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In her uest to make a garden of pleasure author Jenny Allen followed the practices of permaculture an organic method of gardening based on using nature's solutions to achieve abundance This practice releases the gardener from the drudgery of repetitive tasks

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    The photographs are beautiful and there are a lot of good tips The text is pretty hokey full of silly jokes that don't even get a laugh for being bad This is like the kind of coffee table books that you would get for your mother because ayou want her to think you are NOT a TOTAL tree hugging hippy dippy freak bshe has a garden or enough yard to start a garden and you sincerely wish she'd get involved with the beauty that is permaculture or cshe has been wanting to visit Australia and this will also cover a and b as well as introducing her to the flora of the Land Down Under The book is a worthwhile introduction for some one with ADHD but the most unfortunate thing about most books on permaculture out there is that they are usually centered around Australia That means you need to do extra work determining how to apply these principles to whatever region you live in along with what plants both native and introduced are available to your area and hope that your dictionary book form or on line assuming you have convenient internet access covers words that appear to me to be those only familiar to Australians I borrowed this from the library; if your public or school library has a copy I definitely recommend checking it out you have nothing to lose and maybe a good amount to gain as far as giving your imagination a pleasant treat goes

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    Can't believe I'm reading a gardening book must be that time of life But hey at least it was an Australian setting nice pictures and well laid out Didn't fully understand all the details but I think mainly because I am a complete cactus killing novice and don't know one plant from another

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    Gorgeous pictures but the specifics are not very applicable to a PNW garden Australia really could not be different climate wise

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    The idea of Permaculture appeals to me Applying good design concepts to your garden makes such good sense but few of us actually do it I have read a few books on Permaculture but none as beautiful and inspiring as this The photography is excellent drawing the readers attention to the beauty to be found in nature in one's own gardenJenny Allen writes about her own gardening experiences and throws in some education on Permaculture and techniues for making good compost tea It was the perfect book to read sat on my deck looking out on to my own garden in the Easter sunshine Who knows I may even apply some of the ideasIt is always good to read an Australian book suited to our own region While Jenny is based in ueensland she did call out which plants would survive all the way down in South in Melbourne or even Hobart So much better than reading a UK or US based book and trying to work out a translation of heat zones cold zonesIf you enjoy gardening and good photography this is the book for you If you want a serious introduction to Permaculture other books may have depth but this one is fun

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    Three chapters in I'm loving the beautiful photos and am still hopeful I'll glean some ideas that I can implement in my temperate North American yard However it is very focused on tropical plants that I couldn't even dream of growing and the author's 'Look at me I've created Shangri La and can entertain like Martha Stewart' tone is a bit grating at times Maybe I just need to get to chapter where she gives tips for creating microclimates in your yard If I could find a way to grow Chocolate Pudding fruit in Wisconsin I might not be feeling uite so peaky about this bookAlas there will be no pudding fruit growing in my yard unless I move closer to the euator and Ms Allen has failed to sell me on her book If you happen to live in the south Pacific by all means check this book out If you live in a temparate region there won't be a whole lot that you can apply to your own home I will stick to saying that Gaia's Garden which has far fewer flashy photos but way useful information is the best out there for permaculture novices

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    I loved this book Paradise in Your Garden is the version I own and the images and concepts in this book inspired my dream of creating a food gardenDuring the three years I waited for my apartment to sell and went through several surgeries I read and reread Jenny's book and visualized her use of permaculture principles and the abundant food she has created in my own gardenI loved the personal touches which made it feel what she had achieved was something I too could achieveThere were so many foods and concepts that were new and yet made so much sense in creating a healthy way of living and eatingI wanted a new way of gardening that could rebuild individual's health and also that of a damaged planet and this book had answers Paradise in Your Garden inspired me to begin my own permaculture journey

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    Haven't finished the book yet but so far it's another great Australia Permaculture referenceBased on the author's experience on their own property in South East ueenslandThe style of this book lets you flick through the pages and read about the things that seem interesting which is the style I prefer in Gardening booksThere's lots of suggestions for useful plants and solutions to common problems I think my favourite part so far is the Bush Tucker plants

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    It's permaculture in Australia So the 'general' info was applicable and great but the detailed stuff suggested plants certain environmentsetc were just too different to be of much help to us Yanks

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    If you had to read one book to understand permaculture it would not be this book This is however a nice bit of additional reading with nice pictures and some great tips and anecdotes to learn from

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    I loved this book such terrific ideas I esepecially loved the lessons learnt section where the author shared stories about parts of her design that didn't work out