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I m a bit biased towards the original so my rating is tempered somewhat by my loyalty to Laura Ingalls Wilder Nonetheless, I do believe, had this series been my first introduction to the Little House books I would have enjoyed and appreciated their value The colorful pictures and small amount of wording make this a good alternative for young readers not yet at a level to read the original series on their own. Mommy loves this one because it has molasses candy in the snow AND Charlotte the rag doll This is not one of the better books in the series I ve been trying to pinpoint the reasons why we haven t cared much for this one Here are three possibilities.1 The cover shows a wreath on the front door, but aside from that, there aren t any Christmas decorations There isn t even a Christmas tree, which does trigger questions from young readers that I can t answer The Wilders live in the woods, so finding a tree wouldn t be the problem Maybe time and or space in the house is the issue.2 All of the kids get red mittens and a stick of peppermint candy, which makes them very happy However, Laura also gets a doll Of course, the question becomes, why did she get a toy and none of the other kids did 3 One page lists the names of the relatives who come on Christmas The names aren t needed, so that page could have been put to better use.We ll probably have to read the original books to find out how they compare with the excerpts in these little books.2017 Having just re read LH in the BW, I now know why only Laura got a doll the other girls already had dolls Even so, she s the only child who got a big present. I really enjoyed this nostalgic, condensed version of the Christmas events from When I was younger my mom used to read me The Little House on the Prairie books Christmas in the Big Woods was one of my favorites It is about Laura and her family as they celebrate Christmas Laura and her sister helped their mother make cookies and molasses and made snow angles outside with their cousins Living in Arizona, I loved seeing the snow covered woods Laura s Christmas was so humble and different from my own experience It intrigued me that she, her sister, and her cousins could be so happy with only receiving a stick of peppermint candy and mittens Laura, however, also received a doll I remember feeling happy that she got something special, but I always wondered why her sister Mary didn t also get a doll, for my brother and I have always gotten an equal amount of presents. My daughter loves this series Call me old fashioned but this type of Christmas seems the best to me.The family focuses on making the holiday special just by being together.Mom is busy all day cooking and baking all sorts of yummies for their Christmas dinner.Laura and her family,including her cousins, spend the day outside enjoying the snow and jut being together.And they are thrilled to discover that in each stocking is a pair of bright red mittens and a peppermint candy cane.Laura gets an extra special surprise with a beautiful rag doll she names Charlotte I grew up on the Laura Ingalls Wilder books and still enjoy sharing them with the little ones in my care. CHRISTMAS IN THE BIG WOODS, written for young children, shares homespun holiday images with the reader Young Laura has an idyllic family life complete with a bulldog named Jack Christmas is nearing and rampant with preparations Pies, cookies, and snow candy are made Christmas Eve brings Aunt Eliza, Uncle Peter and their children The cousins make snow images, hang their stockings and receive simple gifts such as peppermint candy and red homemade mittens They eat man shaped pancakes for breakfast This book is beautifully illustrated by Renee Graef. A Beautiful Full Color Hardcover Picture Book Introduction To The Beloved Little House Series, Perfect For Younger ReadersChristmas Has Come To The Big Woods Of Wisconsin Laura And Her Family Are Excited To Celebrate When Laura S Cousins, Aunt, And Uncle Arrive, They Spend Their Time Together Eating Sweets, Playing In The Snow, And Reading Their Holiday Celebrations Are Full Of Simple JoysThe Warm Paintings By Ren E Graef Are Inspired By Garth Williams Classic Illustrations And Lovingly Bring The Ingalls Family To Life This is a storybook version of the Christmas chapter in Little House in the Big Woods, i It s a wonderful way to get students excited about reading Laura s books We use it each year for the time travel day of Christmas Around the World We travel back in time and have a pioneer Christmas It s always so much fun.