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This is a guide to storing preserving and cooking foods using one of the oldest techniues known to man that of fermentation But it is much much than that It is a book of nutritional chemistry and traditional folkways a fascinating window into both what humans around the world have eaten for centuries and how we can learn from this Recipes range from the expected beer pickles soy products to the absolutely bizarre including a recipe for couscous you probably won't be trying at home Appendices provide agricultural and nutritional information

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    this would be a good one to have onhand during the zombie apocalypse all things ferment from milk to bugs seriously

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    Great book Do wish it had some other recipes Would also be nice to have a section on methods like how some people convert refrigerators to fermenter with an auxilliary light bulb and simple thermostat I made yogurt uite successfully in a wool boxMy version of a strawbox alongside a Susun Weed style herbal infusion for extra warmth

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    wow great book you can learn a lotlike how to bury birds in permafrost and ferment themand then eat themwell worth a read if you like to ferment or eat fermented things