but despise the son in the story and wish that the parents had been stricter a testament to the power of the story

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    Interesting but a rushed ending Although the end game was interesting I felt that the ending of the story was rushed I did enjoy the relationship between the lead character and her husband as it was realistic that one would undermine the other

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    Interesting short story about couple who decide that they feel that their adult return to the nest soon should set up on his own In order to facilitate this they throw him out He camps on the front lawn and becomes a social media sensation

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    Not entirely sure I am intelligent enough to ‘get’ what this very short book was aiming at Basically tells a story of a 31 year old son who lives at home with his parents and they try to get him to live a normal life and move out Not much happens Weird