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Commander Dalgliesh Is Recuperating From A Life Threatening Illness When He Receives A Call For Advice From An Elderly Friend Who Works As A Chaplain In A Home For The Disabled On The Dorset Coast Dalgliesh Arrives To Discover That Father Baddeley Has Recently And Mysteriously Died, As Has One Of The Patients At Toynton Grange Evidently The Home Is Not Quite The Caring Community It Purports To Be Dalgliesh Is Determined To Discover The Truth Of His Friend S Death, But Further Fatalities Follow And His Own Life Is In Danger As He Unmasks The Evil At The Heart Of Toynton Grange

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    The first book of my 2019 P.D James read a thon is done.I saw the film adaptation years ago, so it was playing along in my head as I was reading the story So it made the book even enjoyable I forgot what happened in the ending, so I had a delightful surprise with the ending Now onto the next one.

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    Continuing my investigation of a new author for me, I got a couple PD James novels at the library I m beginning to come to the conclusion that James is not worth reading when she tries to be deep and thought provoking and to elucidate Serious Themes Because she just comes across as ponderous, self important, and well, boring The Black Tower is an okay mystery, I guess, but I had a really hard time getting into the story and as it progressed I wasn t particularly entertained The writing is fair but James seems to be better at quick sketch characterization than intensive studies I don t find Dalgleish to be a very convincing detective hero, and none of the other characters were terribly sympathetic Her style can work, as in the first James I read, if she has at least one sympathetic character and the rest are interesting if not likable But it didn t work in this case And what struck me as a minor flaw in the first novel I read, her obsessively detailed scene descriptions, are by now becoming irritatingly forced I think I need to give James a break and maybe read one now and then when I m in the mood It all comes down to the fact that I prefer my mysteries to be entertaining, light, escapist reading, and James just isn t fitting the bill.

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    The best I ve read by James yet Not sure if James or Inspector Dalgliesh are growing on me Both are acquired tastes I m convinced of that The fact that James is a subtle writer and Adam is a not very charming sleuth don t really explain anythingor do they In this story, we catch a few glimpses into the mysterious character of our detective I find myself liking Adam in spite of himself, or is it because I feel sorry for him He s brilliant, cold, aloof, calculating and a born investigator, but a rather sorry human being He solves his crimes but he doesn t always come out on top like Poirot or other serial detectives, which makes him and the stories interesting.

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    P.D James and I have a history It s fraught with frequent absences and long periods of silence Then I get it into my head that I need to reacquaint myself with one of the grande dames of mystery Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much The Black Tower is one of my unsuccessful outings with James Commander Adam Dalgliesh receives a letter from a priest who was a family friend Father Baddley requests that Dalgliesh visit him to provide professional advice As Dalgliesh is recovering from an illness, he sees it as an opportunity to convalesce in the countryside Upon arrival, he finds that the priest has passed due to heart failure Father Baddley has been the religious adviser to a home for disabled people his cottage is located on their property Dalgliesh finds himself drawn into the community and soon it appears something is amiss However, it took about 300 pages for the book to get interesting It s a 2.5 for me rounded up to a 3 because there is no question James can write The path to the big reveal was just a little ponderous for me.

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    I don t understand how anyone can like this book Take the spitefulness of Melrose Place, add the sex appeal of Confederacy of Dunces, and sprinkle on the inanity of a Jane Austen heroine none of it in a good way and you ve got The Black Tower Who would ever do any of the things that the characters do in this book And they do boring things, by the way, nonsensically boring the worst kind of boring Let s eat together every night in silence except for we ll take turns reading boring stuff aloud Tonight is my turn, I ll read the phone book while you slouch in your wheelchair and masticate your food Since half the potential suspects are in wheelchairs, the inspector has to keep the reader guessing by constantly speculating that this or that criminal act could not have been committed by a resident in a wheelchair EXCEPT if they had an accomplice ooooh The worst is at the climax spoiler alert At the exact moment that the inspector finally figures out what is going on not by good sleuthing but by having everything suddenly occur to him, it turns out that the bad guy has simultaneously figured out that he figured it out and disconnects the phone lines The climatic confrontation is almost laughable When the good guy tries to make the phone call, the bad guy pops out and with no other preamble, asks How did you know it was me It was like the start of a Laurel and Hardy routine Um, how did you know that I know that it was you except it wasn t supposed to be funny The writing was fine, but the characters, the narrative, the action not so great.

