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A Very Young Man With Muddied Hair, A Pierced Ear And A Blue Tattoo Lies Cradled In Phryne S Arms But Sadly It S Not Another Scene Of Glorious Seduction This Time It S Death Outraged By This Brutal Slaughter, Phryne Promises To Find Out Who Is Responsible But Phryne Doesn T Yet Know How Deeply Into The Mire She Ll Have To Go Bank Robbery, Tattoo Parlours, Pubs, Spiritualist Halls And The Anarchists

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    I could have given this book 4 stars, but decided that I would now rate books 4 stars only if I wanted to reread them To read this book was like pulling teeth I find it hard to see myself NOT reading the sequels, however.These books in the series are not memorable, but they are incendiary I found it hard to have action sequences splice in right from the beginning I couldn t feel cozy reading it Also I found the promiscuity of the heroine shocking.I know, it s a problem for me to accept that my heroines can have sex with any good looking gym rats they want to Sometimes literally at the drop of a hat But I ve crossed an important step in that direction The book itself was hard to follow, and slightly unsatisfactory.The author has talent and this is why I m sticking with this prurient heroine The cases she takes on are wild in their promise The secrets uncovered are brutal But the author is definitely not phoning it in till now Just my 2 cents.

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    I was introduced to the lovely Phryne Fisher book series by the TV series However, I just must point out that, despite liking the books my heart has been captivated by the TV series and I deeply, very deeply miss Detective Inspector Jack Robinson in this book Now, he doesn t have a prominent role in the book series that have in the TV series and that is regrettable At least that s how I feel.Now, how about this book I did enjoy reading this cozy mystery series I quite like Phryne Fisher and those around her her adopted daughters Jane and Ruth, and Bert and Cec that are working for her And of course Dot, her assistant, and friend In this book, we are also introduced to Hugh Collins who is playing a large part in Dot s life in the TV series It will be interesting to see the book s version of their relationship I did feel that the book s story was familiar, it has probably been made into an episode, but I didn t mind it because it was quite entertaining to read the book Although I found the missing young girl a bit interesting to read about than the dead anarchist Not, that the storyline was uninteresting I was just intrigued by the lost girl and the secret she knew All and all, a nice interesting story and I m looking forward to reading the rest of the books I have yet to read in this series I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy through NetGalley for an honest review

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    The fabulous Phryne Fisher returns in the fourth installment of Kerry Greenwood s delightful series, and she remains as clever, just, and chic as ever When Phryne alights from her Hispano Suiza only to have a handsome young anarchist die in her arms, she launches into an investigation at Melbourne s wharf With the help of a new friend, a handsome communist wharfie named Peter Smith, and of her stalwarts fellow red raggers Cec and Bert, her intrepid maid Dot Williams, and adopted daughters Ruth and Jane Phryne not only solves the Victoria Dock murder but Every Phryne Fisher novel is a gem Highly, highly, highly recommended.

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    Very enjoyable, as always.

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    I love these cosy mysteries featuring the Honourable Phryne Fisher in 1928 Australia.They re lots of fun with plenty of action and likeable characters Phryne is great

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    A short little escapism read This was my first Phryne book, tho it is number 4 in the series. I had just started watching the tv series at the recommendation of a good friend and thought it was quite fun I saw this book available for request on NetGalley a long while back 2016 and downloaded it, but, didn t get to it til this summer break I think it s entertaining and I feel I know the characters much better having read one of the books Phryne is unforgettable and I like her as a sleuth very much I see there are many summaries already posted here on Goodreads, so I will skip that Two good mysteries here.that of a man she sees murdered at the dock and that of a the disappearance of the friend of one of her adopted daughters Of course Phyrne jumps in to solve both and we love how she does it I do recommend this book for those that especially like a good who dunnit mystery in the likes of Miss Marple, Sherlock, Jessica in Murder She Wrote Phryne has a lot of class and guts She is not afraid to get her hands dirty, but she does like the good things in life She keeps those she cares about close Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for granting me a review copy to read Very entertaining

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    If you were under the impression that Phryne is unfeeling, that her lovers mean nothing to her, this one should thoroughly disabuse you of that notion I don t know how you could be under that illusion after the anger she feels about the people hurting Sasha in Cocaine Blues, or the way she protects Jane and Ruth, but still The story opens with a young man dying in her arms and that injustice drives the story, through Phryne s anger.The story itself is a whole world away from what I m used to know about, in terms of date, setting and politics, so I mostly just let it carry me I love, though, that Phryne has loyal friends in the chance met Bert and Cec, in Dot and in her adopted daughters It s a found family thing, which I always love.In a way, the books don t really bring anything new There doesn t seem to be an overarching plot, and Phryne isn t changing, really But it s still so refreshing to have her so capable, so independent but not infallible, not invulnerable, as this book particularly shows us that I can t stop reading them.Originally posted here.

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    Rating 2.5 of fiveDeath at Victoria Dock by Kerry Greenwood is the fourth installment in the Phryne Fisher series.I am seriously irked This Greenwood moll has something against teenaged girls, and puts them repeatedly in the most heinous jeopardy imaginable and then when they re extricated all is suddenly sweetness and light.I don t do book reports, because if I want to know what a book s about I read it I also hate spoilers But I am about to make a big fat plot ruining spoiler here, so go away if you don t like them.Are you gone yet Good.I have one daughter in this life She is, thankfully, well out of teen age and in fact is pushing thirty I still find stories of teenagers abused by adults extremely upsetting, on her behalf as well as my own The teenaged girl in this story is abused sexually by her older brother She quite naturally Has Issues, and one of them is her new stepmomma is preggers by that same brother She gets locked up in the goofy garage by stepmomma, who wants brother boy all to herself, and is sprung by our own Phryne, only to be delivered TO THE NUNS Child abuse on top of child abuse Poor deluded little lass has expressed a desire to become a nun, and in the only bit of sanity in this plotline, her father is outraged and drags her out of their clutches Then Phryne, normally a force for good, chucks her back into the maw of evil.This book has upset me greatly I think the other plot, about a Latvian anarchist plot to rob a bank, is pretty tame, but it gives Fisher s Watsoness Dot a chance to fall in love at last Janie and Ruthie appear to have settled into a life of luxury without a hitch, so all is well.If the next book in this series has another girl getting abused, I am so outta here I won t recommend this book except for completists who MUST read every volume of a series.

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    I love a lady detective in the old days Miss Marple, Jessica Fletcher, and obviously now, Phryne Fisher I started watching the TV series first and then moved on to the books The TV series is great, that is where you get to see The Honorable Miss Phryne Fisher in her old school splendor On paper her glamour dims a little but she is still a formidable character I like the book well enough, this book has been dramatized and if you have seen the episode, you would be familiar with the book I imagine I would have loved this book had I not watched the episode Most of the time a mystery is at its best when it remains a mystery This review is for an ARC received from the publisher on NetGalley.

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    Phryne Fisher solves the mystery of a missing girl and some chaos making anarchists I am slightly frustrated with the fact that the television show has cut several characters from the books Especially when you realize that many of them are ladies Mrs Butler, Ruthie, WPC Jones, etc Yes, many of the male police officers are eliminated too, but it s not a pleasing realization.