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I can only assume that the less than glowing reviews of The Lighthouse must mean that some readers are holding the great P.D James to a higher standard than other crime writers This may not be one of her best, but even a mediocre mystery by this creator of the unforgettable Adam Dalgleish is better than most others in print Consider that she was eighty four years old at the time of publication, and her efforts are even remarkable I found the reveal a wee bit rushed, and the villain not as finely portrayed as I would have wished, but it was still a very enjoyable read. DNF ed page 50.P D James is praised as the New Queen of Murder, but honestlyI just can t get myself through the first 50 pagesthese first 50 pages do not even both to show us much of the main players in this murder mystery, and I have absolutely no interest in the MC, Adam Dalgliesh, he and his voice in this story is so fucking boring Will return this book to the library tomorrow A Secure And Secluded Retreat For The Rich And Powerful Becomes The Setting For An Unsettling Series Of MurdersCombe Island Off The Cornish Coast Is A Restful Haven For The Elite But When One Of Its Distinguished Visitors Is Found Hanging From The Island S Famous Lighthouse In What Appears To Have Been A Murder, The Peace Is Shattered Commander Adam Dalgliesh Is Called In To Handle The Sensitive Case, But At A Difficult Time For Him And His Depleted Team He Is Uncertain About His Future With His Girlfriend Emma Lavenham His Principle Detective Kate Miskin Is Going Through An Emotional Crisis And The Ambitious Sergeant Francis Benton Smith Is Not Happy About Having A Female Boss After A Second Brutal Killing, The Whole Investigation Is Jeopardized, And Dalgliesh Is Faced With A Danger Even Insidious Than Murder Love PD James and obviously she s a great writer, but her books even though nominally set in the present day always seem very old fashioned to me I feel like you could have almost a PD James drinking game around everything that doesn t seem like it belongs in this century LikeTake a sip every time someone Writes a letter Eats a home cooked meal have two sips if it s made by an actual personal cook Employs a maid, laundress, butler or other personal servant Talk about something that happened during WWII two sips if it s something secret and dangerous that happened during WWII, three sips if this secret is the key to solving the mystery Commander Dalgliesh, Insp Miskin and Sgt Benton Smith have a tricky case of murder on a remote island off the coast of Cornwall Nathan Oliver was a well known author and had been found strangled and hanging over the edge of a lighthouse There is a catalogue of complex relationship among the quests and permanent residents and a number of apparently connected leads from events in the past.The expected delightful description does help to disguise the somewhat thin plot The perpetrator seemed quit obvious but in the end the actual deduction was rather abrupt The perpetrator rather played into the teams hands Nevertheless a good read. Combe Island, na costa da Cornualha, tem uma hist ria sangrenta de pirataria e crueldade Agora pertence a um respeit vel fundo privado e serve de ref gio para personagens importantes em busca de sossego e seguran a Mas o passado parece assombrar a ilha quando um dos h spedes aparece morto, v tima de um assassinato com caracter sticas muito estranhas, que parecem apontar em dire es contradit rias e confundem as investiga es.4 An Unsuitable Job for a Woman Cordelia Gray, 1 4 The Skull Beneath The Skin Cordelia Gray, 2 4 Innocent Blood3 The Children of MenTR Death in Pemberley Adam Dalgliesh series 4 Cover Her Face Adam Dalgliesh, 1 4 A Mind to Murder Adam Dalgliesh, 2 4 Unnatural Causes Adam Dalgliesh, 3 5 Shroud for a Nightingale Adam Dalgliesh, 4 5 The Black Tower Adam Dalgliesh, 5 5 Death of an Expert Witness Adam Dalgliesh, 6 5 A Taste for Death Adam Dalgliesh, 7 3 Devices and Desires Adam Dalgliesh, 8 5 A Certain Justice Adam Dalgliesh, 10 4 Death in Holy Orders Adam Dalgliesh, 11 4 The Murder Room Adam Dalgliesh, 12 3 The Lighthouse Adam Dalgliesh, 13 3 The Private Patient Adam Dalgliesh, 14 TR Original Sin Adam Dalgliesh, 9 I found this latest installment in the Dalgliesh series rather cold and disjointed James usual skill at plotting is in evidence, but perhaps because I haven t read the two or three before this one, I found myself uninterested in the personal lives of most of the characters The prose is always poetic in a particularly English reserved kind of way, but usually I find the people endearing, especially Adam and Kate For some reason, in this book, I could not bring myself to care much what happened to their emotional lives.The murder plot is laid out well, with a couple genuinely unexpected turns I was relieved, actually there s a hint on the jacket flap of one of the twists that doesn t actually spoil anything But I put it together with an off hand comment early on that made me wonder if one of the old villains was going to come leaping out of the shadows three quarters of the way through, which would have pissed me off to no end Fortunately, I was overthinking things and the twist was unexpected and entirely appropriate I just never really cared about any of the suspects Most of them were rather unsympathetic in one way or another It s a perfectly well written mystery, but I couldn t help but feel that it was missing that spark that makes you care emotionally about the fate of the characters instead of merely trying to solve the puzzle As I ve previously enjoyed many of James novels, I was disappointed that this did not rise above the level of average. On a remote island off the coast of Southwest England, used as a getaway by the influential, the famous novelist Nathan Oliver is found one morning murdered hanged from the topmost railing of the island s fastidiously restored lighthouse Since there were fewer than a dozen people on the island at the time, and since it s unlikely anyone could have come ashore secretly, the task of solving the murder would seem a simple one for Alan Dalglish and his crew Yet lots of old coals have to be raked over, and a great deal of James s cumbersome prose negotiated, before the fairly unsurprising solution is revealed There s plenty of clumsy dialogue, too, of the You know all this already but I m going to tell it to you anyway variety Aside from a rock climbing sequence that s genuinely suspenseful, events just sort of lumber on Even so, the book s moderately enjoyable just a shame that all the time I was reading it I was thinking it could have been done far better at half the length. The perfect type of murder mystery in a secluded location with a limited number of suspects, another in the Adam Dalgliesh series that slowly builds the tension that concludes with a strong final section.As famous novelist Nathan Oliver is found hung on the secluded Combe Island of the coast of Cornwall, it seems like a clear case of suicide.But the famous writer had no reason to commit suicide and on closer inspection it appears that foul play as at hand.It s down to Dalgliesh and he s team to investigate the death.A highly enjoyable mystery that gets better and better as the team delves further into the investigation James has created both interesting side characters and a perfect atmospheric setting. I was a great fan of P.D James long ago when she was the latest thing and she seemed far erudite than her rivals But gradually I lost interest as her writing became turgid, pompous, and needlessly detailed My wife recommended that I try this one, but James put me off from the first sentence Could this be self parody Commander Adam Dalgliesh was not unused to being urgently summoned to non scheduled meetings with unspecified people at inconvenient times, but usually with one purpose in common he could be confident that somewhere there lay a dead body awaiting his attention Brevity and clarity were apparently not the goals here Most of the action takes place on a small island off the southwest coast of England, an island that James describes in detail three times in the first 100 pages But when I tried to draw a map, she did not provide one I ran into multiple inconsistencies The murder victim is found hanging from a lighthouse, the outside of which James describes twice as having concave walls I have trouble picturing this Perhaps she means that the lighthouse is slimmer half way up than at the bottom or top The victim is suspended by a rope around the neck, a rope twice described as being tied with a bowline When the body is lowered to the ground, the rope is removed again described twice by loosening the loop around the neck But a bowline is a knot specifically used because it doesn t slip It was at this point, 138 pages in, that I gave up.