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    I remember watching the TV series adaptation of this book when I was younger and I found it quite mysterious and dark It wasn t like any other detective series I d seen and it stuck with me ever since I took some of the mysterious feelings with me when I started reading The Black Tower and soon I discovered that it also read differently from any other murder mysteries I ve read so far P.D James goes deeper than, for instance, Agatha Christie does Dalgliesh is much of a round character than Poirot The Black Tower starts off with a lot of descriptions of Dalgliesh s thoughts and these descriptions stay throughout the whole book I really liked this The solution to the mystery wasn t that original, though, and I soon knew who the killer was It just couldn t have been anyone else, really This is now the fourth murder mystery by P.D James, with Dalgliesh as the main character, I ve read, but The Black Tower stood out than the other three However, I think that s mainly because of the nostalgic feelings, of watching the adaptation, I link to it.

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    Hoo boy.This book is the definition of the word slow It is a convalescence book about a character to whom I had little to no connection I wonder if I would have felt differently if I had read any other books starring Adam Dalgliesh, but I didn t and I found the references to the case he was recovering from kind of irritating Like an in joke to which I wasn t privy.I loved the sense of the solitude and reduced speed of Dorset, but it took too long to get to the action and I had very little attachment to the story I also found the characters generally confusing and not terribly well fleshed out The last 80 or so pages picked up, but it took me a long time to get through this mere 350 page novel I d not recommend it, unless you like lurid descriptions of flowers and stories viewed through a mist I m inclined to try another of her books as I feel I may have just picked up the wrong one for starters and I d give it a star and a half The writing isn t bad, but when I feel like I m slogging through a book I m reading for pleasure, there is something amiss.Beh.

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    I picked up this book hoping to find another murder mystery author I could enjoy as much as I do Christie This book takes place in a nursing home for the invalid Where people are killed off one after the other is what seem like accidents Inspector Dalgliesh slowly tries to pu pieces together and get to the bottom of the killings.The plot is tedious The narrative creaks and groans and whimpers and almost left me in a stupor.And having reached the end of the book I m surprised I made it till the last page.I was thinking of trying another of her books a popular one and then I read this article where she thinks of Christie as such a bad writer don t think I d enjoy P.D James her sensibilities about what makes a good murder mystery are obviously starkly different from mine.

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    Dalgliesh is recovering from a serious illness and gets a letter from an old family friend who s working at a home for the disabled Permanently ill Not sure exactly what to call the place it s not a nursing home for the elderly, but it s definitely a care place.Anyhow, the writing was difficult for me It was like being ill along with Dalgliesh and not being able to quite grasp things or wondering if I had a fever again or what.I don t usually care for the list of characters at the beginning of a book In this one, it would have been helpful, as there were a lot of recurring people and they sometimes called people by their first name, sometimes their last, and I often wasn t sure just who we were discussing They were never distinct to me Which one was a nurse, which one an aide Which of the older men were we discussing Which of the police Which of the people who died before the tale began It sorted itself out in the end, but I was frustrated throughout and not really certain it was worth the effort to figure it out If the intent was to make the reader feel as Dalgliesh felt,then it was a rousing success.

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    I ve lost track of how many P.D James mysteries are set at medical facilities, but it s getting ridiculous This one is pretty tedious up until the last 30 pages or so We have a bunch of convalescents, some seriously ill or dying, in wheelchairs this makes pushing them off cliffs easier Commander Dalgliesh, himself convalescing from mono that the doctors at first thought was leukemia, serendipitously ends up among them, as they begin to die, apparently from suicide or natural causes It takes Dalgliesh 253 pages to figure out that there is something sinister going on and since he has decided to quit the police force, he keeps pretending he isn t going to get involved anyway Tiresome Honestly, the most interesting part was when Dalgliesh was sorting through an old pile of books.