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Permaculture permanent agriculture is the conscious design and maintenance of economical agriculturally productive ecosystems that have the diversity stability and resilience of natural ecosystems While focusing on agriculture it also establishes the importance of integration between landscape and people Permaculture is a step by step working manual providing a dozen design methods replete with map overlays flow diagrams and component zone and sector analyses

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    For sustainability in landscaping living believing breathinghells bells this is the holy writ of it all

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    There's a lot of good information in this book but it's so densely packed that it's difficult to get through it I usually make it through about a chapter or so before I have to return it to the library Unfortunately even used it's close to 100 for this book so I doubt I'll be adding it to my home library anytime soonThe last time I checked it out I finally felt like I got through most of what I wanted to read There's plenty that I want to re read but that will have to wait until next time

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    Referencetextbookpractical guide