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As Phryne Fisher struggled to wake, she was assaulted by a dreadful smell a strong smell which made her feel she was swimming up through a very thick substance Fumbling for her Beretta she shot out the window of the fast moving train and when a gush of cold air hit her, she could feel her senses gradually returning.Phryne and her maid Dot had decided to travel by train from their home in Melbourne to Ballarat for a restful few days, little knowing the nightmare they would soon be embroiled in but with the inimitable Miss Phryne Fisher at the very centre of events, the murderer would soon wish he had never laid eyes on her And as she worked through the clues she could feel the horror mounting at what she was finding all deep in a freezing Melbourne winter.This was another delightful Phryne Fisher murder mystery Light and entertaining, it was a nice quick read with a satisfying result I enjoyed the activities of Bert and Cec in their taxi cab their sense of adventure plus their need to right the wrongs in their world And of course, do all they can to help Phryne along the way A series by Aussie author Kerry Greenwood which I highly recommend. Murder On The Ballarat Train is book 3 in the Phryne Fisher series by Kerry Greenwood In 1920 Private Detective Miss Phryne Fisher went on holiday to Ballarat Private Detective Miss Phryne Fisher decided to go by train hoping for a quiet and relaxing trip However, that did not happen someone tried to chloroform the passengers, and murder of senior women and missing rings The readers of Murder On The Ballarat Train will follow Phryne Fisher investigation.Murder On The Ballarat Train was an enjoyable cozy mystery Murder On The Ballarat Train was well written and researched by Kerry Greenwood I do love the way Kerry Greenwood portrayed Private Detective Miss Phryne Fisher and the way she interacts with other characters in Murder On The Ballarat Train I like Kerry Greenwood description of her plot and settings I felt like I was living in 1920 Murder On The Ballarat Train allows the readers to learn about living in the 1920 s in Ballarat and train travel during this period Also, the readers of Murder On The Ballarat Train will see how law enforcement and private detectives investigations cases in the 1920 s I recommend this book. Rating 2.5 of five for the book, 4 of five for the series.Miss Fisher s Murder Mysteries episode 2 was Kerry Greenwood s third novel, MURDER ON THE BALLARAT TRAIN Four stars for the episode My review is at Expendable Mudge Muses Aloud.These episodes, the series in generalsuch a treat So satisfyingly beautiful to look at, and the problem of Greenwood s almost taciturn take on exposition is handled by the visuals An excellent marriage. tre i roman o g ici Fisher, u kojem rje ava ubojstvo, zatvara jo jednog gada a usput skuplja napu tene ma i e i jo pone to Another fun outing with Phryne This one ends with her adopting a couple of girls and goes through a bunch of stuff a crime on a train, hypnotism, murder for an inheritance, mad criminals, etc I m not a fan of stories where the criminal turns out to be insane, even though it s a classic most crime is carried out by sane people, or certainly people whose mental disorders are not central to the deed In fact, in the real world, it scommon for a mentally ill person to be a victim of violence than the perpetrator It doesn t help that the whole hypnotism thing is a little too convenient the hypnotist can get away with just about anything using hypnotism, here.Still, it s fun, and I love the found family stuff at the end I did predict some turns of the plot, but that s not really what I m reading this for anyway.I don t think Phryne has had the same lover in any of these books so far, either I love that there seems to be no drive for her to change her ways, in the story she s a flapper, she s Phryne, and people have to accept that Don t get attached to any of her young men Originally posted here. BOTTOM LINE One of the best of this long series IMO, as we get to meet two people who are going to become very close to Phryne in the future Jane and Ruth Their introduction might have been pure melodrama, but Greenwood only very slowly spins out their odd stories, which resolve in a rather grisly albeit satisfactory manner Almost as contrived as an Edgar Wallace or Sax Rohmer tale, but with Greenwood s nicely light touch the plot just flows along and as long as you can manage to take the odd proceedings with a grain of salt and just enjoy the fun bits, I think you ll find this is a very entertaining story it also is very moving in many spots, buton that later As for the melodrama, let s see, there s chloroform an entire first class carriage on a train , a 12 YO girl with loss of memory and a lot of fear , a missing teenager from a wealthy family willing to spare no expense, music hall performers, white slavery, murder for profit, a dowdy young woman and her entirely obnoxious mother, a rowing team AND a glee club, a couple of wild parties, and another lost but poor girl And I haven t even mentioned Phryne s creepy friend Kyra, or the nasty hypnotist, or the attack catThere are several quite pathetic parts to the story, as the circumstances around the girls both those lost, and those found are described, and as we come to know a couple of them rather well But there s great satisfaction to be had in the ending even though one part of it is highly improbable And a nicely rip roaring fight scene at the end too, so even though it sounds here as though the story is overloaded and far too melodramatic, trust me it s all beautifully done, smoothly written, and nicely tied up at the end Of course, if you don t happen to like mostly but not entirely Happy Endings, this pretty much ain t the series for you for, despite the dark themes that abound in the books, most of the endings do manage to have happy or at least satisfying bits to them A difficult, but nicely done, balancing act by the very sly and extremely talented Ms Greenwood. 3.5 stars.The mystery is fun, right up until the murderer comes down with an overwhelming case of becoming a raving maniac when faced with capture by a woman no less.Bert and Cec are great Still getting used to Jack s slightly different role in the books.Really enjoy Jane and Ember.Slightly maternal Dot is great As is the fact that she is the one Phrynne really leans on.Am fine with Phrynne having all the affairs, but the whole college student thing is a bit awkward at times, mostly due to his reaction to it.Still, a fun read. I am so conflicted as I write reviews of this series because they are such an odd case where the TV series is so much better That s especially true with Murder on the Ballarat Train In the book, the action leaves the train quite quickly, and it feels like a third of the book is about Phryne seducing a college boy Many of the plot elements remain the same in the episode but are shuffled around a lot, though there s a subplot involving Jane with Bert and Cec investigating that was closely reproduced Details about mesmerism feel unbelievable in both print and film, though the book adds a bit about voodoo that left me saying, Huh However, the characters still shine I love Bert and Cec, and the Butlers This volume finishes off the collection I bought, and I don t plan on reading on. Great mysteries and great fun to read. When The S Most Glamorous Lady Detective, The Honourable Miss Phryne Fisher, Arranges To Go To Ballarat For The Week, She Eschews The Excitement Of Her Red Hispano Suiza Racing Car For The Sedate Safety Of The Train The Last Thing She Expects Is To Have To Use Her Trusty Beretta To Save Lives As The Passengers Sleep, They Are Poisoned With ChloroformPhryne Is Left To Piece Together The Clues After This Restful Country Sojourn Turns Into The Stuff Of Nightmares A Young Girl Who Can T Remember Anything, Rumors Of White Slavery And Black Magic, And The Body Of An Old Woman Missing Her Emerald Rings Then There Is The Rowing Team And The Choristers, All Deliciously Engaging Young Men At First They Seem Like A Pleasant Diversion