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The Permaculture Way shows us how to consciously design a lifestyle which is low in environmental impact and highly productive It demonstrates how to meet our needs make the most of resources by minimizing waste and maximizing potential and still leave the Earth richer than we found it

10 thoughts on “The Permaculture Way Practical Steps To Create A Self Sustaining World Practical Steps

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    Well I can certainly think of various other introduction books to Permaculture that are exciting enjoyable and inspiring Not that this one is bad in any way but for some reason it felt a bit like lecturing while avoiding the big picture At some points it would get into unnecessary detail other times it would skip over things that I thought deserved at least another paragraph of info All in all I love it when a book makes me want to try out some of the ideas it mentions which I can't really say happened here

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    The author does start with the world view of permaculture spending the first third of the book discussing people and capital and discovering your own skills Part two begins with your home and moves outwards There is also discussion about gardening orchards agriculture and auaculture as well as good lists of plants and their uses in the back

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    disappointed Some useful info but not the book I was looking for Lots of general guidelines and not a lot of detailed specifics